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Breaking: Aaron Walker Files New Charges Against Liberal Grouch

Aaron Walker Attorney at Law seen above at the Howard County Courthouse today March 1st 2013 as he walks outside to gather his wife after filing for a peace order. According to the person on the scene, Walker came storming out of the courthouse where he was filing for a peace order against Bill Schmalfeldt to find the witness who was there on official court business parked near the persons car.

According to the witness, Walker started yelling at the person in the car and then grabbed the person from his own car (Walker’s wife) and stormed over to the police and started talking to them. The witness having concluded his business in the court with the states attorney then left the courthouse where he was later pulled over by police to inquire as to why he was at the courthouse. The police officer stated that Walker told them some story about him getting into an altercation with Walker’s wife which never happened according to the witness. The officer took the information and allowed the witness to leave.


Aaron Walker has been in a multi-year crusade against Brett Kimberlin and those he feels are associated with him. Bill Schmalfeldt is one such person whom Walker and his close associates have decided to silence by targeting him with numerous criminal charges in order to silence Mr. Schmalfeldt because he has been extensively writing about them and doing radio show parodies about their activities which they consider as harassment. The courts so far have dismissed Walker’s frivolous court filings and lawsuits which were apparently meant to gain money and fame for Mr. Walker and his associates.

While Walker has been trying to gin up the conservative base over his faked victimization over losing his job, his latest escapades have not resulted in the same type of support he had last year, as conservatives who supported him found out that Walker had been lying to them and the courts as to why he lost his job at Professional Health Care Resources. Walker of course seems unfazed about the losses he has suffered by the conservative Tea party base he aligned himself with. Instead he has now tried to relaunch his assaults on others as well as continue his fake victimization at the hands of his enemies which Brett Kimberlin, and now by proxy, Bill Schmalfeldt have now become. He seems to have found a convenient target in near paralyzed Bill Schmalfeldt who suffers from advanced Parkinson’s disease. Walker doesn’t care about Bill or anyone else for that matter in his assault on the people he hates. He seems to have suffered a serious meltdown and is now on a crusade to criminalize everything he stood against last year. The feeling seems to be that he will go after people who he claimed were attempting to silence him by now claiming a new victim hood of those that parody him.

Of course people now are asking the question when will the courts and Law Enforcement finally shut down Mr. Walker and his crew of malcontents from filing phony charges, abusing the court process? That of course will eventually be done, but in the mean time Aaron Walker seems hell bent on destroying every shred of credibility with his limited base that he can by continuing to obsess over people that come into contact with him. In my opinion Aaron Walker needs medical help and not legal help, for obsessing over people that are mocking him is just par for the course when you continually lose case after case after case over causes that mean absolutely nothing to anyone but Walker. Walker of course claims he is a pauper and has no money, but because his family gives him 2500.00 a month to live on he seems hell bent on not trying to get an actual job, but hell bent on spending all his time on his obsessions over people who report on him and his activities. As for how long Walker and his small band of malcontents can manage to go before being rounded up by the state police no one can actually say. It does however appear that Walker is skating on very thin ice at this moment, so he may not last much longer without winding up in jail over it. Of course if that happens I am sure he will be thrilled because he probably thinks that he can gin up the conservative base to go his bail for him standing up for the very free speech he now attempts to close down. My take on that is it probably won’t go his way..


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  • LiberalGrouch

    Caption for photo: “Walking Penis with Briefcase.”

    • jeremy

      Well, you are the ones stalking and taking pics when it is not needed.

      • LiberalGrouch

        Why was Walker’s wife videotaping from her car? So MANY questions. Why is Walker filing charges not more than 24 hours after saying I had stopped contacting him? Has Aaron Walker EVER won a case? Why does he consistently lie about the reasons he was fired?

