LA Assistant District Attorney John “Patterico” Frey revealed last night in a tweet the real intent of his war against the Non-Profit Velvet Revolution organization, which is run by Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin. Its about the donors, or publishing derogatory information that will hurt VR’s financial positions. There has been a long term war ongoing between Frey and VR dating back to early 2010 when Frey and Andrew Breitbart organized a group of conspirators using mentally challenged individuals such as the cyberstalker Seth Allen and the Islamophobic Manassas Virginia Attorney at Law, Aaron Justin Walker, who also blogs as Aaron Worthing, to go after VR and Brett Kimberlin by publishing derogatory and or false information about VR and Kimberlin to destroy VR’s ability to raise funds. I have long questioned the reason why Frey and other individuals such as Walker who tweets as @AaronWorthing have gone after VR and its founders Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin. Last night Patrick Frey revealed what the operation was truly about, and that is VR’s donors.

In another tweet shortly after the one above Frey tweets:

Frey and his partner Aaron Justin Walker, who is an Attorney in Virginia have had a long running feud against Brett Kimberlin that seemed manufactured out of thin air as there was absolutely no reason to go after him. However, after last nights big reveal by Frey, it is now patently clear that they have created a story to then continue to report on the story of the non profit organization that supports numerous good causes. Their goal has always been to go after the donors, and thereby wreck havoc with VR’s ability to raise funds. Every story that has come out against VR and Brett Kimberlin has been produced by Frey, Mandy Nagy, Aaron Worthing and Seth Allen, as noted in this tweet from Frey:

As this tweet above shows, they created a story line about VR and Brett Kimberlin, then they published it through the Andrew Breitbart media organization using Mandy Nagy who blogs as Liberty_Chick, and then acted as if they were only continuing to “report” on stories that they themselves wrote earlier.

They have also claimed that they are soon to produce another long story about VR and Brett Kimberlin which they claim will show how they are being harmed by VR, and that it isn’t about them trying to destroy anyone else, rather it is about Brett Kimberlin and VR trying to harm them. However this new story, which will be written by their partner in this conspiracy Aaron Justin Walker who blogs under the nickname of Aaron Worthing, will be some 60 pages in length and comprise about 200 exhibits that they have collected over time concerning a court case launched in 2010 against their chief blogger Seth Allen. Aaron Walker, who had earlier interjected himself into the court case against Allen by Brett Kimberlin, has attempted to usurp the case against Allen by acting that he, and not Allen, was being sued. Brett Kimberlin eventually smelled a dirty rat in Aaron Worthing who had been “legally” advising Seth Allen using a fake name from behind the scenes since 2010 until Brett Kimberlin identified Worthing in court papers as Aaron Justin Walker Attorney at Law. Kimberlin had reason to believe that someone else was advising Allen to continue his attacks on him despite Allen being told by the Maryland courts to leave Kimberlin alone. Since that time Aaron Worthing/Walker has been on a 9 month crusade against Brett Kimberlin for supposedly identifying him by trying to have him thrown in jail numerous times on trumped up charges of Perjury, Filing False Police Reports and other charges, while at the same time filing a frivolous 66 million dollar lawsuit against him and others in Kimberlin’s orbit. And also continuing to claim numerous times that they somehow have to publish the truth about Brett Kimberlin’s past from 34 years ago even though they have already done that numerous times.

They have published information about his past in numerous articles dating back to 2010, yet, this somehow is not enough. They claim that they have this truth about Kimberlin and it must be told, but for reasons that were unknown until just last night, they have had to republish this information over and over for reasons unknown. Last night, LA Assistant DA John “Patterico” Frey revealed just why they were doing it. And that was to destroy Kimberlin’s non profit Velvet Revolution by creating negative stories about him which would rise up in Google so that anyone considering donating to his non profit would shy away from it after reading their own stories that they created for the express purpose of making people shy away from Velvet Revolution and Brett Kimberlin.

Is it illegal? I am sure there are a number of issues that would make it so. And from this vantage point BU will continue to post articles that will show how these conspirators have been acting, and how their one main purpose has always been to destroy the financials of a very good and solid non profit organization. It is no secret that John “Patterico” Frey is a right wing extremist, and along with his co-conspirators Mandy Nagy @Liberty_Chick, Aaron Justin Walker Attorney at Law who blogs as Aaron Worthing @AaronWorthing, long time cyberstalker Seth Allen @Prespostericity, Dustin Farahnak @Dust92 and others in their orbit, are all extremists which have the goal of taking down any left leaning organizations all so they can win one for the gipper.

