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Seen here above at Blogbash 2013 is a variety of characters such as Ali Akbar, Jeff Dunetz, Robert Stacy McCain, Mandy Nagy, Lee Stranahan, and a short glimpse of Senator Ted Cruz at the end trying to escape the limelight and potentially the later embarrassment of being affiliated with Ali Akbar’s Blogbash 2013 get-together. 

The video was shot by an amateur photographer who went to BlogBash 2013 to record their venue. In the beginning of the video it is somewhat chaotic, but as soon as things settle down you see the cast of characters, or what we refer to here at BU as the “usual suspects” pop out of the venue to record the photographer, yell at him, and basically try to find out who he is and who he works for. In one portion of the video Mandy Nagy comes up close and personal to record him. Mandy, looking just peachy-keen after telling her readers a month or so ago that she was literally in the hospital with lupus and was very sick and needed money to help defray her medical bills, looked none the worse for wear here at Blogbash. She goes outside at one point to bum a smoke off of Robert Stacy McCain and then acts all tough by going up to the photographer to talk tough with him while getting video of him on her cell phone. Others like Lee Stranahan come out to see what all the fuss is about, and then we cut to Senator Ted Cruz exiting the building and being flanked by a horde of people trying to cover up the camera lens of the photographer so he won’t be seen. The photographer asks the Senator why he didn’t try to cut defense instead of Social Security, but was not answered. The Senator then gets into his vehicle and leaves the scene in a hurry.

In the video below we see the head count of the attendees rolling into the venue from the time it opened until everyone had arrived. It is sped up to save time, but still clocks in at over an hour of video as people start coming in and going out of the venue. I haven’t taken a head count on this video, but it does allow one to see just how many people attended this get together. I think maybe somewhere around 150 people attended, maybe a bit more or a just a bit less. If you want an exact count you can spend an hour watching it to see just what the real attendance figures were for the venue. I do not believe it was anywhere near 500 people. More like 150 max. There is no sound to this video as it was taken by a camera across the street.

[vimeo width=”480″ height=”360″]https://vimeo.com/62005176[/vimeo]