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Seen here above at Blogbash 2013 is a variety of characters such as Ali Akbar, Jeff Dunetz, Robert Stacy McCain, Mandy Nagy, Lee Stranahan, and a short glimpse of Senator Ted Cruz at the end trying to escape the limelight and potentially the later embarrassment of being affiliated with Ali Akbar’s Blogbash 2013 get-together. 

The video was shot by an amateur photographer who went to BlogBash 2013 to record their venue. In the beginning of the video it is somewhat chaotic, but as soon as things settle down you see the cast of characters, or what we refer to here at BU as the “usual suspects” pop out of the venue to record the photographer, yell at him, and basically try to find out who he is and who he works for. In one portion of the video Mandy Nagy comes up close and personal to record him. Mandy, looking just peachy-keen after telling her readers a month or so ago that she was literally in the hospital with lupus and was very sick and needed money to help defray her medical bills, looked none the worse for wear here at Blogbash. She goes outside at one point to bum a smoke off of Robert Stacy McCain and then acts all tough by going up to the photographer to talk tough with him while getting video of him on her cell phone. Others like Lee Stranahan come out to see what all the fuss is about, and then we cut to Senator Ted Cruz exiting the building and being flanked by a horde of people trying to cover up the camera lens of the photographer so he won’t be seen. The photographer asks the Senator why he didn’t try to cut defense instead of Social Security, but was not answered. The Senator then gets into his vehicle and leaves the scene in a hurry.

In the video below we see the head count of the attendees rolling into the venue from the time it opened until everyone had arrived. It is sped up to save time, but still clocks in at over an hour of video as people start coming in and going out of the venue. I haven’t taken a head count on this video, but it does allow one to see just how many people attended this get together. I think maybe somewhere around 150 people attended, maybe a bit more or a just a bit less. If you want an exact count you can spend an hour watching it to see just what the real attendance figures were for the venue. I do not believe it was anywhere near 500 people. More like 150 max. There is no sound to this video as it was taken by a camera across the street.

[vimeo width=”480″ height=”360″]https://vimeo.com/62005176[/vimeo]

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  1. Our last night in DC. Pretty nice surveillance footage. Looks like you got it from LE. Wonder who arranged that!!!!

    Expect some good news soon.

  2. Funny thing, you mention the usual suspects but Walker is not showing his face in the top video. Pretty sad commentary that he will have to hide the rest of his life because he attacked Muslims and got outed after he thought he could throw grenades from behind the curtain of anonymity. Geezy Peezy, Walker’s supposed wife pees her pants and weeps on his shoulder like a small child because someone looks at her in a public parking lot. And Walker sees the Kimberlin apparition driving around his neighborhood. What, did Walker scare him away with that no trespassing sign beside his front door? Please. The only people who have been in Walker’s neighborhood are those in the intel community.

  3. Thanks Matt, I don’t even read either Frey or Dunetz, got better things to do with my time. Maybe they can try to track me down. I just registered an hour ago at a hotel in Lebanon, TN.

    Frey has enough problems: let’s see, The Nadia Naffe suit, will it or will it not get dismissed? I’d say not, and if not, Frey and his stupid lawyers, yeah the ones who supported Wacko Walker, will be holding a million dollar legal fee for protecting his right to speech (right to hate, smear, and destroy under color of law). And then when he loses the case, someone is going to have to pay that massive judgment. Hey Frey, you got any insurance cause I don’t think the County is going to pay the judgment since it has taken the position that you have acted on your own. I don’t think your home will cover it.

    And then what about that bar complaint that was just filed based on new information. Oh yeah, you don’t know about that yet. Well, you will soon enough. And what, another federal suit filed where??? Geez Peezy, things are piling on. How’s that KKK sheriff badge working out for you. Just remember, the KKK is sitting in the trashcan of history, vilified, bankrupted and reduced to nothing, just like you will.

  4. I think Mandy Nagy (@liberty_chick) was working for the Steubenville defense. Her boyfriend Scott Jacobs tweeted this today:

    I am unsurprised that @Shoq would be lying about @Stranahan… It is, after all, all he knows how to do.

    Shoq had tweeted this earlier which upset Scott:

    I’m glad Lee @Stranahan could finally get his teeth fixed by doing PR for #steubenville rapists. Hope he got enough for implants.

    I was reading mentions to Stranahan because I like retweeting the tweets where everyone yells at him about Steubenville. Scott now lies claiming I went after Stranahan this morning for Brett. Those tweets are at the bottom.

