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WHODA THUNK IT? At Least One CPAC2012 Blog Bash Sponsor Says Akbar Never Disclosed Fraud Conviction

By The Liberal Grouch

The National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of ALL Colors says they would not have done business with Vice & Victory if they had known Ali Akbar was still on probation for his 2008 conviction on charges of breaking into a Fort Worth man’s van, stealing, then trying to use his debit card.


In his most recent story on the Sinclair News blog, notorious right wing blogger Larry Sinclair posted the text of an interview he held with an unnamed spokesperson for the NAACPC. They allege they were not aware of Akbar’s past, would not have agreed to the sponsorship had they known, and were promised a great number of things in return for their sponsorship that they, to this date, have not received.

Ali was operating DonateCharge.com with his partner Aaron Marks through Three Group LLC and DonateCharge.com was the credit card processor for any and all Blog Bash contributions made online. Interestingly enough neither Ali nor anyone working with him on Blog Bash, the National Bloggers Club or the Breitbart Scholarship Fund ever disclosed to any sponsor or donor Ali was on probation from a felony fraud conviction (despite Ali’s being given a deferred sentence the conviction and probation was still very much active up until May 2, 2012), despite their having known of this matter at the time. One reason sponsors are trying to avoid answering the question “when did you first become aware of Ali’s conviction and probation” is because sponsors didn’t know until we told them.

One of the sponsors listed on the Blog Bash web site of the BB at CPAC 2012, the NAACPC spoke with Sinclair News today. At the request of the NAACPC we have agreed to only publish the organizations name because they simply do not want to have this controversy adversely affect their other projects (which they say will not have any Akbar, Blog Bash or National Blogger Club association. According to the NAACPC, they were contacted by Anita MonCrief (seems Anita may have been Akbar’s best Independent Contracted employee for Blog Bash) and asked if they would sponsor Blog Bash at CPAC 2012. Mrs. MonCrief according to the NAACPC told them “Ali is in charge” but it was MonCrief who handled the agreement and who NAACPC worked with. The Blog Bash web site which lists NAACPC as a $750 Sponsoring Guest was actually given $1000.00 by NAACPC.

NAACPC was asked the following questions:

Q: Did anyone, Anita MonCrief or Ali Akbar ever disclose to NAACPC that Ali was on probation out of Texas for a credit/debit card fraud conviction before during or after your sponsorship of Blog Bash at CPAC 2012?

Answer: NO

Q: Do you believe NAACPC should have been told about Ali’s probation and conviction at the time you were asked to sponsor Blog Bash?

Answer: Yes

Q: Would the NAACPC have agreed to be a sponsor of Blog Bash at CPAC 2012 had you known of Akbar’s probation and conviction?

Answer: No

Q: Was the NAACPC ever told their sponsorship fee would be used to launch a National Bloggers Club or be used for any purpose other than Blog Bash Party?

Answer: No. We were told it was for Blog Bash. The only mention of National Bloggers Club was that as a sponsor we would receive National Blogger Club membership and ID’s which we still have never received.

Q: What were you offered/promised by Mrs. MonCrief or Blog Bash for your sponsorship?

Answer: Our name and logo on the Blog Bash web site; Advanced access to the agenda; advanced access to the event; introduction to popular bloggers by Anita; one piece of paper inserted into the gift bags; promise to promote and have bloggers promote our site and events. Anita had told us we could pay $1000.00 instead of the $750.00 or $4000.00 and we would be provided the items which we wanted as a sponsor.

Q: Did the NAACPC receive what it was promised in exchange for its sponsorship?

Answer: No, we were promised that as a sponsor we would be introduced to and given access to the BB Bloggers list. When we asked for a copy of the Bloggers list & contact info we were told we had to have donated $10,000.00 or more to be given the Bloggers list. We were asked who we wanted to be introduced to and were told we would be introduced to those individuals by Anita. We tried to pass out fliers and info on our group and were told at the event we could not pass anything out. Our name and logo never was displayed as was promised, we were not allowed to distribute any information about us at the event.

Q: Who were you seeking to be introduced to and who were you promised an introduction to?

Answer: We asked to meet Foster Friess; Michelle Malkin; Pamela Geller; Hugh Hewitt; Andrew Breitbart (we had been introduced to Andrew earlier by Steve Bannon) Townhall; HotAir; RedState; and National Review. At the event we were told the introduction would not be able to take place but that we would be introduced at a later date and time and would emailed later. No such email was ever received and none of the promised introductions were ever made.

Q: Are you telling us that one of the benefits to NAACPC sponsorship was that NAACPC would be introduced to individuals and organizations by Anita and Ali?

Answer: Yes.

Q: Who specifically was NAACPC promised an introduction to for sponsoring Blog Bash at CPAC 2012?

Answer: We were promised an introduction to Foster Friess and Michelle Malkin for sure.

Q: Do you remember if Michelle Malkin was in attendance at Blog Bash CPAC 2012 or at CPAC 2012:

Answer: Michelle Malkin was NOT at Blog Bash at CPAC 2012. As for her being at CPAC 2012 we can only say we did not see her.

Q: After being informed of the fact that Ali Akbar was on felony probation at the time he was receiving money for sponsoring Blog Bash, do you think NAACPC and the other sponsors should have been told this information upfront by Ali, Blog Bash or Mrs. MonCrief?

Answer: Absolutely. We have known Anita for a while and consider to be friends, we can only think that she did not disclose this information to us because she didn’t know it at the time. That is the only reason we could think as to why Anita did not tell us.

Q: Do you think that not fully disclosing that Ali Akbar was on probation for a felony credit/debit card fraud conviction to Blog Bash sponsors hurts the conservative groups that depend on sponsors and supporters to survive?

Answer: Yes, how can anyone call for transparency and accountability when they refuse to be transparent themselves.

Q: Will the NAACPC agree to sponsor any future Blog Bash or Ali Akbar organizations in the future?

Answer: Not under the current circumstances.

Q: Would you consider requesting a refund from Blog Bash and Ali Akbar?

Answer: Yes.

Q: Have you had any other association with Ali Akbar or Blog Bash since CPAC 2012.

Answer: We ran into Ali at Blog Bash Tampa where Ali introduced us to Devon Wills who Ali said was in charge of Blog Bash Tampa. Ali told us that he wanted to stage a Blog Bash event at an upcoming event we have scheduled early next year and asked us to work with Devon on the logistics.

CPAC2012 was February 9-11, 2012. Akbar wasn’t released from probation until three months afterwards. His failure to mention to prospective and actual donors that he was on probation for debit card fraud seems to give them legal grounds to demand a refund — that, and the fact that they never received what Akbar promised they would receive.

Knowing that Sinclair was on his tail, so to speak, Akbar has been doing that which Akbar does — attempting to muddy the waters for his dwindling number of true believers by throwing out slanderous accusations against his many detractors — including Sinclair.

Again with the “provable lies.” Akbar? If you can prove these are lies, WHY DON’T YOU CLIMB DOWN OFF YOUR MOMMY’S LAP AND PROVE THAT THEY ARE LIES?

Akbar continues to sit in the comfort of his mommy-the-lawyer’s paneled basement in Fort Worth, lashing out at his many, many enemies when a simple question-and-answer to air the truth would do so much to clear everything up for him. We at the Patriot-Ombudsman have sent yet another e-mailed invitation to Akbar asking him for an interview to answer our questions. You will see the e-mail in Chapter One of my upcoming book about Akbar and this whole blot of dishonesty on the tablecloth of American Conservatism, “Vice & Victory — With the Emphasis on the Former” coming soon.

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