In a comment on, Scott Jacobs from who also goes by the twitter handle of AblativMeatShld, and who also happens to be the boyfriend of Mandy Nagy aka Liberty_Chick from Andrew Breitbart’s now defunct Big Journalism website, posted that Patterico should burn Nadia Naffe‘s world down, and Patrick Frey should ruin her life for messing with him. It is common knowledge that Patrick Frey’s website is always moderated so that only approved comments by Patrick Frey get through the moderation censor, of which Patrick Frey has the moderation controls. The interesting part about all this shows that The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office is in direct violation of hate crime laws by allowing an Assistant District Attorney to approve and or condone comments that espouse violence against other individuals. This is part and parcel of how the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office handles their own staff when it comes to allowing that staff to promote, condone, and or approve of others fomenting violent acts towards other individuals that they do not like.

Mandy Nagy is a frequent contributer and close friend of John Patrick Frey, and also was a very close friend of the late Andrew Breitbart. This screenshot below shows how Mandy Nagy’s boyfriend is allowed to have his violent comments fomenting violent acts or incitements to act against someone they are investigating over her revelations against John Patrick Frey’s close friend and former associate James O’Keefe.


The real issue here is why the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office would allow one of their Assistant District Attorney’s to allow such comments without any repudiation whatsoever on a website that is dedicated to the extremist right wing? This is exactly what we will do here on this website, which is to expose the extremist right wing hatred that comes from the crew of the late Andrew Breitbart. The callousness Andrew Breitbart’s crew of criminals, thugs, racists, religious zealots and haters, of which John Patrick Frey is a part of by his association with these types of people, and I might add, who also condones the very behavior that is conduct unbecoming of a District Attorney anywhere in the United States, is amazing in and of itself. John Patrick Frey needs to be called on the carpet once again for this type of conduct, for this is not the first time – nor will it be the last time this type of activity is allowed on His hatred, his outrageous conduct, and his racist attitudes need to be exposed. And he needs to be fired from his job for incompetence, willful neglect of duty, and for inciting violence or violent behavior to others he writes about. This comment, and this activity will be reported to the proper authorities who have been contacted in the past concerning the activities of this reckless and out of control Assistant District Attorney.

John Patrick Frey needs to be fired from his job, and Scott Jacobs needs to be arrested for inciting a hate crime against Nadia Naffe. And we shall not rest until that day arrives.


UPDATE: Seems as if Patrick Frey has noticed our post here at BreitbartUnmasked and made a truly idiotic comment which I will now post below:

Well I would just like to say to Patrick Frey, we are not minor trolls here at this site. We did in fact contact your Internal Affairs department and lodged a complaint against you for allowing such comments on your site. Others also sent in complaints, and we will make sure that those complaints are aired on this site, and every other website we can find. We did NOT elicit Scott Jacobs to make that comment. That is on YOU, not us. We just picked up on it and made others aware of your despicable attitude and that of your membership. You moderate every comment that comes through your website, and even though you may have others in charge of that job when you are at work, they allowed such a comment to be posted because this is the type of comments you bring to the table. Comments that are negative or against you or your THUG behavior are usually held in moderation or deleted prior to publication. So no one can actually have too much to say against you on your own website. The fact that you allowed this comment, or someone in your admin section allowed it, shows the world that you agree with it, and or condone such violent comments on your website, and or allow inciting or inflammatory comments to inflame the community against individuals that you attack or write about.

You can’t hide behind journalism or free speech, because you are NOT a journalist. You are a THUG and a DISGRACE to the community and state of California. And we are going to make an example out of you for all to see. And that example is your THUGGISH behavior, your outright OUTRAGEOUS conduct towards women, other races, other religions, and other cultures. You are an avowed racist, and you attack and or support others who go out and attack people without provocation. And we will dedicate our time, effort, and money to root out your THUGGISH ways. And will campaign to have you called on the carpet for every attack on others you promote. And you can take that to the bank and cash it you despicable low rent thug.

I hope you get that message loud and clear.



10 thoughts on “District Attorney Patrick Frey Condones Ruining Nadia Naffe’s Life”
  1. In the free marketplace of ideas we do not not post a comment because we disagree with it. That’s not the point of free speech. And since you’re in the business of deciding who is and isn’t a journalist I’ve come to the conclusion that you are not either. Free speech may not save you from the slander you post on this page if he wins his case. In reality though it does. And in reality he is within his rights since he didn’t post said comment. On another note you proved his follow up post. You will take anything to prove he is what you say he is, and even if you couldn’t get him to say it then this will be good enough for you.

    I’m disgusted that you are a censor, and that you support censorship in light of race is even worse.

  2. Sure seem to be trolls. Trolls very ignorant of the First Amendment, too. You might actually want to do some reading up on it, not just what it says in the Constitution, but how it’s been interpreted by courts for that past 200+ years. Your current understanding is woefully inaccurate.

    1. Right wingers always use that 1st amendment argument to foment violence or their extremist views. But when anyone else comes along and tries to do the same thing that the right wingers don’t approve of, such as posting about the right wings extremist viewpoints, the right wingers then claim its not free speech, but stalking, victimizing and thuggery. You can take that 1st amendment argument and stick it where the sun don’t shine. We will just continue to expose you day after day until you right wing roaches crawl back into the sewers from which you came 🙂

  3. it is a cardinal axiom of military planing to never interfere when you enemy is making a mistake, so, by all means, please keep posting such brilliant observations as the one above…

    anyone else for popcorn?

  4. Contra what’s written above, when one posts a comment on Patterico’s site, the comment goes up pretty much instantly. So he’s not screening the comments. Anyone can convince himself of this, even without posting something, by noting the rapid back-and-forth which occurs fairly often between the commenters.

    1. He has been screening comments on the site. His regular people who are members of the site routinely are allowed to post without moderation. Those who come in new to the party often have their comments withheld until a moderator, usually Frey himself, approves the comment/s. He went on moderation in 2010 when comments were posted that he didn’t approve of. The fact remains that his membership was allowed to post such comments as Scott Jacobs posted because that is how his site is set up, which is to harass people through the power of his commenting system. Had he no comments his site would have no power. Thus he relies on his membership to ratchet up the pain on those he dislikes. This is why you have people doing side investigations such as went on during this Naffe thread. That is where his power is derived, from his lunatic fringe membership of Muslim haters like JD and Dustin who co-own the everyonedrawmohammed website, to others who are extremists who post there just to get their jolly’s off. Frey’s long time support of Aaron Walker aka Aaron Worthing is well known. Frey also knew, as well as the late Andrew Breitbart, just what was going on over at the Muslim hate site which they both supported. Breitbart also came out in favor of the Muslim hate site prior to his death.

      Frey always says he has a right to post his thoughts, and that is true. However, I think it is well known that most officials of government have rules in place whereby those officials have to tone things down or not be seen to be inciting public opinion based upon their official duties. Frey as an ADA is thought to have credibility based upon his job. And even though he claims he doesn’t use that job to gain his credibility, most people realize that his job gives him a sense of credibility beyond what he would have had as a normal every day working stiff. The fact that he has long been associated with hate speech or incitement speech or inflammatory speech on his blog gives rise to the call to have him fired from his duties, else why not just paste the badge of the LA DA’s office all over his site and say this is who they are and what they represent? If they (LA DA) approve his site, approve his attacks on people, and approve the way he conducts himself online, then the policy of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office is behind him and should just come out and say that the blog represents their views. Too many other officials have been fired, reprimanded or sent packing for running blogs like he does, so why is he allowed to continue it if the LA DA’s office is not behind it and him?

  5. You little Marxist red-diaper crybabies are always pointing fingers and throwing tantrums and making demands upon everyone.

    Why don’t you support yourselves ?

    Why do you insist that the government needs to come wipe your bottoms for you ? Can’t you do it without help ?
    “Freedom” is not merely limited to getting stoned or having sex with other men in the privacy of your own home. “Freedom” means supporting yourself.

    I’m sure your mothers are all very impressed with the way you need the government to tie your shoes for you. (Then again, your mommies couldn’t make it on their own, either.)

    How pathetic.

  6. Thanks you for your insightful analysis of the John Patrick Frey problem. He is an embarrassment to the Los Angeles community, not only because he promotes hate speech on his website, harasses individual members of the community, and publishes personal information about them when they complain, but because as many of his previous posts show, (some have been removed since there have been numerous complaints), he has repeatedly expressed racial bias on his website. As of this date, many of these posts (deriding Obama and his relatives as well as other black figures) are gone from his website (due to multiple complaints, i believe.). But his underlying biases and his repeated thumbing of his nose at the laws against hate speech and harassment continue. An employee of the DA’s office, this person makes decisions about who to prosecute. He has the power to do a lot of damage against those powerless individuals he hates with a vengeance. Various websites have alluded to the 1.3 million dollar home he apparently shares with his wife. I have not personally verified this fact but, if true, this could explain why he gives the middle finger to anyone who objects to being harassed by him. It’s as if he’s daring people to sue him – he has the money to squash them: Those he picks on are never those with power and money. In web posts he’s written, he simply laughs at people don’t have the money to sue him. It’s as if poverty or cultural disadvantage incites his bullying, justifies his bullying. I certainly hope your web readers will express their dissatisfaction with our community being represented this way. Write his employer ([email protected]) and tell them your story. Tell them how John Patrick Frey distorts the truth. Let them know that Frey[‘s presence in the DA’s office is an embarrassment to the city of Los Angeles. If this does not work, write your Congressman. Many (if not all) of the folks Patrick Frey hurts do not have the money to sue, but that doesn’t mean that our elected officials and the DA’s shouldn’t be looking out for our interests. If you care about the city, write his employer [email protected]

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