    What Mandy does is mostly behind the scenes. Digging up any dirt so to use against people. She could have been digging up info on the raped girl so Stranahan could use against her. She could have also been stalking anons in order to dox KYAnonymous.

    @dabadooey was then trying to convince Scott that I’m @catsrimportant.

    Neither Scott or Mandy denied the allegations.

    Here’s what I tweeted:


    . @AblativMeatshld Thanks for showing Scott that your gf @Liberty_Chick also working for the #Steubenville defense. Why else attack @Shoq ?


    . @AblativMeatshld You called out @Liberty_Chick before when she defended the #Steubenville rapists. Why now the sudden turnaround? @Shoq


    . @AblativMeatshld Stranahan is working and was paid by #Steubenville defense. He was also located through GPS to rapist’s homes. @Shoq


    . @AblativMeatshld Takes 1 month to order new teeth. Stranahan got them one month after leaving #Steubenville . @Shoq


    . @AblativMeatshld Mandy doesn’t even try anymore with “writing” for Breitbart. What she does now is LINK to articles. @Shoq #Steubenville


    . @AblativMeatshld So how does your gf @Liberty_Chick make any money? She’s also working for the #Steubenville defense with Stranahan. @Shoq


    @AblativMeatshld Whatever anyone says about your rapist supporter friend Stranahan is all true. @Shoq


    @AblativMeatshld Stranahan is the predator who has been stalking @Shoq for a year now with Randy.


    @AblativMeatshld Randy who has threatened to kill @Shoq and even called his mother’s home threatening to kill him.


    @AblativMeatshld He is all behind this. @Shoq doesn’t need YOUR permission as to what he can say about rapist supporter stalker Stranahan.


    @AblativMeatshld What if someone called your parents threatening to kill you the way Randy did to @Shoq ‘s mother?


    @AblativMeatshld You still live at home with your parents in Illinois while your girlfriend @Liberty_Chick lives in New Jersey. @Shoq


    @AblativMeatshld You and your girlfriend @Liberty_Chick are both hypocritical unemployed social parasites dependeant on others. @Shoq


    @AblativMeatshld Why defend Stranahan when it comes to #Steubenville after u called out your gf @Liberty_Chick for defending rapists? @Shoq


    @AblativMeatshld Because @Liberty_Chick sent you after @Shoq because it’s in her best interets $$$ to defend Stranahan. #Steubenville


    @AblativMeatshld Brett again? I said what I did to Stranahan after reading the mentions to him.


    @AblativMeatshld No one sends me to do anything. I like retweeting mentions to Stranahan that attack him over Steubenville.


    @AblativMeatshld That’s when I saw your tweet to Shoq. So eat shit, asshole.


    Did your girlfriend @liberty_chick ‘s lawyer @popehat tell you to tweet me that statement? @AblativMeatshld


    You first called out your girlfriend @liberty_chick when she defended #Steubenville rapists. @AblativMeatshld


    Today you defend @Stranahan after getting “more info” on the #Steubenville case. @AblativMeatshld


    New admission of yours is after I accuse your gf @liberty_chick of working for the #Steubenville defense with @Stranahan . @AblativMeatshld


    Did your girlfriend @liberty_chick ‘s lawyer @popehat tell you to tweet me that statement? @AblativMeatshld


    You first called out your girlfriend @liberty_chick when she defended #Steubenville rapists. @AblativMeatshld


    Today you defend @Stranahan after getting “more info” on the #Steubenville case. @AblativMeatshld


    New admission of yours is after I accuse your gf @liberty_chick of working for the #Steubenville defense with @Stranahan . @AblativMeatshld


    What exactly is the new info you got on the #Steubenville case and who gave it to you? @AblativMeatshld


    Video confession, pictures, videos, live tweeting of the rape AND witnesses testified against the rapists. #Steubenville @AblativMeatshld


    Are you also being paid by the #Steubenville defense like your girlfriend @liberty_chick and @stranahan are? @AblativMeatshld


    Mandy claims to have been “raped” but her only concerns about the case have been protecting the rapists. #Steubenville @AblativMeatshld


    Months ago u called out your girlfriend @liberty_chick when she defended the #Steubenville rapists along with @Stranahan .@AblativMeatshld


    Now in a sudden turnaround, you defend child rapist supporter @stranahan . Why the change? #Steubenville @AblativMeatshld


