The right wingers are up in arms and heading out to a meeting to discuss what else? Brett Kimberlin and his dastardly minions who have been constantly accused of manufactured crimes such as swatting right wing nut jobs. They have decided to gang up like a right wing militia mob and go to a meetin to discuss their favorite pet peeve, Brett Kimberlin. Yes, its all First Amendment, Flag Waving, Gun Loving, War Loving, Fear Spreading horseshit. Their leader in this affair is one Robert Stacy McCain, but for events like these he has to stay in his secret war bunker out in da fatherland. He won’t be attending primarily because he is the coward of the county. Granted its only a webinar, but still, da fuhrer cannot attend because he is having a private meeting with Herr Himmler and cannot be bothered to leave da bunker in times like these.

Of course the lies continue, especially the one about Brett Kimberlin filing hundreds of lawsuits against these poor shrivel dick teabagger bloggers.

Now they blame him for 4 swatting attacks. Has the coward Robert Stacy McCain gone mad? I think so. Of course cowards like McCain, a 7th Day Adventist and right wing gun nut coward and chief frady cat who was sent packing from his church compound and relegated to the YMCA compound in an undisclosed location (yeah right lol) can’t attend regular meetings these days you see, because he is afraid he too will be sued. So he thinks its best for him to stay hidden at undisclosed locations. Message to McCain, you are a blathering idiot with zero credibility you bankrupt deadbeat. At any rate, the head of the mob will be Aaron Walker, Mandy Nagy and Lee Stranahan. A bunch of coward right wing smear artists as there have ever been, not to mention a bunch of scamming whoring wannabees who beg for attention like Michele Malkin does.

Anyway, message to right wing nut jobbers, Dress up in your Sunday go to meetins and have fun… Just know we have the cats eye on you every minute of the day and night…


One thought on “Sunday Go to Meetin”
  1. All day long, I’ve been asking for the slightest bit of proof that this swatting actually happened. Is there a police report? A photograph? Any evidence at ALL? Worteringtonmansonington’s supporters have said, “If you want proof, call the cops!” Wortingtonintonington even made a veiled threat about my asking for “a cop and a gun” and where did I want them sent? Did Woodward and Bernstein insist that their readers riffle through FBI files to get the dirt on Nixon? Or did they do the work and support their allegations with facts and evidence? Oh, wait. There’s a knock at my door. Eeek. I’m being swatted. Eeek. They’ve frightened the dogs. Oh, they know it’s all a mistake. Goodbye, Mister Policemens! There. Now I’ve been swatted, too! And I’ve offered as much evidence as Wortherimantonsonian did! Can I have the right wing rally around me now?

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