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Does the Deer Hunter HATE the Deer?

He’s OK. I just stunned ‘im!

I am not a detective in the legal sense. I am not involved in any way with law enforcement.

I tell stories. I tried fiction. Wrote a couple of books that everyone who read them thought were hilarious. But there was really no market for new fiction or new fiction authors.

So, I turned to non-fiction.

First, I wrote about my own experiences. Then, after retiring, I turned to blogging. I came across some interesting people with interesting stories. Some… in fact, most… did not want their story told.

A guy down in northwest Georgia. He wanted to tell a story about why he could not hire anybody until Obama is out of office. I dug deeper. Turns out he runs a militia in that part of the state, is a rabid Islamophobe (based on his own Facebook page) and he did not want to talk about that part of his life. So, I talked to people who know him and learned that he worked his way into the favor of the owner of a subdivision in Waco, Georgia, took over the subdivision, and runs it like his own little militia kingdom.  Further research indicated that his only actual military action was a cross-border raid on the courthouse in Madisonville, Tennessee, when he cut and ran back into Georgia at the first sign of police lights. He left several of his confederates behind, where they are now in jail.  He doesn’t want to talk about that, either. But he is a candidate for Senate, so there’s that.  Bill Looman.  Look him up.

There’s this gang of goofballs that came to my attention late last year. They were involved in a scheme to defraud the state of Wisconsin by collecting and destroying petitions in the failed effort to recall Governor Walker.  They didn’t like my poking around in their business.  Oh, they blustered, they threatened, they got me in trouble with the Examiner. But I stayed with the story until it was told. And now, we have revealed that one of the gang is a pretend veteran, one is an ISP owner who owns hundreds of sock puppet accounts. And I forced them to abandon a false “Occupy Madison” website that was siphoning money from a legitimate charity.

Now, the current kerfuffle.

I’ve been working on this one since June. This has been a tough nut to crack. But this morning, I saw a draft of a 10-count indictment that is floating around. Criminal indictment.  Charging violations of three statutes in the United States Code.  Not a lawsuit.  Criminal, felony charges.  The document named eight individuals, one organization, and “unknown persons to be named later”.  I will not divulge the names, because this is a draft document and I have no idea if it is ever going to be prosecuted or sent to a grand jury.

See, people being investigated by a journalist — when they are hiding something — make a critical mistake.  They make it all the time.

They assume the reporter “hates” them and is “out to get” them.

This is simply not the case. I don’t “hate” Bill Looman. I don’t “hate” the Wisconsin goofballs, even though they have been a terrible pain in my ass.  I don’t “hate” the people involved in the current kerfuffle.

I am not a cop. I am not a prosecutor. I tell stories.  I am a teller of tales.  I am hunting for the truth.

Does the deer hunter hate the deer?  Of course not.  The deer is the quarry.

For an investigative reporter, the quarry is “the truth.” Getting to the bottom of a story.

I don’t hate any of the people named in this 10-count draft federal indictment I saw this morning.  I feel bad for their families and loved ones.  I think about the trouble their dishonesty has caused them.  If only they had just chosen to answer the questions when they were asked instead of committing that “tell of tells” that a poker player always looks for… the duck, the dodge, the blocking, the insulting, the trolling, the name-calling, the attempt to smear the hunter’s reputation — all to no avail — just think of the trouble they would have avoided.  Not just the current quarry, but everyone mentioned above. They could have gone on their way — defrauding, corrupting, stealing to their hearts content.  This current bunch isn’t even stealing from people I support!  They are stealing from their own kind — tea party conservatives who believe the lies and dismiss the truth when they are told because the truth is being told by a “god damned liberal.”  They shell out their hard-earned money to crooks.  They give their credit card numbers, banking information, personal information, to a convicted debit card thief because he says the right words!  This is a case of the sheep being fleeced by wolves in sheeps’ clothing if there ever was one!  These aren’t real conservatives.  They are robbers, liars, con-men/women and frauds.

They will fall.  Oh yes.  The handwriting is on the wall.

But not because I hate them.  In fact, I thank them for giving me an interesting story to tell.

Now that there’s a draft federal indictment floating around, we’ll sit back, hands behind our heads, and watch.

It’s like sitting in the deer stand, with your arrow in the crossbow.  Waiting.  Waiting.

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