Yesterday Aaron Justin Walker Attorney at Law won what he termed an important victory in the free speech for republicans only debate. However no one gave two shits for him when he finally was allowed to speak by having the duct tape removed from his twitter feeds and blog posts by a Judge who was forum shopped by his shit eating “free the child molesters because prison is too hard on them” Attorney Reginald Bours. It was as they say an important victory in the free speech debate that Republicans and Tea Party activists have been using for a number of years. However when Mr. Walker was finally freed to talk about his only talking point in life, Brett Kimberlin, no one gave two shits for him or his story anymore. The reason for that was because it had went on without him for a month hourly and almost every minute of the day since Mr Walker had the duct tape placed on him. By the time he was allowed to blog again about his story, it was as they say, over and done with, being relegated to the shit pile of burning embers where only small details are debated over and again for whatever is left to discuss. Matter of fact it had devolved into infighting from a number of competing groups who wanted to take over the story and compete for the short list of dollars left to be made off the story. What was a right winger to do mused Walker?

Lo and behold an Angel of Mercy descended and gave Walker an early Christmas present back to relevancy in the form of another prank call to police to come out because someone called the police and said Walker shot his wife. And of course the wait for his story to be posted 6 hours later and all that followed it. After reading the story he posted one thing stood out for me, and that was the police questioning him on why he was continuing to write about a guy he thought might be responsible for this so called swatting activity against him. Mr. Walker’s response was “Because I have to tell the truth about him.” My god what an idiot they must have thought he was. Here was a guy facing the man and all he could think about was telling the truth about Brett Kimberlin. He didn’t think about moving on or calling it a day, no, he thought I must tell the truth. OK, I can buy it, except you have been telling this supposed truth for 11 months running without fail, so your desires have already been fulfilled. But wait, there is more. The story was filled with the usual suspects like Patrick Frey calling the police to give his lame ass version of events and where the blame should fall, and then the cops had to listen to Walkers version of events as well. This went on for hours according to Walkers post on his blog. Then the article Walker posted ended up with the usual donate to my cause and the newly formed Bloggers Defense Team. What happened to the National Bloggers Club? Oh yeah, that’s right, that scam fell apart, so a new scam had to be launched with supposedly cleaner people behind it. But never fear Walker says: the show must go on. And what better way to launch the new donation website than to have Walker get pranked? How convenient for Walker that on the day of his duct tape getting removed from his blog he just so happens to get pranked?

And get this, within a 2 hour window they had another congressperson writing another letter to Eric Holder calling on him to investigate the pranks. OK, so let me ask how in the world did they just have some congressperson on standby after the close of business and in the early evening to just go public with her call after Walker was pranked? Notice to readers, I say pranked because swatting would actually involve swat officers and not your run of the mill local yokels called out from their Donut shops to investigate a call.  And the congressperson is from the crazy state of Florida no less, which is the great state of “Stand Your Ground” against the so called lower classes. At any rate this was tailor made for Walker and his new Bloggers Defense Team which was set up by extremist right wing tea party attorneys where the main instigator graduated from some no name law school that no one ever heard of. No it isn’t Yale or Harvard or even a major University. Its some two bit community type of college called Capital University. Anyway I never heard of it. Yes, these new attorneys have gotten together claiming they will only take 20 percent out for filing fees and so forth while the rest of it will undoubtedly end up in the pockets of their shiny new suits. Yes, all bought and paid for by the lowly hard working conservative sheep who always love to give to those who walk with the Lord. Don’t forget the Lord in all this, he needs his 10 percent cut out of that money too.

Anyway back to Walkers prank call. He goes on to tell his sad tale of woe while tweeting jokes and so forth right after it happened. You just know Walker was pleased as punch to have it happen to him. Matter of fact he was probably smiling large and wide that he finally will be relevant again for talk shows and radio shows and blaming the left and Brett Kimberlin for his problems. Yes he says in one paragraph that he thinks Brett had nothing to do with it, but in the very next paragraph he claims that this is part of a pattern of harassment that Brett Kimberlin has done to him, even though Walker has been the one with peace orders against him and various judges realizing that Walker is bat shit crazy and too hyper focused on Kimberlin for his own good. The judges however are not really aware of why all this is going on, which is why the verdicts change from one judge to the next. However the reality is that the manufactured Brett Kimberlin story is all about one thing and one thing only.


Revenge is already over, so there is nothing left but money as a motive. So get ready you tea party sheep, get ready to open your fat fucking wallets and give to the fucking church of Aaron Walker and the Bloggers Defense Team. Oh yeah, don’t forget the Lord’s 10 percent either. Because the Lord said GIVE!!!! And the Lord is behind it all and he says Brett Kimberlin must be destroyed and the Bloggers Defense Team and The Church of Aaron Walker need your money to do it. And if you believe in the Lord Jesus then your salvation is upon you, and with that salvation comes the opportunity to destroy Satan who is now masquerading in the form of Brett Kimberlin. So get ready suckers and open those fat wallets and give to the church of Aaron Justin Walker, for he is a lazy bum who would prefer to live off your dumb asses than go out and actually hold down a job in his chosen profession. What a scam…

Of course as scams go it will eventually fall apart on them. The writing is on the wall so to speak, as everyone in the tea party right wing nut job sphere is currently fighting and feeding off of one another over the spoils that Aaron Walker has left them to feed on. Enjoy it while it lasts Walker, because it never does. As Patton once said, All glory is fleeting…