Aaron Walker had a bar complaint filed against him in May of 2012. In another long and rambling screed about the version of events, he told the same lie he had been telling the dupes and dopes who had been funding him since January.  In his responses to the bar complaint, Walker lied, claiming he was fired because the cowards he worked with at Professional Health Care Resources in Annandale Virginia, were afraid of Brett Kimberlin:

He later goes on to say that Mr. Hodges called him later and fired him and then, days later, they fired his wife as well.

So he tells the bar this under penalty of perjury mind you that the facts he is stating to the VA bar are in fact true and correct:

Now let us compare this with the actual termination letter from Mr. Hodges:

As for the reasons for your termination, while PHRI would have been justified in terminating you for your grossly irresponsible actions related to your blogging, especially on company time (many of your posts bear time stamps during normal working hours) the actual reason for your termination is the incredibly irresponsible way that you performed legal services for PHRI (or failed to) over the past four years, both as an outside attorney and, since July 2011, as an employee of PHRI.

As I mentioned to you on Friday, the state of your office is almost beyond description. Most of the legal documents in your office are piled haphazardly in no less than five legal size paper boxes, without regard to any kind of organization, filing, chronology, etc. The few files that were actually stored in your file cabinet are not filed alphabetically or by subject matter. Even those appear to be incomplete and provide no basis for determining what actions were taken or remain to be taken to conclude the matter. It is also obvious that most of the work you did in that office, as revealed by the stacks of documents on top of your desk, relate to personal business, including your blog activities. In fact, it is difficult to determine what you were working on for PHRI over the past few weeks, if anything. (Your characterization of your office as “messy” is belied by the photographs that we took to document the actual condition of that room.)

The few documents that did relate to PHRI business do not indicate the current status of the matters to which they relate and PHRI is now in the position of retracing steps and contacting numerous third parties to determine where things stand. Obviously, those efforts will cost PHRI significant sums, including the cost for outside counsel to communicate with third party counsel and continue the representation of PHRI, as necessary. Given those circumstances, it seems clear that you failed to perform your duties as counsel to PHRI, in favor of pursuing your personal interests, while being paid by PHRI. This, PHRI is entirely justified to terminate your employment for cause related to your failure to perform in accordance with its expectations and with your obligations as a member of the Virginia State Bar.

Obviously, even if PHRI had a severance policy, which it does not, you would not be entitled to receive any such compensation under the circumstances. Rather, PHRI would be justified if it sought reimbursement from you for amounts paid for services that you did not perform or during periods which you did not perform services.

In light of the above, and in the context of your activities outside the scope of your employment, if you must consider yourself to be a victim, it is only of your own irresponsible actions. PHRI does not have a responsibility to provide you with a “soft landing” from those actions in the form of unearned compensation. It is interested, however, in entering in an agreement with you that will provide certain benefits to both parties.

Accordingly, the parties will waive any claims they have against the other, and that the parties will agree to confidentiality terms that will include a provision that they will not refer to each other in any form (including in anything that you author, such as blogs, books, etc.) PHRI also proposes to pay you and your wife through the end of last week and to provide a certain amount of severance to Mary in recognition of her many years of service to PHRI. She is not considered to be responsible for the current circumstances and PHRI regrets that she has been caught up in these issues. If you are willing to agree to the terms set forth in general above, I will draft an agreement for your review. We would like to get it done by Wednesday, along with the return of your property. If you are not willing to enter into such an agreement, please let me know immediately.

This is factual evidence of Aaron Walker, Attorney at Law, lying to a Virginia Bar Counsel investigating him for disbarment.

On Nov. 21, Walker was asked on Twitter by a fellow conservative who was lying — Walker or Hodges.  Walker’s response was clear, resounding and untrue.

Wonderful idea. You’re being investigated by the Virginia Bar. What better tactic is there than to call the respected lawyer who fired you, who took pictures of your office and the shambles you left, a liar. Brilliant. Just fucking brilliant.


I think it is very clear who is lying to the bar here. Of course this matter has been turned over to them while they continue to review Aaron Walker’s conduct in this long running legal battle. Political issues or not, you can not, must not, should not ever lie to the bar counsel who is investigating you for a possible disbarment case.

This might have been a great opportunity for Walker to tell the truth.  Another wasted opportunity.

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