    Mandy doesn’t write anything for Breitbart anymore. What she does now is primarily LINKING to articles. #Steubenville @AblativMeatshld


    So who pays your girlfriend @liberty_chick ? The #Steubenville defense? They already have @stranahan on their payroll. @AblativMeatshld


    All the evidence in the world against #Steubenville rapists. Where is the evidence showing @liberty_chick was “raped”? @AblativMeatshld


    Gf @liberty_chick finds it conveneient to throw around “rape” card on Twitter whenever anyone calls her out on her bs. @AblativMeatshld


    Mandy accuses anyone she sees as an “enemy” of trying to “rape & kill” her. #Steubenville @AblativMeatshld


    How many times as @liberty_chick accused #Anonymous of threatening to “rape & kill” her? Plenty. #Steubenville @AblativMeatshld


    Rape threats, death threats, dead animals at @liberty_chick ‘s door. But gosh, no police reports. #Anonymous #Steubenville @AblativMeatshld


    Odd how no one is denying @liberty_chick is being paid by the #Steubenville defense team. @AblativMeatshld #Anonymous



    The fact that OR jumps in when I call @shoq a liar tells you everything about who he runs ops for. #Kimberlin


    OR’s avatar is highly appropriate – a crazy lady who is in love with a complete psychopath… #HowFitting


    @dabadooey If you knew more about OR, you would know why it is fitting. She is BRETT’S attack weasel, not @Shoq’s…


    .@dabadooey I am afraid you are incorrect. And I assure you, I am far better acquainted with her than most anyone else.


    So everyone knows – while perhaps I had once differed w/ @Stranahan on Stubbenville, I have come to agree w/ him as I had gotten more info.


    Any claims that I have suggested that he has lied or that I have criticized him today – or even recently – are misrepresentations & lies.


    @OccupyRebellion I do not follow you, nor do I talk to you. I neither seek or desire contact with you in any way. (1/2)


    @OccupyRebellion As such, anything you send to me from this point forward will be considered harassment. (2/2)

  5. Look at this year’s BlogBash team. Jeff Duntez (@yidwithlid) is the Blog Outreach Coordinator. Hasn’t he been accused of sexual harassment? Considering his background, they had him working closely with Madeleine McAulay who is 17.

    Madeleine is a Breitbart contributor. She was the Social Media Coordinator at BlogBash. What exactly does that mean for someone her age? Because I was looking at her timeline that night and she only had three tweets in the past five minutes. Before that was seven hours earlier. So she didn’t tweet a single thing or upload a single picture during the entire show that night.

    What exactly did she do? She’s the “social media coordinator” but didn’t tweet anything during the show. Which probably means she didn’t do a thing but they only gave her the title to get kids to watch their stupid live feed.

    I’ve looked at her blog before and most of her posts were in the third person. Either she’s the most narcissistic teenager alive or her parents write everything for her using her as a tool for money and publicity.

    Her claim to “fame” is getting her Youtube channel pulled for her anti-gay videos.

    Her BlogBash bio says she’s a junior in high school. I remember reading about her a few months ago and she said she was home schooled.

    That team list page at BlogBash is different. There were more people added before. I remember more when I was updating their bios on Neal’s blog. I don’t know if anyone has the prior list of people but neal does on his blog in the private blog section. Here are the people there listed now:

    http://www.blogbash .org/team/

    Melissa Clouthier
    Melissa is a blogger. She has written at iVillage, ProteinWisdom, RightWingNews, RedState, PajamasMedia, DC Caller. Melissa writes at her own blog MelissaBlogs.com and owns the podcasting site LibertyPundits.com where she has a personal podcast The Right Doctor and a podcast with Andrew Malcolm, politics writer at Investors Business Daily called Malcolm & Melissa. Melissa also microblogs (aka: tweets). She loves social media and bloggers and helping people learn to do these things to promote the conservative cause. Melissa is also a chiropractor who practices with her husband in Texas. She has three kids and two dogs. Last year Melissa joined the ranks of dirty consultants, founding Slingshot Communications. Follow her @MelissaTweets.

    Ali Akbar
    Ali is the President of the National Bloggers Club, Inc. He got his political blogging start on MySpace where he was ranked as one of the most popular political bloggers. Remember, it was popular once upon a time. Ali is the CEO with Vice and Victory Agency, LLC, a firm specializing in political marketing on the digital medium as well as general public affairs and coalition building. He is the Publisher of ViralRead.com, published by the content arm of his operation, Pundit Syndication. Never missing a moment to fight the establishment, he was one of the first few National Tax Day Tea Party coordinators in February of 2009, building much of the technical infrastructure that led to the most successful protest in American history—with at least 1.2 million people attending in 81 cities organically. He tweets @ali.

