It is amazing sometimes to witness the hilarity that goes on in blog wars. In the case of Ali Akbar, convicted felon, he now runs a supposed non profit called the National Bloggers Club which has been raising boatloads of cash off of various right wing conservative bloggers and wealthy businessmen such as Foster Friess. The effort of course seems hollow when you look at the past of Ali Akbar. Following up on earlier stories on BU about him, BU ran across a recent court filing for eviction and forcible entry and detainer at one of the apartments he lived at in Savannah Georgia. It seems that Ali had trouble paying his bills and or rent and was forcibly evicted from this property due to non-payment. Yet, here is he today raising money and telling people that he can manage their money better than he could manage his own. Couple that with recent trips to Las Vegas to attend the Right Online conference, as well as trips back and forth to D.C. to meet with big shot donors and politicians makes one wonder if he really is managing “other peoples money” as well as he managed his own? There is of course that nagging question of whether or not the National Bloggers Club has actually obtained that 501c designation from the IRS, or if its still pending while he continues to tell donors and other elites that all of their money that they donate is tax deductible. But whether it is or not at this point isn’t really the question as I am sure at some point they will obtain their tax status. In the mean time the question I have to ask myself is whether or not Mr. Akbar is capable of managing other peoples money, because it is quite clear he wasn’t managing his own money in the recent past.

Of course this goes without saying that most of these right wing conservatives who have been out bashing others such as Brett Kimberlin have pretty much scammed other people out of money as in the recent article on BU concerning Lee Stranahan. I also make note of other people in this National Bloggers Club mix who either skipped out on paying their bills by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy while still having a job, or those who ran scams and or ripped people off such as Lee Stranahan and his Learning Digital Fusion scam that he ran back in 2004, and coupled with Mr. Akbar’s convictions for credit card fraud, burglary and theft, makes this National Bloggers Club stink to high heaven in my opinion. It seems that the people mixed into this club have a number of financial problems in their past, and none of them truly want to own up to it. They would prefer to just keep it all dark and secret while going out begging for money to help them relocate to a new home, or go to Las Vegas for a good time, or even to travel and meet and greet power brokers, all I might add off the backs of hard working conservatives who have been led down a false path or narrative that was created just so they could donate money to this elitist club, and all so those that are a part of the inner circle could have fun off of the backs of those conservatives.

I recently read some comments on another blog about how people should be questioning the leadership of The National Bloggers Club, and then ran across a comment that claimed that Foster Friess the wealthy billionaire who initially bankrolled the club was made aware of Mr. Akbar’s past convictions and seemingly had no problem with it. However it is a problem, and because he failed to disclose these issues of Mr. Akbar to the membership and those who were asked to fund this little attack dog club venture, questions are now being raised on whether this club can even exist in its present form or with the current head of the club which is Ali A. Akbar.


I think it is amazing that the elites or major financial backers of the National Bloggers Club would cover up such issues or fail to disclose these past criminal issues with Mr. Akbar to the members and or future donors. It is almost like saying they needed to cover it up because they had this guy who seemed to be great on the surface for their operations against democrats, but because he had this twisted past they needed to hush it up from everyone else so they could make a quick run down to the well and grab the money fast. That is part and parcel of the elites in the conservative movement, which is hush up the past while fleecing the sheep in the future. Because at the end of the day its all about the dollars while the manufactured cause to raise it is left on the cutting room floor. I question just how long this operation can go on without a house cleaning. But even if a housecleaning takes place one would venture to query why one was needed so early into the process of building this operation? Are conservatives so eager to get their messages out that quality over quantity makes no difference? I shudder to think what other revelations will be forthcoming. However until that day arrives it is open season on the sheep that donate to their manufactured causes, and buyer beware is all I can think of to say about it. The only real question now is how long will it take to clean house at the National Bloggers Club? Or maybe the question should be: should the donors demand a housecleaning of their own before they continue to donate to others who claim they can manage donor money better than they can manage their own? I leave people with this comment from conservative Ladd Ehlinger: