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This is a site that will be dedicated to unmasking the underbelly of Andrew Breitbart and his crew of rogues, criminals, wannabe journalists, various right wing extremists and the religious intolerant. As this site progresses, it will document the backgrounds of each member of the Breitbart crew with an eye towards unmasking their extremism, right wing fundamentalism, religious intolerance and criminal malfeasance. Thus, the goal is to shine a light on the roaches that comprise the Breitbart crew. Roaches hate the light, and they will scurry back into the darkness from which they came when the light is upon them. This site hopes to be one of the many lights that roots out the corrupt extremists who mask themselves as good honest hard working Americans.

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  • Steve Baker

    Will support you however I can. Breitbart is a bad guy, a liar, a scoundrel, a drunken bully. He’s supported by similar, bullies who attempt to intimidate any who dare criticize this vile lout. He screams defiantly that he’s not the problem, it’s those who dare criticize him! I tweet against this venal reptile regularly. Any effort to expose his constant lies, distortions, and attack dog tactics has my full support. Good luck.

  • Steve Baker

    I’d like to edit what I just posted. The writing’s repetitive. Will clean up BEFORE posting next time. See you on twitter, screenwriter_47.

  • Dave

    The Breitbart crew are not team players. They’ll destroy each other by the end of summer.

  • Emmet TIll

    Breitbart is dead and they should have embalmed his goon squad too. They’re stinking up the place.

    • Cantol

      Emmet – Your comment is uncalled for. Have some respect for the dead please. We can disagree without being disagreeable, as the Chosen One often says…

      • Willx

        “Respect for the dead”? Breitbart gave none. Nor do i think he should have. Save your respect for the living, the dead have better things to worry about.

  • Timbo

    Breitbart was a great man, and a fearless journalist. You are wasting your time. You can’t possibly pay back your student loans for “progressive studies” doing stuff like this.

    • Bruce Majors

      Obama funnels him porkulus funds through SEIU to write about these people, who have no connection to Breitbart anyway. Robert Stacy McCain has his own blog and it is not a Breitbart site.

    • steve baker

      Timbo, Breitscum was neither a journalist or a great man. He was a liar, a buffoon, a drunkard, a bully and a lunatic screamer telling other people how to behave when he had no clue or self-discipline. It is a sign of our times that fools support this foul, vile excuse for human excrement. I’m glad he’s dead and sad I wasn’t there to see him drop. As much and as strongly as you support him and his untermenchen follower scum (@dloesch, @brandycastain, et. al.), thousands more rational, thinking humans consider this low life liar’s death a cleansing event for a society over-ridden with followers like you who will align themselves with any vile piece of feces that screams meaningless drivel. You are in a sorry place and should learn to leave it soon, for your own sanity.

      • zimmie

        Steve, You seem so knowledgeable and descriptive in your screamings. I can only assume it is because you are principally referring to yourself.”…a lunatic screamer telling other people how to behave”. What a spot on self description.

      • Funkmaster

        Nice. I’m sure your own death will be a lonely, miserable, totally meaningless non-event that will pass without anyone noticing or caring. You are a worthless cockroach. Apologies to cockroaches the world over.

    • Willx

      Youre right, Breitbart was a great man. He singlehandedly put every single one of my children through college, and paid for my wifes breast surgery. Its a real shame he died, my coke dealing business just hasnt been the same without him.

  • http://here mike


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  • Gregg Hoov

    My guess is that you are all NYC street vendors who believe this expose’ has sullied your venue. Not so! You serve a great product and, well, a Weiner is still a Wiener.

  • Jarhead68

    LOL. You people are a sad, pathetic pack of wretches who must eat Wiener at night. Wienergate? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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  • Pat

    This site has a sick hatred for Andrew Breitbart,just read most of the above comments and it has all the makings of a Media Matters hate fest.You are disgraceful.

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  • Luke Brimmings

    Weiner truth isn’t the only case of Breitbart’s meddling to make our liberal heroes look bad. Unemployment was 7.6% when Our Fearless Leader took office. With it currently at 8.1% I can only assume Breitbart also threatened The One and intimidated him away from doing anything to actually help the economy over the past three and half years. I’m pretty sure in one of his last acts on Earth he shot Treyvon Martin as well, and he may in time be revealed to have been the shadow leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. This site is so logical. You guys are all just so super smart.

