Focus On The Family, the venerable right wing organization that houses numerous extremist views from a variety of strange characters such as Tony Perkins, Retired General William “Jerry” Boykin who chaired the Family Research Council, Josh Duggar and others, declared themselves a Church under IRS rules to avoid being forced to file public tax documents. According to a story via Right Wing Watch,

Focus on the Family filed as a non-church 501(c)(3) nonprofit as recently as the 2014 fiscal year, submitting to the IRS a publicly available Form 990 as most tax-exempt nonprofits are required to do. But when the group posted a Form 990 for the 2015 fiscal year on its website—dated October 26, 2017, and reporting a massive budget of $89 million—it was emblazoned with the message “Not required to file and not filed with the IRS. Not for public inspection.”

With Trump in office it seems that these types of organizations can continue to get away with whatever they want in order to keep the public in the dark about their funding.