At this hour, the secret liberal plan to trick the Republican establishment into endorsing their biggest losers and wackiest wingnuts appears to be a complete success. The CPAC Blog Bash party is in full swing and this post will update throughout the evening as we obtain news from our sources at the venue.

This just in: Has the CIA arrived at Bobby McKey’s Piano Bar to watch the extremist right winger get together called BlogBash?

Has the CIA arrived at Blogbash?
Has the CIA arrived at Blogbash?


This just in: OMG, have the Muslims started arriving at BLOGBASH???

Have the Muslims started arriving at Blogbash?
Have the Muslims started arriving at Blogbash?


Breaking: sources in DC say that Senate and House Republican leadership, the National Republican Senate Campaign, and the American Conservative Union were all deluged today by contacts from conservatives concerned by Ali Akbar’s criminal history and sketchy charities. Which goes to prove once again that the genuine grassroots want nothing to do with these jokers.

Inveterate drunken Racist Robert Stacy McCain is in his element tonight
Inveterate drunken Racist Robert Stacy McCain is in his element tonight


Breaking: Robert Stacy McCain is drinking! We’re not sure why this is news, but we’ll report it and let YOU decide.


The sexual pervert Jeff Dunetz aka YIDWITHLID Goes after a Black man at CPAC showing racism is alive and well at CPAC. The man was complaining why there are no black people at CPAC. Then sexual deviant pervert Jeff Dunetz starts to attack him.


WOO! The Blog Bash live video feed is up.

Live video by Ustream


Free desktop streaming application by Ustream

If you are watching this stream you can easily see that hardly anyone showed up and it was an epic failure. The music totally sucked, the atmosphere was overly toxic, the people that showed up left within 30 minutes of going inside, and the entire affair from the street to the inside was total dullsvile. Parking which normally is at a premium for such events was available everywhere you looked. The Hottest Ticket In Town? Hardly. Better to rephrase that to the COLDEST TICKET IN TOWN. The cops were out in full force, yet after an hour or so they were literally laughing their asses off at being there. They apparently thought there was going to be some kind of melee or protest going on so showed up in force. Of course no melee happened because apparently there was nothing planned. The extremist right wingers however thought the world was coming to an end and so they called every cop in town to show up which turned into an utter farce. Total crowd size was less than 100 people in total. 500 bloggers? Hardly. The place was like an empty tomb.

The Blogbash place was literally empty.
The Blogbash place was literally empty.
Parking everywhere.
Parking everywhere. Cops everywhere too.


Cops in back, cops in front.
Cops in back, cops in front.


Empty..But for the cops who had nothing to do.


More cops with nothing to do.
More cops with nothing to do.


Did they come loaded for bear but find only kitty cats?
Did they come loaded for bear but find only kitty cats?
The cops actually fell asleep in their cars. That is just how dead it was.
The cops actually fell asleep in their cars. That is just how dead it was.

So all in all only the hard core stayed while everyone else left or milled about outside in the cold. From what I have seen so far I think that Blogbash this year was a rousing failure. I don’t think it came even close to being what it could have been. I guess that is how it goes when you take your inertia and then try to focus on revenge or some made up narrative about one guy that no one really cares to talk about anymore. Last year you had plenty of people on board. This year people were really tired of it. Just think, Ali Akbar could have made it more of a success by focusing on the issues facing America. He could have gotten his bloggers to focus on health care, defense spending, pollution, poverty and jobs. Instead Mr. Akbar decided to waste all of his potential by making Blogbash about nothing more than a bunch of pissed off nut cases who sought nothing but revenge against an unseen enemy who they have determined is Satan. What came of that is what you see in the above pictures. Plenty of people not showing up and cops everywhere making the environment toxic and reminiscent of a police state. No one goes to such events with that type of toxic environment. They would better go to an event that gave them something to look forward to where they could talk about the real issues facing America. Not some made up issue from a wasted convicted felon and a bunch of pornographers and sex fiends and two bit near homeless drunks trying to relive their glory days. No, Blogbash could have been something, it certainly could have been more than what it was, which in the eyes of the ground people who were there was nothing short of an epic failure.

We hear there is video of the evenings festivities in an up close and personal fashion. We hope that this will reach us over the coming days after it is put together and ready for release. Until then all we have are the eyewitnesses to the events, and from them we hear that Blogbash was a literal failure.







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  1. So…they honored a Heritage Foundation blogger, an Americans for Prosperity blogger and a blogger affiliated with Freedomworks.

    Woo. Real grassrootsy there, folks.

