According to this video published yesterday, the National Republican Senate Campaign (NRSC) is sponsoring Blog Bash and Senator Rand Paul is endorsing it. We presume this means they also endorse convicted felon Ali Akbar and the five to ten thousand Brett Kimberlin flyers that he says he will pass out at the conference. Bill Murphy, mentioned in this video, is Akbar’s past partner in running fake charities. If Breitbart.com writer, fraudster, pimp, and pornographer Lee Stranahan wins the award named for Andrew Breitbart tonight, will Rand Paul ignore Stranahan’s outing of the Steubenville rape victim yesterday to congratulate him? Will the NRSC and Sen. Paul endorse Islamophobic hate-blogger Aaron Walker or the avowedly-racist Robert Stacy McCain? BU will be reaching out to both Sen. Paul’s office as well as the NRSC today and this post will be updated if they comment.

Speaker of the House John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor are also reportedly sponsoring the event. Just when everyone is saying that the GOP needs to clean up its act and expel the fringe radicals, powerful Republicans appear set on embracing a gang of felons, racists, fearmongerers, and rape apologists all scamming on Brett Kimberlin’s name. This is not your father’s GOP.

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  1. Dawg gone, it’s a busy day already. Stacy McCain and Ali just brought the heat down on Blog Bash and Bobby McKeys by tweeting and writing in the American Spectator that “500 bloggers” will attend Blog Bash tonight. And it looks like from my inside informant that someone (hint hint) has invited some underage and I mean under 18 girls to the event.

    Only problem is that the venue has a few rules that Ali and his dudes are violating. First, Bobby McKeys has a capacity of 450. http://www.bobbymckeys.com/news/ So I just got off the phone with the Fire Marshal and sent him copies of Stacy’s article and Ali’s tweets. He freaked, saying that if they are having 500 bloggers plus all these big ass politicians plus all the support staff then they are going to be shut down. I gave him the nightmare scenario of the WhiteSnake club fire in Rhode Island that killed over 100 people. And I told him that it would be a disaster if a fire broke out at Bobby McKeys with Senators and Congressmembers who couldn’t get out because Ali Akbar had violated the fire code restrictions. Gonna give ol Bobby McKeys a call in a while to give them a head’s up.

    Oh, and Ali, about those underage 15 and 16 year old girls, there’s a little problem with that according to the venue’s website.
    “Age restrictions:
    1. Do you have an age restriction for entry?
    We are 21 and over only, no exceptions, during our normal business hours. However, during our Kids’ Day Events (please see calendar), from 2pm to 5pm only, our show will be All Ages and G-rated.”

    So going to drop by the Oxon Hill PD later in the day, after dropping in at NRSC, and the offices of Moran, Paul, Boehner, Ryan, and Cantor. Will let the cops know that underage girls are going to be partying at Bobby McKeys with alcohol and some real serious perverts.

    Good thing, Ali, is that I come from Texas, and because of my job, I can walk into any government office and they will hear me out. It’s called clout by virtue of my position, which deals with keeping Americans safe. The briefings I get on a daily basis would make your hair stand on end. I am making sure that people in the right places know about you and your band of trouble makers. You are not going to bring down this country.

  2. Oh shit, Ali is catching heat. The NRSC, Cantor, Ryan, Boehner, Cruz, Moran, and Paul all now know that Ali is a convicted felon, that Dunetz is a pervert, that Stranahan is a pornographer and pimp, that Walker has gotten Americans killed, and that McCain is a racist. Dossiers have been delivered to each of their offices, and they are shitting bricks.

    And better yet, Democratic political operatives now have this on their private list serves and are already salivating about the 2014 ads that will appear tying Walker’s blog with suicide bomb attacks and saying that the entire GOP House leadership supports Walker.

    I told each of these offices that this is way worse than Todd Akin. So they have a choice now, either pull out or embrace Ali. They can’t say that they did not know.

    Oh and Ali, as I have said, I am from Texas and I am in a job that keeps Americans safe. You can doubt that all you want and try to say that I am this person or that person. But I will give you a little tip — who do you think leaked your criminal record and mug shots to BU? Prob someone who had access to them, like maybe someone who lives in Texas and has a job that keeps Americans safe.

  3. More update: Now DeMint knows about Ali and his gang of criminals, as do Goodlatte, McMorris Rogers, Price and Cruz. Heard that the GOP has actually sent out to its internal Congressional list serve that going to BlogBash is a trap, and that Democratic operatives have infiltrated the event and will be using video and pictures to bury Republicans in 2014.

    It was funny, when I talked to one of the congressional offices today, he said went down a list of self inflicted wounds the GOP has caused to itself, from Akin, O’Donnell, Mourdock et al. He said that this will be just another in that long list. Some of the offices were all hands on deck to make sure their candidate did not go to BlogBash and others were more resigned, as if to say that this was the final straw and they had given up on holding the House.

    One lady said that the thing they fear most is getting tarred with Aaron Walker because that could really turn people against the GOP. I showed her how he bragged about insulting Muslims and begged to be beheaded. She was absolutely floored that her boss almost walked into that trap.

    Looks like Bobby McKeys has agreed to card everyone going to the event because of the underage girls potential. They also said that Ali is bullshitting when he says that there are going to be 500 people there. She laughed and said that there weren’t even 500 conservative bloggers invited. She said that a lot fewer bloggers than that are on the guess list, and many people on the list won’t be coming. She said that Ali told them that the guest list is a “wish list.”

    I can promise that LE will be inside the event.

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