Qritiq has a list of twenty questions on her blog, but at this point has not opened them up to comments. So I thought I would throw the list up here and try to answer some of the questions, as time probably won’t permit me to wait on her decision to open it up to answers. The questions are after the break..

1. Why won’t Patterico reveal the truth about why he fired Aaron Worthing?

I think this had something to do with Frey bitching about some LA Times writer posting on Frey’s blog under a anonymous nick and Frey outing him over it. Frey wanted people to post under their real names. Of course that is just an assumption on my part.

2. Why do some people continue to believe bloggers who pretend to be conservatives and are proven liars?

People always want to believe in their base.

3. Why do some people continue to call Robert Stacy McCain a racist – is there a shred of evidence to indicate that?

Of course there is. All one has to do is Google “Robert Stacy McCain Racist” to find out.




And follow those links inside those articles to read more about his racist connections.

4. Why did Aaron Worthing have to wait until the James O’Keefe emails were subpoenaed before posting his own story about #BrettKimberlin?

This is a great question. It is somewhat telling that after the emails were subpoenaed that Aaron Walker decided to launch this massive campaign against Brett Kimberlin who is one of the benefactors of these emails. Just consider for one moment how the right wingers would feel if Brett Kimberlin had 7 years worth of James O’Keefe’s emails to funders, Andrew Breitbart, John “Patterico” Frey, and various right wing organizations that funded O’Keefe, plus but not limited to video’s of O’Keefe working his ops and other sundry items? They would go ballistic I am sure. So I guess Brett has to ask himself that “do I feel lucky question?”

The other part would be a counter question. Do all of these supposed right wing haters that have started coming out of the woodwork now against Brett have something to do with the numerous Law Enforcement investigations on O’Keefe, and Brett Kimberlin supposedly having access to that portion of O’Keefe’s life and possibly involved in turning that data over to the FBI? And the counter question to that would be: is that going to turn into a wider net of Obstruction of Justice charges against Frey, Walker, and now Robert Stacy McCain, and the rest of their crew of right wing extremists? And lastly, is that why Robert Stacy McCain supposedly ran away from his church compound? There are a number of questions and counter questions that could come from this one question you posit.

5. When you state a true fact – and someone who wants to hide that truth – broadcasts that you “support” someone that you obviously never supported – why does everyone pretend not to notice the liar’s obvious lie? (I previously wrote about this commonly used subterfuge tactic as it applied to Weinergate.)

Because every statement made is made to obfuscate the reality of the original statement. If you tell person A that XYZ restaurant was dirty and the tables were messy when you ate there, sooner or later that message will be that someone ate there and got sick with some terrible disease because there were ten thousand roaches crawling all over the food. The message changes with each iteration because no one checks the veracity of the first statement because no one really cares to investigate the details. All they want is the main message, XYZ Restaurant Filled With Dirty Tables turned into XYZ Restaurant Filled With Ten Thousand Roaches, Patrons Very Sick With Mystery Disease.

6. About a day after another blog posted that Ron Brynaert had a “huge” amount of money, Aaron Worthing sent Brynaert a letter demanding 20K in cash or he’d sue Brynaert for $66,000,000. Is the attorney that advised Aaron that this action was A-OK, trying to manipulate and use Aaron?

Aaron doesn’t have any real attorney’s on his case. He tries to pick them up for free where he can by ginning up his supporters to say he is a poor slob who has no money to fight some mythical giant who has been after him for a long time. Eventually the message is that Aaron has been attacked by George Soros and President Obama and needs your help to build a defense fund. The message is not about what really happened, the message is about money. Aaron has long been a low end low rent compliance attorney making slightly above minimum wage. He has been sitting at home the rest of the time blogging and tweeting about various legal scholar issues to make himself look like he was some high class attorney that only argued cases before the Supreme Court. This was his fictional persona, his twisted psycho persona as it were.

Aaron has always been about copying major news events and trying to become part of those events; such as the Everyone Draw Mohammed issue. Aaron saw that issue and saw a way to make himself more visible, and maybe more press worthy. So he started some shit eating website about it and brought a few haters on board and then hoped for news on it. What happened instead was he ended up being banned on Facebook for harassment, and banned on most every other blog when trying to get that message out, eventually the blog just crashed and burned until Brett Kimberlin came along. In the current issue Aaron has found a newer set of people to scam to pay for his living expenses. So he saw early on how to ride Brett Kimberlin’s notoriety to a level where Aaron could profit off of it. Notice all the so called legal defense funds being set up to cover his and “other people’s” expenses. Robert Stacy McCain came across the same ideas quicker than Aaron saw them.