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In a rambling 200 page screed on Aaron Walkers blog (Link would crash your browser so it is not linked here) posted this morning a few things stand out which I will address here before I move on to other posts:

1. This has always been about the destruction of Mr. Kimberlin’s non profit organization VR. And after reading through hours and hours of Mr. Walkers rambling screed about how over invested he became in trying to destroy Mr. Kimberlin’s non profit, one part of the screed has come through loud and clear, and that is this part:

This has always what it has been about, stopping donations or destroying Velvet Revolution. You can try calling it anything you want, a rambling incoherent screed, a great post, movie plot, whatever you want. But the clear and convincing evidence is buried in the screed for all to see, and that is if you donate, don’t. And if donations suddenly dried up, they, the right wing Islamophobes who are a part of this crew win.

2. The next issue that clearly comes out loud and clear is the reverse donation scam. Don’t donate to this guy, but if you are so inclined, donate to me.

So, it is plain as the nose on your face what you have been doing Mr Aaron Justin Walker Attorney at Law. Let me make something perfectly clear as Nixon was fond of saying: If you are unemployed, why do you spend 20 hours a day tweeting nonsense about whales and constitutional arguments from 100 years ago or posting 200 page screeds online daily? In this atmosphere of rampant unemployment people that are unemployed are out every day working on getting employed, even if its working at Wal-Mart. Yes, people who have PHD’s have had trouble getting a job, thus they end up as fry cooks, Wal-Mart workers, greeters at Costco etc, and will do anything to get a job to pay the bills. What they usually do not do is spend 9 months going to court over one man, or 9 months trying to file numerous frivolous criminal charges to destroy one man or his organization. And by frivolous I mean phony: as your legal brethren in the Maryland prosecutors office stated to you:

To Wit:

And as far as Mr. Kimberlin goes in court, the court credited Mr. Kimberlin with honest and fair testimony in court against your rambling incoherent rants:

This should be plain to you that your frivolous and malicious attempts to destroy his non profit, and with it Mr. Kimberlin, had been duly noted by the officials in court: which I might add are Lawyers and Lawyers who later became Judges. You have spent a very long time going after a good non profit organization. And while your claimed expenses have cost you dearly, one would have expected that it would cost you dearly to go after any non profit that employed a legal staff, and an investigative staff, and a support structure built into the organization to fend off attacks. It is also noted that the same exact obsessions that Mr. Seth Allen had against VR, who used the same lies and trumped up charges against Mr. Kimberlin ended up coming from you as well.  And when Mr. Allen was no longer useful to you or Mr. Frey, you abandoned him and took up his banner, exhibiting the same mental obsessions and using the same exact tactics of trying to destroy him and his non profit, and acting the exact same way that Mr. Allen had acted for some 2 years prior.  It was you and your cohorts who funneled Mr. Allen his rambling incoherent screeds about having to tell some truth about Mr. Kimberlin on his own blog for two years. You,  Mr. Allen, and your cohorts, have shown to be one and the same type of people, and that is obsessed. In my opinion you and your cohorts are mentally deranged, and quite frankly, insane.

Further, it was noted in court by several judges, legal staff, prosecutors and their staff, that you were in fact overly obsessed in Mr. Kimberlin’s affairs. Mr. Kimberlin on the other hand has never blogged about you or tweeted about you or even talked to you directly. He has had one thing to offer you, and that is to leave him alone. You declined to do so. You had every opportunity to walk away and save yourself the troubles which you now claim you have endured. Yet, you refused all offers and refused all treatise proffered to you. You had every opportunity to ponder that your personal life, your job, your home life, and that of your spouse, was more important than going after or obsessing after one man and his organization. But, you refused to even acknowledge that.

It is and will always be my belief that you are a serial liar and a con man who puts off the responsibility for his own life, and with it, his own mistakes in that life on others. And even now in your claimed unemployment you prefer to ramble on while continuing to attack one man and his organization, and at the same time beg for money from other bloggers who you now post this screed to. And instead of going out and obtaining legitimate work and minding your own business, you decide to escalate the issue while obfuscating your own culpability and responsibility in this affair. I have my doubts that you lost your job, but I am not out to prove that one way or the other at this point. It is evident that you have decided it was better to stay at home and collect 99 weeks of unemployment whilst sitting on your fat butt and spending every single hour of your time blogging about nonsense, while tweeting at all hours of the day and night about stuff you read online instead of finding work. If you were seriously in need of work you would be out trying to gain lawful and legitimate employment. No one who is in such desperate need as you now claim to be would be caught sitting on his ass day after day after day online tweeting about that desperation. They would be out obtaining employment. You have a law licence, you can get a job correct? But instead of doing that, you’re writing rambling long winded browser crashing screeds online about your obsessions to destroy one man whom you have been overly obsessed with for a number of years. Ask yourself, who in their right mind would be so obsessed as to lose everything he has in life to go after one man to tell some supposed truth from the man’s past which was 34 years ago and well documented? Only an obsessed deranged mentally challenged individual would do so. And you are that in my opinion. But I digress.