    Aaron Marks
    Aaron is a marketing professional based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Aaron previously served as a partner in Vice and Victory Agency, LLC, his third business venture, which is a digital media firm serving both political and non-political clients, and has offices around the country. His previous clients include candidates, organizations, and non-profits at all levels, including Presidential, U.S. Senatorial, Congressional, Gubernatorial, and many others. Aaron has been at the forefront of new media and technology for nearly a decade, building websites and web applications and helping organizations create an online foothold. He has also spoken at a number of political conferences, helping to train activists around the country on how to use new media effectively. Aaron is also a member of the faculty at the Leadership Institute. He tweets @AaronMMarks.

    Bill Murphy
    Bill is a political consultant based in Jersey City, New Jersey, specializing in digital public affairs. He recently served as Romney-Ryan 2012′s Deputy Social Media Director, managing content dissemination across the various social networks and coordinating with online influencers to spread the campaign’s message on a daily basis. He is also the organizer of the weekly #polichat discussion that happens on Twitter where digital and professionals share best practices. He writes for Campaigns & Elections. Bill is a veteran campaign operative, having worked all across the country in the areas of fundraising, online communications, and campaign management. This is Bill’s 3rd Blog Bash and he likes to get down. He tweets @BillMurphy.

    Adrienne Royer
    Adrienne Royer discovered “web logging” in 2003 when Professor Glenn Reynold’s Instapundit.com was featured in her undergraduate marketing class at the University of Tennessee. She then launched her own political blog, which she maintained through 2011. Last year, Adrienne experienced the deep-blue environment of Massachusetts when she became the Communications Director for the Sean Bielat for Congress campaign in 2012. Most recently, she joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform as the online grassroots manager and returned to the DC Metro area. You can follow Adrienne at @AdrienneRoyer on Twitter and Pinterest.

    Elyssa Giordano
    Elyssa is a current student at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia studying Politics and History. She is a huge fan of blogging, social media, and CPAC; formerly working as the CPAC Staff Assistant. When she isn’t working, tweeting, or in class, she writes for Ali’s website, ViralRead. She lives for planning events, working as advance staff, and executive different parties across DC. While Elyssa is new to the Blog Bash scene, she is just as eager as the rest of her coworkers to make sure the event goes off without a hitch. She tweets @ElyssaGiordano.

    Jeff Duntez
    In 2006, Jeff Dunetz, Editor/Publisher of The Lid tired of writing for other peoples sites and opened his own (originally called Yid With Lid). Since then he has broken many stories of national significance including the Helen Thomas anti-Semitic video, Chas Freeman’s strange positions regarding the Middle East and China (which caused him to renounce his nomination as Chairman of the National Intelligence Council), George Soros’ involvement with J-Street and most recently Jeff broke the story about Israel-related changes in the Democratic Party Platform which dominated the news coverage of the first few days of the convention.

    Bethany Bowra
    Bethany is a teenage blogger who founded Next Generation Voters to share a youth perspective on current events. Since then she has worked with various organizations, including Smart Girl Politics Action, Citizen Patriot Response, The High School Conservative, and Viral Read. After meeting with and interviewing many high-profile elected officials and activists, Bethany has only been further inspired to continue making a difference. She hopes to continue blogging and helping give a voice to young conservatives.

    Madeleine McAulay
    Known as the Teenage Political Maverick, Madeleine McAulay is a 17 year old, Christian Conservative who isn’t willing to sit back and watch her future be destroyed by irresponsible politicians. Madeleine is the author of the blog, FaithHopeandPolitics.com, and is a Junior in high school.

    John Eakin
    John Eakin is a political consultant in Ohio, speaking at several national events, including the 2011 and 2012 Christians United For Israel (CUFI) Washington, D.C. summit, the 2010 College Republican National Committee Board Meeting, the 2010, 2011, and the 2012 Ohio College Republican Federation State Convention. In the past, John has worked exclusively with the College Republican National Committee, Young Republicans, the Ohio Republican Party, CUFI, and several other political and issue based organizations. Currently, John is working for the most admired technology company on earth. John is a proud technology geek, tweetaholic, and above all a Christian.

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