  • yourajacassliberal

    Man, I’ve never seen such sophomoric writing than this crap! Dude, you need to let it go! If you think that your little liberal beliefs are going to save this country any more than conservative jack#ss’s think that their republican ideas are going to save this country, your an IDIOT! THINK dumb@ss, what we have in a 16 trillion dollar debt is this: THE F’ing MIDDLE of the republican and democratic parties!!!! THINK #SS WIPE, EVERY economic decision has been meeted out between the dems and repub’s, right? And it is the BIPARTISAN MIDDLE that has SCREWED AMERICA into this DEBT! HELLO!!!!!???? So, go ahead and hack my account, I can handle myself just fine…or send some of your union goons up to my house, hell, I can handle them!…#SS WIPE LIBERAL! Your no better than the republicans, totally blind~!

    • admin

      Says the man from Wasilla Alaska. Tell Palin we said hello.

  • yourajacassliberal

    You know…I gotta say this…this website is the TYPICAL CRAP that comes out of Americans today….REPUB this, Demo shite this…that…and yet, its BOTH YOUR PARTIES that have collapsed this country! But NEITHER can admit to it! I can not wait to see this country collapse into a depression, then I can tell the American people, “I told you so dumb#ss’s!!!” You American citizens want your cake and eat it also, but you don’t want to pay for it, especially you Democrats!!!! “OH, I want this and that for free” and the Dem’s promise it and the American people fall for it!!!! Man, what dumbasses!!!!!! HEY, IT AIN”T free to me, because I’ve worked my whole life and paid my taxes!!!! “OH, really, well it’s free to me!” I can hear you now! NO SHIT, you don’t pay taxes or work like me! YOur milking the productive, you know, the tax payer should go on strike, F the unions, they are a bunch of blow hards, the tax payer has MORE GUNS AND MONEY than any union…I’m ready for the class warefare, like the JACKASSES in the ‘occupy wall street’ movement are so quick to talk about…bring it on, you bunch of lazy, no working, jackasses!!!!

    • admin

      So you are another right wing get your guns Wasilla Alaska jerkoff? Ok..

  • John

    This site is a joke, hilarious actually. Your statement about the intent of this site is one of the most revealing cases of projection I have ever seen. You and the phony “99%” pals represent the extreme and a small fraction of the population. You are the other 1%. The cowards who hide behind masks in the streets and crank calls to police. Your pal Kimberlan is scum as are you and lets hope he gets locked up where he belongs soon. You are little roaches who can’t stand the succcess of honest reporting and have to go after successful bloggers who report honestly by attacking them personally and supporting attacks on their families. I have news for you cowards, you are losing this fight, your true colors have come through.

    • admin

      Do you have Price Albert in a Can?

  • pasbeak

    heh-heh. the right wing underbelly doesn’t like the look of itself. they are being poisoned with their own medicine. tee hee.

  • Reocon

    Wow the libtards are getting more and more violent every day. Your a pathetic bunch living off your parents and the guvment checks. Gee you can not get a job with your libtard useless degree because your too dim to get a real degree. So yell scream and threaten people it is all you have left. NOBAMA2012. We shall overcome

  • Prince Albert

    Does Lee Stranahan still have that restraining order out against him, or did it expire?

  • Barry O

    Amateur site created to capitalize off another’s fame…typical Obama licking parasitic liberal scum!

  • GreenDragon

    Unbelievable. Site holds-up a mirror to the neocon, batshit-crazy right wing, and what happens? They do NOT disappoint. They crawl out of EVERY corner and pronounce their batshitcraziness with the vigor and absolute ignorant stupidity we’ve come to know and expect from them. Thanks for not disappointing…oh…and thanks for playing your (large)part in RUINING the only truly successful experiment in Democracy in the history of mankind. By all means, keep-up the good work.

  • Leisa

    Nice job with the CPAC emails. Keep up the great work! The country became a little brighter the day Breitbart had to go answer to his Maker for all the hate he spewed during his brief time on Earth. While I feel bad for the people who loved him, I don’t feel bad he’s no longer amongst the sane, sober, and washed. I just wish he had taken the miasma known as the Tea Party with him.