Taking another look at Lee Stranahan these days seems to be an exercise in futility. This is the guy who owes money to a number of people, one of which is Gordon McComiskie who ended up being ripped off by Lee Stranahan in 2004. Gordon tried unsuccessfully for over 2 years to try and get his money back from Lee before he gave up. A week ago Gordon was tracked down by the venerable Liberal Grouch and was asked whether or not he ever got his money back from Stranahan. The reply from Gordon was that he never got paid back, and had finally given up on Lee Stranahan ever giving him his money. These days Mr. Stranahan is living it up off the fat of other people. Lee recently tweeted the other day that he was dining first class while in Las Vegas and eating Foie Gras at Gordon Ramsay’s Steak House. I ask myself this: why doesn’t Lee Stranahan pay back customers who he ripped off long ago if he has the money to eat first class now? Of course Mr. Stranahan probably considers those old rips not worth paying, and quite frankly because the statute of limitations has run out on theft charges being filed against him, he probably doesn’t give a rats ass about ever paying those he scammed in the past. Why should he, as he has nothing to fear from them. However he did say that when he got back on his feet he would make good to those who lost their hard earned money to him.

Back in the day he ripped people off of their hard earned money while claiming after he was paid that he was too broke to pay them back or send them the products that they paid for, and adding in the usual excuses that he had to pay hotel expenses and food for his kids and so forth because times were bad for him. Yet when he makes good on his life in the future he doesn’t even have the balls or the honesty to look back at those who he took money from to say hey, I am doing well now, so here is the money I took from you with interest included. And even when he told them long ago he would do so, which shows that when it suits Stranahan to lie to people he will do so in spades. Today Lee spends his time eating at all the fancy places that the Vegas strip could offer, while those he took money from long ago continue to do without. Wow, what a total jackass Lee Stranahan is. A total coldblooded rip off artist. Well, chumps who buy into Stranahan get what they pay for I guess. As for Gordon McComiskie, he is still trying to get in touch with Lee to see if he will ever pay him back. Well Gordon, all I can say to you is good luck with that. In the mean time you now know where Lee is, so it is hoped that while Lee dines on Foie Gras at fine establishments around Las Vegas that he will one day remember you and offer to send you your money. I also hope that it won’t take another few years to get him to wake up from his wealthy slumber and pay you. If anyone can help Gordon out please do so.

Demand that Lee Stranahan pay Gordon back with interest.

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