Breaking: James O’Keefe Injunction over his lost emails has been denied. Nadia Naffe has been ordered to turn over emails to those who have subpoenaed them, one of which is the New Hampshire Attorney Generals Office who faxed over a request and subpoena 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the court hearing over the injunction this morning. The other subpoena is in the matter of Brett Kimberlin, who also has subpoenaed the emails that Nadia Naffe has in her possession. The judge ordered that the emails are not to be destroyed, but to be handed over to those who have requested them via court process.


James O’Keefe tweeted this afternoon an outright lie about what the court ruled on this morning. First, it was a temporary restraining order that was in effect, not a permanent restraining order. And then today May 16th 2012 the judge ruled that the O’Keefe (who didn’t even show up for court because he feared arrest or having a subpoena served on him) did NOT meet the third element for obtainment of a further more permanent injunction, and that third element was a successful outcome of the case. Thus, the Judge in the case overturned the Temporary Injunction against Miss Naffe and moved that she could in effect comply with the several subpoenas issued to Miss Naffe regarding 7 years of O’Keefe’s emails that Miss Naffe was in possession of. However this late afternoon Mr. O’Keefe tweeted this OBVIOUS lie:

I thought Mr. O’Keefe was all about truth? I thought getting the TRUTH was important to him? I thought that all these videos he has produced are supposed to show the TRUTH? Yet, here in this tweet he blatantly lies about what transpired this morning in court to his followers who are oblivious to his blatant lying. This is the real O’Keefe, this is the real deal here when dealing with anything O’Keefe produces. You will NOT get the truth. What you will get however is a manufactured lie, a lie spun to make it and him look honest and real. And that folks is the lie that O’Keefe will end up having stick to him. Permanent Restraining Order my left foot. Temporary Restraining Order LIFTED at 9:30 am EST May 16th 2012. Judge Carroll’s court in New Jersey, USA.

3 thoughts on “Breaking— James O’Keefe Injunction To Get Back Emails: DENIED”
  1. Well, well well, it looks now like the internal workings of a criminal enterprise will be finally exposed. Frey, Brietibart, the Kochs and all those other donors who gave O’Keefe money to commit crimes are going to be in big trouble.

  2. I’ve been watching some of the back traffic going on today between some of these players, and I can say that O’Keefe et al need to start buying calendars, that’s with an “s,” because they will have a lot of time to scratch off the days and the years. Looks like LE has set up a criminal task force to prosecute these vigilantes. Keep reporting, you are spot on and must have someone inside LE to be getting all this intel.

    The way these things work is this — LE gives a heads up to the judge, the judge tells LE to provide a letter so it’s in the record, and then the judge rules the way LE wants. And I can say with absolute certainty that LE is monitoring all of O’Keefe’s emails and phone calls, along with other conspirators. Let me repeat — I can say with absolute certainty….. and all that O’Keefe public arrogance and hubris is a far cry from what he is saying on the back channels.

  3. Well, well, well. Mr. O’Keefe and his lawyer did not read my comment last night. So they went back into court today to try to manipulate Judge Carroll and got bitch slapped again. The Judge said that there is no order restraining Ms. Naffe from complying with any court order or law enforcement request. I was there.

    So let me try again — James and Ben, your motions will be denied, end of story because the people in power know that James has committed many crimes and is facing indictment. James, your seven years of emails and all those Veritas documents, undercover capers, spread sheets, invoices, receipts, conspiracies with Breitbart, Eric, Frey, AFP and others are not subject anymore to judicial restraint. Why, because they have been turned over to LE. Now the clock is ticking, you have no escape.

    Ben, here is my advice. Rather than waste your time and James’ money on motions that will get you nowhere, give this a try. Sit down with James for a half day and have him write out every criminal act he has ever committed, with whom, and all the supporting details. Take that info as a lawyer proffer to the FBI and say you want to make a deal for James to testify against everyone and every organization (AFP) that supported and conspired with him and Project Veritas.
    This is your only chance to make a deal for reduced time. James is facing a massive criminal indictment. He is going to get hammered with a seriously long sentence. He will have a very difficult time in prison for various reasons. You can choose to ignore this or think that this is just bluster. But I will give you two names so James will understand I know what I am talking about — Dick Clark and Tracy Henke.

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