Lee Stranahan, scammer, a man barely alive. We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better…stronger…faster. I went over and read the past issues that Lee Stranahan had when dealing with honest consumers who had trusted him with their money in which he ripped off, which turned out to be a long waste of a few hours reading a very long thread about his Learning Digital Fusion scam. The person who was ripped off by Lee Stranahan made some very valid claims against him back in August 2004. The post was titled:

Warning:Lee Stranahan Learning Digital Fusion Scam

Of course wading knee deep into this forum thread about how Lee Stranahan scammed this this individual is an exercise in futility, so let me save you the trouble of having to read through it by just highlighting the main responses from the ripped off consumer, and Lee Stranahan’s excuses on why he ripped the guy off.

Ripped Off Consumer

If you are interested in Learning Digital Fusion DO NOT repeat DO NOT pay LEE STRANAHAN any money. This man is scam artist. The website that explains the course is slick and looks reputable but don’t be fooled. Dozens of people including myself have been sucked into his Learning Digital Fusion SCAM.

The guy apparently paid Lee some money for a course in Learning Digital Fusion in which Lee then opted out of not sending the guy the required course materials that he paid for. What made the thread interesting was how long the excuses for not delivering the man’s property went on. Lee’s excuse at the time was that he took the money but then spent it on paying for a roof over his head, food for the kids, etc. etc.. etc… The reality was that Lee Stranahan took the money and ran. Then when the guy posted about his issues Lee suddenly came back and started posting his long drawn out story about why he didn’t deliver the products, and why he took the money and ran, and why he was a poor miserable excuse for a human being.  Lee claimed he had no money, no job, and no roof over his head, and was for all intents and purposes, homeless. But he had a computer and the time to post replies to the man whom he ripped off, and some of those replies are posted after the break which will give you an idea about the kind of man Lee Stranahan is.

Lee’s Excuse Number 1.

Months ago, I started offering a Digital Fusion class. I had about 10 people sign up in all – not the ‘dozens’ the Gordon mentioned. I created a few hours of orginal lessons, and they are good.

Unfortunately, I have had a large number of personal problems in the past six months, all related to being unemployed and slowly going completely broke. To be clear – there’s no drug / drink / gambling or anything juicy – I just have gone broke, and nearly lost my family because of the instability. I detailed some of this in a public post on the NewTek forum months ago.

Since then, I’ve gone broker and continued to look for work. My wife, 2 of my kids, and I have been living in hotels for months while I have been trying to find work, and I’ve sold everything – including all my computers, books…everything, really – just trying to get the money to put food on the table and roof over people’s heads. My close friends are all aware of this.

Lee’s Excuse Number 2.

I was traveling doing seminars…
I was in Canda (he sent me money and I spoke to people about work)
I’m not going to comment further on the situation with my wife, but it’s pretty obvious from what I’ve said…
Larry watched me take my laptop apart and saw it didn’t work…
My Paypal account is suspended, because it’s overdrawn…
I did shoot stock footage, and it’s still not shipping – my part has been done for months and now I’m waiting for it to ship.
Larry will also confirm I haven’t been online very much – when I have a computer I’m usually on all the time… <Editors Note: I thought you sold your computer as you stated above?>

Lee’s Excuse Number 3.

I have a computer now beause I borrowed one to do a freelance job…so, now I can respond to emails. And frankly, there’s been no new news and won’t be until I get a job. And of course the ball’s in my court – but there’s no court right now, and I sold the ball so my kids could eat. <Editors Note: Translation, I ripped you off and ate well while doing it>


Response from ripped off consumer:

Sure as I said I could accept personal problems but I am angry that I have not received the items I paid for (manuals) and you havent explained why you wont respond to my emails asking “nicely” if you have sent the manuals and it surely doesnt explain why they havent turned up yet! By the way I emailed Larry Splinegod (about a week ago) as well asking if he could contact you for me and also got no response from him either. I get the distinct feeling that the larrysplinegod email address is a spoof address so you can still get paid as ur paypal account ([email protected]) has been suspended?

Response from another injured party:

I am pissed for this guy. You know why, because Lee has been doing this for years. For the past few years he has been setiing up class’s, traveling seminars, and other LW training things. ANd for the same few years all you see is post after post on the Newtek site about Lee never living up to his side of the deal. The students would complain about magazines they paid for but never received, CDs they paid for but never received and on and on … it got to a point where Newtek gave him the boot

I ask this question, how can every business Lee touch end with customers complaining and excuse after excuse … its like a gambler who can not overcome his gambling habit until he admits to himself that infact he does have a problem

Lee, I say this with all sincerity, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, get yourself some help

Lee’s excuse Number 4.

What do you want me to DO? I have -no money-. I have no place to live, no working car, nothing. I have nothing – and now, on the cusp of getting a job that will change my family’s life – Gordon is telling people not to hire me. That’ll help. Thanks for that. <Editors Note: If you have no money, no car, no place to live, but a computer in which to post from, how is that done exactly?>

Response from independent observer.

– Mr. McComiskie ordered manuals and training material from Mr. Stranahan.
– Mr. McComiskie did not receive said manuals and training material.
– Mr. Stranahan has not offered proof of ordering said manuals and training materials.
– Mr. Stranahan has accepted money from Mr. McComiskie.
– Mr. Stranahan now has no money.

Therefore, the money Mr. Stranahan accepted from Mr. McComiskie was used to buy other things, whatever they may be (food, lodging, etc.) This is based entirely on what I read in this thread.

