Matt Osborne, a friend of this blog, has made an entertaining video about Aaron Walker. Our favorite part is how Hitler’s Walker’s depression sets in at the mere mention of our website. We would love to think that these people really do sweat their collars thinking about us. Actually, it is our great ambition that right-wingers should wet their pants whenever we post their names here.


3 thoughts on ““Aaron Walker’s Downfall” – Parody Video by Matt Osborne”
  1. Brilliant filmmaking, and so on point. It’s like the viewer is actually THERE in the BUNKER with Walker.

  2. This is brilliant! When I first saw the Hitler footage, I thought…ugh, another one of those Hitler spoof vids where he rants and nothing else. But the subtitles were perfect!

    Congrats @LiberalGrouch on the win yesterday. And props for standing up for what’s right even when it’s risky.

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