      • https://twitter.com/OccupyRebellion @OccupyRebellion

        AARON/Jeremy, why was your hooker wife in the car secretly recording people? Why don’t you answer that coward. Why was it needed for your hooker wife to be there secretly recording people? People were there in court because of YOU Aaron. So if people want to take pictures of you, THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO. If they want to shove the camera up your fucking ass, THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO.

        If I was there, I would have beaten your whore wife with her own camera. She’s an accomplice to your criminal behavior. When this is all said and done with, she’ll be on the street corner spreading her legs paying for your victim’s legal bills who end up suing you both!!


  • http://chickasawpicklesmell.blogspot.com Matt Janovic

    I think regarding these people, it all comes down to being spoiled, arrogant sociopaths who cannot accept responsibility. They’re why we have laws.

    And is trying to ape the lame coiffure of Grover Norquist? Referencing Plato, he’s the shadow on the wall of the Cave, an imitation of an imitation, like a bad carbon-copy.

    Is he a paranoid? Time he stopped calling “mom” for help as well, or running to the playground guard. Yes, there they go again, running to government! ;0)

  • http://chickasawpicklesmell.blogspot.com Matt Janovic

    PS: He’s still an unprofessional fop using a briefcase as a prop, still a dweeb. $2,500 a month? If he can’t make it on that, he’s a born loser. The rest of us have had to live on far less. At least he’s on the way down.

  • TexasTim

    Oh Geezy Peezy. When will this dumbass learn. My lawyer friend talked to his buddies at the Howard County Court today and they were all talking about the scene that Walker made today and how they quickly figured that he was nuts. The cops said that Walker tried to mislead them about an “altercation” and that Walker accused Kimberlin of following him and putting a GPS locator on his car.

    Walker has walked right into a trap of his own making. My friend says that Bill needs to give a dossier to the State’s Attorney about Walker–all the false charges he has brought and had dismissed, his malicious suits brought for an improper purpose and his anti Muslim blog. He also suggested that Bill contact Attorney General Doug Gansler because Walker and his gang are wasting judicial and prosecutorial resources trying to settle personal scores. If I remember, both judges who ruled against Walker have told him that the Courts are not going to be used for that purpose. My friend seems to think that the AG will take some action to stop Team Walker’s forum shopping.

    Again, i want to compare Walker to Taitz and Righthaven who forum shopped until they got hit with sanctions. I believe that Walker has just violated the judge’s warning about sanctions. Bill needs to tell the Peace Order judge about Walker’s year long filing of meritless and malicious actions and ask the Court to impose sanctions against Walker.

  • LiberalGrouch

    Right now, Bill needs a painkiller for the pulled muscle in his thigh caused by his exaggerated “startle reflex” that made him almost fall when the dogs started barking at the cops knocking at the door to serve me with Walker’s peace order. I can’t explain it. Sudden loud sounds make me fall.

  • http://drumsnwhistles.com/ Karoli

    Enough is enough. Seriously. I have never in my life seen a bigger waste of money than this. I cannot believe people can use the court system this way at all…and it seems to be something about Maryland.

    Walker needs to read this book and recognize himself as the antagonist. Title: “Give me everything you have”

    Sound familiar? http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/24/books/review/give-me-everything-you-have-by-james-lasdun.html?_r=0

  • TexasTim

    Gosh, Stranahan is as dumb as Walker writing today that this site is trying to get Walker killed by Muslims because his picture is posted on this site. But just a few days ago, Walker himself was bragging about his Everyone Draw Mohammed blog http://allergic2bull.blogspot.com/2013/02/bill-schmalfeldt-opposes-freedom-of.html which had a thousand insulting pictures of Mohammed. And didn’t I read here that Walker begged to have Muslims behead him and come to his home in Virginia so he could kill them??

    Walker needs to be ready at CPAC for a protest by Muslims to his hatred and intolerance. Muslims have a right to know what he looks like so they can educate him about multiculturalism. The Imam needs to be able to confront Walker about his religious intolerance.

