Wrong again shlub. You just can’t seem to get it right these days. First on ObamaCare and now on this. I think its pretty clear here that as an Attorney you are sorely in need of some continuing education, as you cannot ever seem to get it right. Both peace order claims were approved. John Norton went into court with his attorney and asked for his Peace Order to be withdrawn, but what ended up happening was Norton couldn’t explain some of the reasons why he went to Brett Kimberlin’s home. He opened with a picture of Kimberlin’s house, which he then couldn’t explain why he was “out” of his car taking them. He proved right away that he was in fact out of his car and not just driving by. Secondly, and this is key here, he was in fact driving out of his way to go to Kimberlin’s home.

On Kimberlin’s motion to grant his own peace order it was also granted. So both peace orders were granted. The reason Norton’s was granted was because Kimberlin flipped him the bird, which in Maryland is not considered free speech. Get that Walker? Flipping the bird in Maryland is not free speech. Let me break down your other argument on Martin Maher:

The calls were placed, one of them was outlined in this article which you could have clearly listened to. Secondly, you are not some lawyer representing any of these people, so you do not get access to phone records or anything else. You are not a prosecutor either. Therefore your only value is as a public citizen, and as such, you are not a party to or a witness in any cases Mr. Kimberlin files, thus you would not be in the know on anything that has happened to Mr. Kimberlin privately. You do not get to verify records, you do not get to hear recordings unless otherwise posted, and you do not get access to phone records unless otherwise posted or you go down and pay for them yourself. As for words, your word is already suspect, so you have no credibility either. Plus you are always losing cases when representing yourself, so you have no real room to talk. Your skills as an attorney are so weak that you can’t even represent yourself in court and hope to win as many have already seen.

You ever heard of caller ID shlub? This idiot which was all fired up over your repeated stories and tales of woe called Mr. Kimberlin repeatedly day after day after day, and at times hour after hour after hour. He repeated your name a number of times too. And all of these calls were recorded and sent on to various investigating agencies investigating your continued harassment and calls to action which spurred on these crazy idiots to take up your banner in their own way. As for recognizing his voice, police and others called to listen to him, and when he answered the phone it was in fact the same guy, which again proves what an idiot you are. But let’s examine for a moment why you continue these up to the minute reports shall we?

Donations? Let me ask you this: are you not an attorney? If so my question to you is this: What prevents you from going out to get a job? Are you unable to get one? Do you have a future planned where you live off the backs of hardworking people while claiming that you are unable to get work due to Brett Kimberlin? Are you that desperate?

As for Kimberlin getting you fired, that is another lie in and of itself isn’t it? Wasn’t the real reason you lost your job due to the fact that you told Muslim Extremists to:

Now clue me in please? How did your employers feel about employing you after they learned that you were this Muslim hating cartoon artist who told Muslims to come and get him? How is it again that Kimberlin had anything to do with that? Wasn’t it a fact you that lost your own job? And because you literally outed yourself as this Muslim hater, and by showing up to court in a case in which you had nothing to do with, caused your own defeat at work when they found out that you told Muslim extremists to behead you? What about these posts you made on your own Muslim hating blog:

So you have been accustomed to lying to people when it suits you. And the reality is you had been going on for a very long time as this Muslim hater, and when this was revealed to the world all you ended up doing was trying to blame others for your own downfall for having this website attributed to you. And because Brett Kimberlin somehow pierced through your fabricated identity to expose the real Aaron Justin Walker, he is somehow responsible for your everyonedrawmonhammed blog, and the reason you lost your job. But here is the linchpin of your hatred, and the real reason that your job didn’t want anything to do with you.

So, you allowed people to be offensive to Muslims, and not to just a subset of them as you have been claiming for a very long time, but all Muslims. It was of course couched that it wasn’t your responsibility or your preference, but you allowed people to do it, and you in fact encouraged people to submit offensive and hate filled cartoons that were what exactly?


So your employer upon learning of these issues by way of police contacting them about their security and those of their employees ended up with them removing you from the property, isn’t that the correct version Mr. Aaron Walker? Isn’t that why you lost your job? Wasn’t it because you had been inflaming Muslims to come and get you and or behead you that your employers did not wish for you to work at their company? And because you had been asking for extremist Muslims to come and get you, were they in fact actually afraid of you and not Mr. Kimberlin as you claim?

So in fact you knew what you were doing. And in fact you knew what you were doing was offensive to Muslims, and they may want to come and get you if they ever found out who you were. You also knew that you could only do it anonymously, and once that anonymity was exposed you were in fact over and done work wise. So once your identity was outed you knew that your job was in jeopardy, and so when your job was terminated you had no one else to blame but Mr. Kimberlin, when in fact it was YOU that was to blame for losing your job over your years long crusade against Muslims. What about your Mission Statement?

So this is the real Aaron Justin Walker Attorney at Law. These are your words on your Muslim hate blog. This is why you lost your job. It wasn’t your job being afraid of Mr. Kimberlin, no, it was your hate that lost you that job. And now you continually scam people for money over a false narrative that you created to cover up your hate and the real reason you lost your job. So I will leave you with the reason Aaron Justin Walker lost his job, and which will be brought out in any suit that Mr. Walker files, be that in State court or Federal court.

Case closed.








2 thoughts on “Aaron Walker: Useless Attorney Gets It Wrong Again”
  1. So from this post, it looks like this whole Walker attack against Kimberlin has been for two reasons–first to distract from Walker’s Muslim hate blog. And second, to raise money. Reminds me of the birthers who keep yelling about conspiracies in order to raise money. Walker is a male Orly Taitz, coming up weekly with some new piece of tin foil evidence to prove his false claims against Kimberlin, and then begging for dollars from any idiot who buys into his lunacy.

    Here is what everyone should know–the Maryland prosecutors have Walker’s number. They must know that he is a lunatic and that he would make the worst possible witness in any case against Kimberlin. If a jury knew that Walker published a Muslim hate blog and that Kimberlin outed him, they would see Kimberlin as a hero doing the work of Allah and every other deity. They would see Walker as a nut who needs to be taken away in a straight jacket. No prosecutor would ever base a case on a complaintant like Walker. It seems like every judge who has ever heard him speak in Kimberlin’s cases sees him for what he is, a raving lunatic. Someone should file a mental lockup petition against Walker so he gets mental health care.

    He has painted himself into irrelevancy.

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