Response from ripped off consumer.

The whole crux of why this thread was started was mainly due to the fact I had paid for the manuals and kept asking for info on where they were via emails. I also messaged him through msn several times, but there was nil response. What was I suppose to do lee, my options were almost zero this was a last ditch attempt to get you to pipe up! Even other course members I spoke to said they had the same treatment from you and were pretty much resigned to the fact that they had lost their money as you never communicated in months and when you did it was only because I kept prodding you to remind you, you had an obligation. For the majority of you who dont know, it has only been in the last couple of months that lee has not had a computer. Even for the first six months of the course he kept trying to duck and weave us.

Lee’s excuse Number 5.

I don’t know how I’m paying for my hotel room tomorrow, so until things get stable I CAN’T DO ANYTHING. <Editors Note: But I can still come to a forum and post from my computer because you can plainly see I haven’t really sold it> If you want to keep harassing me, I can’t stop you from continuing to act like a jerk – but feeding my family and making sure they have a roof over their heads is my first, last, and only priority now <Editors Note: So I took your money and did whatever the hell I wanted to do with it, so there, STFU about it>. It’s more important to me than you getting your manuals <Editors Note: Translation, I ripped you off and you are no longer important to me>.

Response from ripped off consumer.

There may be nothing to report, but at least you could have had the BALLS to tell me they werent in the mail instead of being deceiptful and avoiding my questions. Why does it take so much effort to get a straight answer from you? Remember the only contact I have with you is email and I cant do anything if you decide not to respond. I just cant get over the fact it has taken so long just to get a simple yes or no as whether the items had been sent!
Well it appears I have no choice but to sit on my ass and wait for your situation to change before their may be a chance to get my items. Even though it doesnt seem right to me! You can do me one thing though, I want to see proof that the manuals were purchased, surely you can do that if you have honestly bought the manuals? true? You say you dont have the cash to send right? A simple scan of the receipt would do.

Well there has been no change in the events of this Digital Fusion course and the manuals (since September) . Lee has sent one or two emails stating that the Digital Fusion course would be starting again soon, but no further information has been given. I personally have sent a couple asking when the course will start, with no response from Lee. Oh he did ask for my address again (only about the30th time he has) and it has been over 3 weeks and still no manuals. One other course member has also been asking me if i know anything as they arent being told anything as well. So as per usual we have to sit and wait for Lee to do the right thing. As far as I know he has had a stable job at Entertainment Tonight for many months now, so he should be in a position to at least start the course and mail a couple of books to me.


20 months latter ripped off consumer replies again:

I am the one who started this thread some 20 months ago. Lee has disappeared and nothing has been heard from him for some time now. I am utterly disgusted with the way he has treated me and the other members of the course. I personally believe it was always lees intention to rip us off!!

If anyone knows his current workplace and email I would really appreciate it. It seems we have to go to extreme measures for this asshole to even return our emails. RETURN OUR $300 LEE!!

Lee’s Final Post On The Subject.

My YouTube videos have mentioned in articles in Rolling Stone, Time and Newsweek and have gotten me featured on CNN a few times. So, yes – that’s a career highlight.

And I’ve traveled to about 8 countries teaching and done seminars in nearly every state.


No word however from the ripped off consumer who apparently gave up after several years of trying to get his money back, while Lee Stranahan went on to fame and glory with the Breitbart organization. Scammer? I think so. Will he continue to scam people? I think so. Because as we have seen, Lee Stranahan will rip people off when it suits him or when he gets into a jam. Not only that, he will spend years lying about it and then end up blaming the victim for his losses. So take everything you get from Lee Stranahan with a grain of salt. As he is a known scammer and rip off artist and liar extraordinaire. That’s the Breitbart legacy you see, rippers, con men, informants and convicted felons. One for all and all for one..

13 thoughts on “Lee Stranahan: Scammer”
  1. You’ll like this.


    Scammyhan pipes up on 10/21 to claim the offending sales pitch. It’s a pitch so unacceptable that other hustlers find it unacceptable.

    They fight, but it’s a chance to observe Scammyhan among kindred spirits (read: with (mostly) other scammers.

    He doesn’t fare well.

  2. It’s a testament to Andrew that he didn’t get hustled more than he did by Stranahan. He had his reservations about Lee, and he was right.

  3. Is any of this real? I saw on Fox News that conservatives are being “google-botted,” that is, really slimy progressives (like you all) are creating false arrest records and other incriminating crap (like this thread) and spreading then around the internet to destroy reputations.

    1. Right, Schmucko. That MUST be it. I’m sure Fox News is entirely reliable and trustworthy, too. Hey, I’ve got an idea, why don’t they hack into Stranahan’s voicemails to prove he’s innocent? I hear they have a lot of experience in that area.

  4. I like how Stranahan twisted the knife by trying to shame the guy who’s hard earned money he took and kept, as though that guy was the cause of all Lee ‘Personal Responsibility’ Stranahan’s problems.

    Look in the mirror, Lee.

  5. Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan):
    6/21/12 8:31 AM
    @Indyooper No. I was like .40 short of cash, too. 40. Cents. I watched them throw the coffee away, too. Bad Starbucks, bad!

    You’re saying you had less than $5 on you between cash, credit cards & debit cards after your week in Vegas, Lee?

    Yes. It’s Starbucks fault. They should be ashamed.

    Con man.

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