With all the Exclusive stories coming out of the Aaron Walker camp over Brett Kimberlin, BU has some questions on why this major news story has mysteriously been left on the cutting room floor? You would think that someone over at the Bloggers Defense Team, or even Aaron Walker would have mentioned it right? Let’s find out what they have over there to see:


Nope, nothing there. How about in the latest motions portion of the blog?

Nope, nothing there.


How about the earlier news section?

Nope, nothing there either. So, since the case was closed on August 7th 2012 there has been no public mention of the federal case being dismissed by the plaintiffs in the case, but plenty of other blogging about Brett Kimberlin’s life has been posted or tweeted about by Aaron Walker and The Bloggers Defense Team, and all with the usual calls for DONATE to The Bloggers Defense Team while we keep everyone in the dark about our stupid little federal case being dismissed for close to a month now. Yes, that is the way it goes, donate now and we may tell you later on just how things really are. Like yes, the case got dismissed and we took your money while keeping that major story quiet, and instead we gave you minute details of Brett Kimberlin’s life and habits and trips to the MD courthouse to talk about other cases that have little to no consequence. But this federal case you would think they would tell the general public about right? I mean it is a major portion of their frivolous insane lawsuit right? I mean they are begging for money to pursue it right?

Well Walker: how come you have failed to mention this case being closed for this long, while at the same time begging for money from unsuspecting fools willing to give it to you on a case that has long since been dismissed? And don’t give us that song and dance about how you are trying to refile it, or the dog ate your briefs, or the judge made a mistake. This case has been closed for quite some time, and you and your cohorts have failed miserably at notifying your suckers list of donors that your frivolous federal case was long ago dismissed while you went full steam ahead begging for more money to keep it going.

I guess its true: a sucker and his money are soon parted..