  2. Want to say congratulations and big thanks to a few folks: First, thanks to the terrific staff at the Prince George’s Police Department who worked closely with me and my wife regarding security and protests. We came to an agreement on Wednesday not to protest in exchange for a promise of a large police presence at the scene. Second, thanks to Bob at Bobby McKeys for clamping down on Ali by insisting on carding everyone and letting him know that no guns were allowed. Third, thanks to Imam Forouk and the ADC for having people available to protest and having to tell them to go across the street for dinner instead at the last moment. Fourth, thanks to Jennifer at the House leadership office for posting on the House Member list serve that BlogBash is run by convicted felon Ali Akbar and had nominated pornographer Lee Stranahan and promised a check to Aaron Walker. Fifth, thanks to Joel at the Oxon Hill Fire Department for making sure that Ali did not have 500 bloggers when the fire code set a venue limit of 450. Sixth, thanks to Mike at OccupyDC for making all those placards and flyers. Seventh, thanks to all the unnamed folks who spent all morning yesterday calling the Congressional offices of all the Members who Ali promised would come to Blog Bash but who changed their minds once they were educated about Ali, Walker, Stranahan, Dunetz and McCain. Eighth, thanks to these members for turning their backs on the racism, criminality and intolerance of Blog Bash — Price, McMorris Rogers, Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, Goodlatte, Senator Moran, Senator Paul, and of course former Senator DeMint. Eighth, thanks to the team here at BU for a great effort, all hands on deck, tweeting, calling, and posting. All of you should be proud because your work goes to the heart of a democratic society -holding people and organizations accountable for their conduct. Ninth, thanks to those at BlogBash who chose the winners. You rose above the petty feud that Ali and Walker have created with Brett Kimberlin, and rejected awards to Lee Stranahan and others who have dragged your laudable organization into the ground.

    On that last note, I want to make an observation. I am from Texas and have watched this matter from afar. Right now I am in DC and was at Bobby McKeys from 5pm till 11pm last night. This weekend, my wife and I are going sightseeing. But here’s the deal: I have some perspective on this. My job involves the intelligence community. I did not even have Ali or Blog Bash or really any of this on my radar screen until about 18 months ago when I started seeing an escalation in attacks on our boys in Afghanistan. I lost a really good friend who was very close to coming home from his deployment. He has three children, two girls and a boy, and a lovely, strong wife. He was their world. He was killed by a roadside bomb. The operation involved having a young Afghani boy pretend to be injured on the side of the road. My friend told his driver to stop so he could help the boy. The driver warned him that it was too dangerous but my friend insisted. He said, “I have a son about that same age and I would want someone to help him if he got hurt.” So my friend got out of the car and went over and picked up the boy. His leg was attached to a trip wire, a roadside bomb exploded, and my friend covered the boy with his body so he would not be killed. The boy survived but my buddy died a week later from his injuries.

    The boy was interviewed and told the investigators that he was threatened and forced to do the op by people who lived nearby in Khost. He took them to the house, a gunfight ensued and six fighters were killed. Inside the house, investigators found a trove of weapons, bomb making material, and flyers demanding jihad against Americans. Those flyers included two images and text from Aaron Walker’s Everyone Draw Mohammed blog. Those flyers called on Muslims to avenge the insults against their Prophet.

    I went with my friend’s wife and three beautiful kids to meet the aircraft that brought home that friend, who gave his life to protect Americans. The profound loss that they have endured, and America has endured, has been almost too much for me to watch.
    The kids are growing, the wife is still grieving, yet all is not OK.

    So Ali, Blog Bash and everyone else reading this. Now you know why Aaron Walker was exposed. It was me for my friend, for his wife and kids, and for others still in harm’s way. And to you Walker, your actions have had real world, fatal consequences. You are responsible for my friend’s death and surely for many others.

    I do not have hate in my heart, but I am all about accountability. That’s what I was taught in service of my country.

    Ali, Blog Bash and the Blog Bash board and members, my friend’s wife and I have watched in anger and horror at the way you have embraced Walker, asserting that you are protecting Walker’s right to speak, and vilifying Kimberlin for exposing him. This is wrong. You should have focused on the issues and thought about the effects of Walker’s conduct.

    When I decided to drive to Washington last week, I went to my friend’s home and sat down with my friend’s wife and the kids and asked them if they wanted to go to Washington and confront the man who caused the death of their husband and dad. It was an emotional meeting filled with anger and catharsis. The boy was the only one who never wavered in his desire to tell Walker what he had done. In the end, the wife made the decision not to go, but she gave me a small photo of her family when he was alive, and she asked me show it to anyone who questioned why I was so invested and involved. So I took it, taped it to my dashboard, and I did show it to one person on the Hill yesterday morning. I stopped into see someone recommended by a friend and was given the runaround by the staffer who did not want to even call to tell him I was there. So I pulled out the picture, and I said, “See this man, he was my best friend. See the rest of the family. They are alive and he is dead because of a man named Aaron Walker who is being lauded by BlogBash. I want to give this picture to your boss and tell him the story about my friend.” So she called and I told him the same story I have told here, and left the photo on his desk as he sat there in tears.

    1. Texas Tim, I do not know you, but your writing is profound, pure, and thoughtful. Thank you for your insight on these issues. You are a breath of fresh air. Bless you.