So the two have now worked in concert to gin up a new money making venture to sap hard working conservatives out of money. That is exactly what Seth Allen saw early too. He tried in vain to turn his stalking into a full time business, and when he failed at that he tried to get people to offer him TV shows or interview shows, then when that failed he tried to get Andrew Breitbart to offer him a book deal. Then when Breitbart died he was out of the loop on all those ideas. Now with Aaron rising up a bit he is back at it trying to get interviews and book deals and whatever he can out of it while claiming that Velvet Revolution was hoaxing people, but in reality Allen was the hoaxer in trying to ride on Brett Kimberlin’s past notoriety. In the end its all about the dollars.


7. On a related note, I keep seeing @AaronWorthing state that @ronbryn is Brett Kimberlin’s “buddy”, “pal”, etc., which is a bold-faced lie. Why is it that people who claim to care about truth, never call Aaron out on it?

No one can. Because quite frankly no one cares to battle on that one front. The way the right wingers have it right now is to send a flurry of counter messages out there so that there are too many messages to counter just one. No one wants to go dig into those battles to argue one point. Plus, you can’t argue one point or any points with a right wing extremist. They will never listen, and they will never believe anything a liberal or left winger says. It is again all about the dollars, so that is what the reality is and no one will screw with those dollars. If one knows what the game is and can easily see that McCain and Walker and the rest of their crew are pretty much all out of work and need money, then one can see how they are trying to turn these events into a money making scam by ginning up the conservative wing to support their so called defense fund. But in the end its just a scam, as no one will ever have access to any of that money but them, and they will do it all without even filing any non-profit paperwork.

The end though will happen when the few try to take money from the other few who are helping to gin up the inflow of the dollars. Then when the bust out happens everyone will claim the other guy scammed them with no one being the wiser but the main guy who took all the money. Until then, everyone that donates to that so called fund will just get scammed. The beauty is that as long as its 10 dollars here and there no one will care to report it as a scam. If it were guys donating huge sums then yes they might be pissed when the money comes up short, but the 10 dollar guys will never care or even know or feel scammed. So the scam can go on as long as they keep writing about it and trying to gin up the support for Kimberlin’s head.

Just look at Patterico. He has a donate button on his website and tells people to donate to him. The issue is he doesn’t need money. He has tons of it, so why ask for it? Its all just scamming for dollars. The difference between them and Brett Kimberlin is that Brett went out and created a non-profit and then gives that money to others. So its totally legal to work that way. Walker and McCain don’t use those tactics. They prefer to just make a story happen and then gin it up to a high level and profit from it down the road. The people getting scammed believe that McCain and Walker need the money for some defense fund which has never been needed, and never will be needed. They just want to party on it like its 1999, and the average conservative parting with his money won’t really care because he thinks he is donating to a worthy cause, when in reality there is no cause at all but themselves. This will be explained in more detail in the up and coming AceofSpadesHQ article.

8. Since Aaron is known to have lied (see #7), can we trust the other things that he says?

No. And Aaron Walker is about to have that exposed in court. Trouble is the right wingers will claim some nonsense about Brett getting protection from some unknown source, or that he has friends in high places, probably liberals or some such thing, that protect him, and this will be the reason why Aaron cannot get justice or some such thing. Again the truth doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is the dollars. Aaron will walk out win lose or draw and turn it into another money making venture. The story will be “we need to keep fighting etc etc etc.” Its a scammers wet dream to have such a story. Only thing that will end it is when Aaron is found out to be a scammer and ends up in jail over it. Then and only then will the right wingers that support him want his head. Until then they will get scammed out of every cent they are willing to donate.


9. Why did Herman Cain delete his facebook posting that was based on Robert Stacy McCain’s tale?

Because he found out the truth about McCain and Walker and as soon as he did he jumped ship. Notice how McCain doesn’t say anything about that, nor does Michele Malkin or any of the other ginned up mobs? They all keep that very quiet. They don’t want it known that their scam was noticed by Cain himself after he was duped into that story by Malkin. I can tell you this too, others have been looking into it, and the scam is unfolding quicker than you would think. I would go so far as to say that at the very least a number of them will be shut down sooner than later 🙂 But at this point no one can truly say when that will be…


10. Why do some people become enraged when I point out that the timing of the social media anti-#BrettKimberlin campaign coincided with the subpoena of 7-years worth of James O’Keefe emails?

Maybe because that is partly what it is about? You have to imagine the amount of intelligence in those emails to know that some serious high up hard core money people have been in cahoots with O’Keefe. I have thought a number of times that this information is enough to warrant someone getting killed over it. So think that one through as the death threats ramp up to an all time high against Brett.


