Oh, Jared. Bad Jared. Proposing to the Russians that they set up a secret channel of communication using secure Russian facilities. Naughty Jared.

You’re going to jail.

At least three previously undisclosed contacts with the Russians, Jared. What will Ivanka think of her pretty boy hubby now?

Reuters tells the tale:

Those contacts included two phone calls between April and November last year, two of the sources said. By early this year, Kushner had become a focus of the FBI investigation into whether there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, said two other sources – one current and one former law enforcement official.

Kushner initially had come to the attention of FBI investigators last year as they began scrutinizing former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s connections with Russian officials, the two sources said.

The Washington Post adds:

This is a damning piece of news for the White House caught under an avalanche of revelations about its dealings with Russia.

If it’s true, it’s the most difficult for them to explain in the context of an FBI investigation into Russia meddling in the U.S. election and whether Trump’s campaign helped. Why would Trump’s transition team need to secretly talk to the Russians, using their Russian channels?

The White House declined to comment.

My, oh my, oh MY!

Intelligence officials told the Post that the whole idea was “extremely naive or absolutely crazy,” as not only would American intelligences agencies likely notice that a member of Trump’s transition team was walking in and out of Russian diplomatic headquarters, but Russian officials could leak Kushner’s request. Still, according to the Post, Kushner indicated that being able to talk to the Kremlin secretly was “necessary.”

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