[youtube width=”520″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHcr_8Qgdos&[/youtube]

This is the lie that Andrew Breitbart is trying to sell about the Occupy Movement. Of course he highlights things like rat infestations, drug use, protesters beating down corporate offices or protesters smashing windows. However he leaves off the reality which was the intense amount of prior Police Brutality that Breitbart agrees with that culminated in some of the reactions shown in this video. And we have at the helm of this movie the players behind it, which are Tucker Carlson and his right wing rag The Daily Caller, and a number of other right wing extremists who are totally against the occupy movement that are producing this biased documentary. And I would like to point out that only right wing extremists would approve of such a video. The truth will be told, and we are in the process of making our own movie which shows that truth to counter Breitbart and his minions from polluting the minds of decent ordinary hard working Americans, which these right wing extremists are not. Stay tuned for more..

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