    I have a question about the long shot picture of Walker and a woman talking to what looks like a policeman. Is that Walker’s wife?? And if so, is she Muslim and wearing a hijab? WTF, is Walker really married to a Muslim woman from the Philippines? Wouldn’t that be a trip!!!

    • https://twitter.com/OccupyRebellion @OccupyRebellion

      If Aaron and his wife were to end up dead, it’s their own problem and their own fault. They’re the ones baiting Muslim extremists to come after them. Aaron told Seth he was happy he was arrested because it’s what started this whole pity party GIVE ME MONEY parade.

      I also wondered if that was Aaron’s wife in that picture. It has to be. He dragged her out of the car to go talk to an officer. She’s covered from head to toe like if she was Muslim.

  • Liz

    No offense, but it seems like ALL parties in this are bordering on obsession. It’s like a death match that will only be over when someone dies or is put in jail.

    Can’t any party just say, “This is taking up hundreds of hours of my life, money and extreme aggravation. I’m going to let this go and move on.”

    It’s like you are all stuck in a rut where everyone says they are victim of everyone else’s malicious behavior and no one will take responsibility for anything they’ve done to contribute to this mess.

    Every day both sides jump on perceived injuries and overdramatize events that reflect best upon them. It’s hard to see this anything other than a playground brawl, only with lawyers.

    Bottom line, I see no winners here.

    • https://twitter.com/OccupyRebellion @OccupyRebellion

      What do you expect Aaron’s victims to do Liz? AARON and the rest of the Breitbart criminal operation are the ones suing people and dragging them in and out of court. They were there that day because of AARON. Aaron had also filed $68 million dollar lawsuits against people too. He lost all those cases too. But he still continues.

  • LiberalGrouch

    You are not seeing the whole story, Liz. I am just a writer and a broadcaster. I am being charged with crimes because I am an aggressive journalist. If these guys win, say “bye-bye free press” because all anyone will have to do is tell a reporter, “never, ever contact me again, in any way, shape or form about ANYTHING,” and there will be no more reporting. Not what we want, right?

  • TexasTim

    Liz, there are winners. Walker has been exposed as a Muslim hater and publisher of a hate Mohammed blog. That is a big win for religious tolerance. I would say that that Allah was working through these good people who exposed Walker.

    Walker’s blog was shut down by Google and Facebook because it was being used to kill Americans. So all those who have been saved is a big win.

    Walker, Stranahan and others are under criminal investigation by some serious agencies for their involvement in a rack of crimes, including conspiracy to swat, interstate commerce violations, false statements to federal officials, and other crimes that I do not want to discuss now.

    Ali Akbar has been exposed as a felon, liar, fraudster and general nut case.

    Lee Stranahan has been totally exposed as the lowest criminal scum on earth who will even sell his own wife’s body to make money.

    Seth Allen, a serial troll of legendary proportions who has tormented hundreds of people over the past decade, has been exposed.

    Etc. So let BU do its work. I can tell you that there is much more going on with BU than meets the eye.

    Take a look at the number at the bottom of this site. As I write this, you can see that 638,157 visitors have come to the site. Now, think about that–there is a great deal of interest in what is going on here from people who don’t comment. And think of it this way. Who would benefit most from Walker being exposed as the publisher of his Muslim hate blog? Beep, time’s up. The US military. They want their service members to stay alive. So maybe, just maybe, there is something more going on here than meets the eye. I can tell you one thing, the people behind BU are pros and the people on the other side are amateurs.

    There is a quote that I will paraphrase to you–”I am paid to know things that would keep you up at night. I am paid to protect you and others like you from those who would cause you harm. I am paid to make sure that you can go to the grocery and have children on your laps. I will do my job so you are safe.”

  • https://twitter.com/OccupyRebellion @OccupyRebellion

    Someone should go after Aaron’s parents next legally. They fund his criminal operation. They pay him $2,500 a month to sit on his ass tweeting, blogging, stalking people, lying about them, threatening them, and filing fake charges/lawsuits against them. .