11. Do you think that Lie Stranahan actually believes that his caller, whom he said he believed was a jilted texter (described as “dumb” by someone she spoke to at length) fabricated a phony California driver’s license (when she lives in Boston) as well as fake student id’s on short notice, told a stack of lies to the New York Times, impersonated at least two different real people, filed a phony police report, punked Tommy Christopher – Mike Stack and the whole of the #BornFreeCrew, and for months scripted ALL the writings of DW, JR9 and many other socks including thousands of DM’s with GC (sorry if I left some stuff out)?

I never got into this Stack thing, so I cannot even comment on what it is about.

12. Who told Andrew Breitbart that Pat Frey had been SWAT-ed?

Did Frey get swatted? First Frey says he was told to come out of his house hands up with guns pointed at him. Now he corrected that version and said they just knocked on the door. He also said there were helicopters above and all of that. Now I doubt that version as well, because if they just knocked on his door then why the need for a helicopter? I think Frey lies because he can. It’s a blog, and mainly is used for entertainment purposes only. He is probably using it to get a book deal going or even get himself up in the press. But notice how no real mainstream press covers this story? That is because there is just too much to question what the truth is or isn’t, which in today’s world of 1500 word or less pieces just can’t cover. Plus, the scam is evident when you look at the facts. So the mainstream so far hasn’t covered it because they would be forced to check facts before they wrote about it. So the only people covering it are right wingers who have been spoon fed the story by other liars. Plus they don’t have time to ask questions, all they have time to do is link.

13. Why do some spend so much of their time bothering to argue with sockpuppets who consistently spout outrageous stuff that no-one believes?

Nothing else to do. People like Seth Allen who lives on food stamps and in a small room have nothing else in their lives but blogging. They work daily trying to become relevant with their digital personas hoping that one day they will get some spotlight on them that makes it all worthwhile. McCain has similar issues. He lived at a church compound rent free while his wife worked in the kitchen. McCain had no money either. Plus last time he had any money he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to escape his debts, which makes him a deadbeat, since when he filed chapter 7 he had money to pay those debts. Again, its all about the dollars.


14. I heard Andrew Breitbart’s last interview. His concerned and alarmed telling about his associate Pat’s SWAT seemed sincere to me, and he intimated that he (Breitbart) and his family could likely be the next to be terroristically targeted. Did the story about Pat’s SWAT, that Pat did nothing to clarify, contribute to Andrew’s stress level in the days leading up to March 1, 2012?

Anyone could be a target. The minute you rise up and get enemies you are a target to someone. Swatting is just a way to terrorize those you don’t agree with, and it has also been going on for a number of years so it is not new.

15. I’m told a judge clearly stated that Aaron had committed an assault. So why would some think there should not be a restraining order (that would serve to protect both parties) against Aaron – isn’t it better to be safe than sorry (I guess in the interim anyways, the ruling judge agreed with me)?

Aaron doesn’t want that fact known. It doesn’t matter that in the confusion whatever was said by Brett may have been a bit off. I have been in a number of situations where an event happens and in the fog of it is told differently. The reality is the police report tells the entire story and Aaron will not release that. The judge ruled it was an assault and Aaron has been trying to cover that up for a long time by saying legally it wasn’t really this or that or legally this happened or that happened. Watching the video one can see two things. Aaron advancing on Brett, and Aaron wrestling with Brett to take his iPad. Plus, that video is lagged by almost 2 seconds per frame, and a number of blows can happen in two seconds that won’t show up. Either way Aaron did in fact assault Brett according to every standard of law there is.

16. Did people Herman Cain trusted feed him disinformation?

Yes, and once he investigated it he pulled his post.

17. Why are so many people being mean to @CryingWolfeBlog when it seems that, while he does defend himself against their attacks, he has never done anything to them?

Because he is considered a sideshow to the main events.

18. Why was @ronbryn targeted from the get-go by those on the left AND on the right?

He made several bad moves on his part with the left that called into question his sanity and his true motives.

19. If you were trying to frame someone for a crime, and in doing so, you had to have an accomplice place a phone call during the time you were on the phone with your target, wouldn’t it make common logical sense and make it easier to coordinate the timing of your own call with his, if you told your accomplice to make his call “at midnight”, rather than at say 11:39 or 12:13?

Again these events are not in my scope. They are however part of a larger effort to destroy Brett and his non-profits. If you study who Brett had been going after for awhile, you can start to see the kind of power he was going up against, and then you can see the response from that power. Nothing more, nothing less. Destroy Brett and you destroy his messages. Standard Republican tactics. Swattings and Emails and whatever else is not really the point here.

20. How much money do you imagine has been spent all told, so far, on O’Keefe v Kimberlin?

Tens of Thousands. Soon to be tens of millions when the lawsuits start going out. The thing about Brett is he knows how to file suits and get the ball rolling on them. So it is not a situation that he will just walk away on. After this story has pretty much run its course the suits will still come, and not long after it the settlements will occur.