    2. Thank you for all that you did. I think you did way more than anyone here, actually, especially me. And to think that just the other day I was being asked about you because the nuts were absolutely sure that you are Neal Rauhauser, who didn’t do a goddamn thing. No wonder they were so scared of you.

      I say someone called the bar, gave his name, and used his number. Anyone might do that, and the most likely person to do so would be someone trying to hype a party at CPAC. They’re famewhores, so thank you again for organizing an outstanding “protest” that helped them make absolute fools of themselves. Did you also arrange for Trump’s pathetic turnout? If so, you are a god among men.

      FTR, I gave Walker hell some days ago for trying to get my friends killed. I lost a DLI classmate at Khobar Towers. Having learned to understand and respect the Muslim world in the language of the Qur’an, I don’t hold an entire religion responsible for what a tiny few fanatics do. Instead, I blame people like Walker and Osama bin Laden who cross the line between kulturkampf and kulturkrieg. It’s why I write about culture wars.

      A quick story: in 1997, federal agents intercepted a couple of militia nuts on their way to shoot up Fort Hood. These idiots had listened to Alex Jones yap about UN troops in America, and someone had told them that soldiers in a certain barracks (where in fact foreign language specialists resided and often held conversations in their target languages) sounded foreign. Meanwhile, I was in Kuwait guarding the free world’s oil from Saddam Hussein, and on our way into the country there was an “incident” related to an Al Qaeda cell in Jahara. IOW, my unit faced fire from Islamic extremists AND “patriots” with assault rifles at the same time.

      Thanks again for all your hard work, and for your story. I salute you and your fallen friend. Please convey my thanks to everyone who helped, especially your lovely spouse.

  3. Thanks Matt, Appreciate all and your shoutout to my wife who has worked so hard behind the scenes. We are enjoying the sights in DC this weekend and relishing the success of our operation to expose the folks behind BlogBash, to hold it and its leaders accountable, and to hopefully see it change to an organization that focuses on issues rather than those of personal destruction of created enemies.

    I have been involved with many covert ops involving very dangerous individuals but few that gave me such personal satisfaction as this one. I can also report that I talked to to my friend’s wife yesterday, and she was very relieved that all went well without any violence. But she was very upset that our home Senator, Ted Cruz, appeared at BlogBash, and she made me promise to make him own that. So I am doing a callout now to all political operatives to start identifying Cruz with criminals, pimps, Muslim haters and racists. Prepare your ads. Make him wear it. He can’t say he didn’t know because his senior staff were warned in call after call. Make that ad with Ted Cruz and Ali Akbar, with Ted Cruz and Lee Stranahan. Ask what is Texan Cruz doing fellow Texans Akbar and Stranahan. Tie Cruz to all the nefarious activity of Ali, Jeff, Lee, Robert, Aaron, and Blog Bash. Ask why he is supporting and paling around with Muslim hater Walker. Make him toxic, irrelevant and a one termer.

    As far as Ali and Walker, I am not done with them. They have lost this battle and they don’t even know just how devastating their losses are. They have their lies and spin, and I have a literal army of people in my field who are constantly digging, watching, filming and waiting for the right time to launch the latest drone of exposure. Walker and Ali are up against the best in the world, the people who every day track the most dangerous and stealthy terrorists on earth. Our motto is: “Hold them accountable for the evil they do.” And this is what we do, and it’s personal for me.

    Walker is a failure at everything. Ali is an amateur and a carnival conman. They make mistakes and I exploit them. Walker’s latest mistake–bringing his wife into the mix. For the past year, he has largely shielded her from his narratives other than to say she was terminated at the same time he was. But now he is using her as a prop to push his agenda. As such, he has made her a public figure, someone who can be discussed, investigated and exposed. So here are a few questions I am going to pose about Mary Catherine Bravo. Yes, I know her last name is not Walker and I will ask why she does not use her “husband’s name?” She has not used his name even when she was living at their prior address. So a little digging by you folks at BU might be enlightening as to Aaron Walker’s supposed marriage. Did she refuse to take his name because he was attacking Muslims or did she never actually marry him? Does she have a prior marriage that never legally ended or was she told by her family Du Bravo that she would be excommunicated if she took his name. I have people digging into all this but much of my info cannot be shared under current law. But you guys are darn good at this stuff too so go ahead and look. There are many questions and some interesting answers.

    Now off to spend some quality time with my wife who is not only beautiful but tough as cement nails. Incidentally, she read that story of Walker and his wife, and was screaming in the car, “that lady gives women a bad name. Cowering, hiding her face, and weeping in the courtroom.” I told her that that was Walker’s portrayal of his wife, and probably all lies. She said, “what man would want to portray his wife as a helpless victim, who has to run to her husband for protection from a man looking at her.” Then she looked at me real hard, “if i were her, I would run from him as fast as I can. He is using her and belittling her so he can be a victim. There’s a special place in hell for that kind of spousal abuse.” That’s from my wife to Walker’s supposed wife.

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