    Aaron is in his 40′s being supported by his parents. If you cut off that trust fund, Aaron and his pathetic wife will be forced to GET A JOB. His parents, like his wife, are the problems. They fund and support Aaron’s criminal operation.

    Who the fuck is Aaron and the rest of the Breitbart trash accusing others of lawfare when Aaron and the Breitbart criminal operation are the ones suing people and filing fake charges against them?? Aaron was suing since college!! Aaron couldn’t get into Yale. So he claimed he has “mental problems.” No Aaron, you’re just STUPID. You’ve been suing since college but you have the fucking gall to accuse others of lawfare wasting tax dollars?? FUCK YOU ALL !!!!

  • TexasTim

    Hey OR. Walker is obsessive compulsive. He is the bully because he was bullied in school for being such a turd. He lives in an alternate reality where he only believes what he believes. He is unemployable and unemployed. His parents should have cut him off 25 years ago, but they continue to fund his operations. They are the consummate enablers.

    BTW, what in the hell was he taking his wife to Howard County for and then leaving her in the cold car for hours while he was in the courthouse? She looks like she was bundled up for an Arctic trek. Who leaves their wife in the car like that? Walker is like a small child who needs someone to hold his hand. His parents need to cut him loose so he learns that there are consequences to lying and hurting other people. What I don’t understand is his living situation. Does he live in a house, an apartment or a condo? If he lives in an apartment, why hasn’t someone complained to the people who run the apartment complex that they have a nut living there who has, as Mr. Hodges wrote, places everyone around him in danger. If his neighbors knew about him, they would be protesting 24/7 to run him out of town. That’s what needs to happen — a protest at his residence.

    Walker has pissed off Muslims worldwide yet he is focused on a reporter with Parkinsons. He needs to get his priorities straight. OR, Walker knows that he can’t get a job, so he is milking the conservative tit with created and imaginary enemies. The problem for him and Lee is that people are tired of his lies. No one believes him anymore. He loses everything.

    First he went after a guy who has no presence on the Net portraying him as conservative enemy number one, and when that didn’t pan out, he went after a reporter in advanced stages of Parkinsons. Geez, what a friggin idiot. And his biggest boosters now are a legendary porn pimp from Dallas and another Texan with the most toxic name in the GOP, Ali Akbar, a bisexual two bit felon and con artist. Good God, Walker is by far one of the dumbest, losers ever known to man.

    I can see him in front of his 1998 Dell Computer, screaming and pulling out his hair, “I don’t understand, Obama was not supposed to win, Rove, Beck and Limbaugh all said he would lose. I have to do something—oh yeah, that guy with Parkinsons, let me go after him, he said that Obama would win so he must be taken out at all costs. Let me fixate on him. He fucked with the wrong guy. I know when I bring him down, we can prove that Obama is from Kenya. That Bill guy did this. I must throw him in jail, I must stress him out so he dies, I will get all my blogger friends to pile on and file false charges against him, and I will lie because Obama is lying about where he was born. I HAVE TO DO THIS. I am the Great Aaron Walker and I will not be crossed.”

    • https://twitter.com/OccupyRebellion @OccupyRebellion

      “BTW, what in the hell was he taking his wife to Howard County for and then leaving her in the cold car for hours while he was in the courthouse?”

      Aaron Worthless Worthing Walker left his wife in the car for hours while in court?? What is she, a dog?? Did he crack the window open or leave something for her to drink??

      “That’s what needs to happen — a protest at his residence.”

      I would never allow someone like Aaron on my property or working in my business. He’s putting everyone at risk when he paints a target on them when baiting Muslim extremists to come after him.

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  • TexasTim

    Tik tok, OMG, I wish I could say what I know but I have been sworn to secrecy. It is not going to go well for three people.

    And CPAC is going to be a blast….Walker’s worst nightmare….The Imam.