David Shuster pleads for Andrew Breitbart to quote: “Get Help” referring to his outrageous statements made against Occupy Demonstrators at CPAC, and telling protesters to “stop raping people.” Shuster further goes on to show that Breitbart refuses to answer for his failure to help other rape victims, or even his own blogger Nadia Naffe, who claimed that James O’Keefe, one of Breitbart’s contributors to Breitbart’s news organization Big Journalism, tried to make unwanted sexual advances towards her last December. Even though that case was later dismissed for lack of jurisdiction, the judge in the case advised Naffe to seek redress in civil court. Shuster goes on to say that Breitbart is also a Publicity Seeking Hack, which we don’t disagree with.

It isn’t a stretch to conclude after watching Breitbart at CPAC that he does in fact need help.



At the very least Andrew Breitbart does in fact have a number of other problems, some of which are also tied to his extremist viewpoints against Muslims, which will be documented here in due time. Until then the comedy of Breitbart and his associates continues unabated.

One thought on “David Shuster Tells Andrew Breitbart To Get Help”
  1. Patterico aka John Patrick Frey is an embarrassment to the Los Angeles community with his hate-filled racist rants and slurs. He harasses individuals on his website. When they complain he dumps personal information onto the web. Howthe City of LA employ such an obvious racist, hatemonger is beyond me. If it’s beyond you, please write to his employer at [email protected].

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