When my sidekick Lady Di told me today that she heard President Donald Trump had revealed highly-classified info to the Russians during their visit to the Oval Office last week, I scoffed.

“Scoff, scoff,” I said. “Not even Donald Trump could be that much of a dumbass stumblebum.”

I had to buy her dinner to apologize. He is, indeed, a dumbass stumblebum and he needs to resign tonight.

According to the Washington Post:

Trump’s disclosures jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State.

The information the president relayed had been provided by a U.S. partner through an intelligence-sharing arrangement considered so sensitive that details have been withheld from allies and tightly restricted even within the U.S. government, officials said.

The partner had not given the United States permission to share the material with Russia, and officials said Trump’s decision to do so endangers cooperation from an ally that has access to the inner workings of the Islamic State.

How much longer is this nation going to allow this man-baby to smear the walls with the contents of his diaper?

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Retired from his position as a writer/editor at the National Institutes of Health, Bill Schmalfeldt saw the willingness of a cadre of right wing idiots to destroy the life of an ex-con who had re-entered public life having served his time. He spoke out against this pack of hyenas and paid for it with false attacks on his own reputation and filthy, foul and profane mockery surrounding the death of his wife in 2015. Unbroken, Bill continues to write for Breitbart Unmasked and his private blog, http://theclintoniconoclast.com.