Your eyes do not deceive you. Todd Kincannon, former General Counsel and Executive Director of the South Carolina Republican Party, would like to see more American troops come home in body bags. Or maybe he just wants Michael Prysner to get killed in combat instead of returning home to become a peace activist. Either way, Kincannon seems to think that wars are awesome, which is typical of jingoistic bastards who have never actually had to fight in one like Prysner has.

Prysner is not the first recipient of Kincannon’s uniquely disgusting tweets, either. Many people will remember his SuperBowl tweets about Trayvon Martin, who he thinks should have been put down like a rabid dog, or his habit of sharing pictures of his penis with women on Twitter and then defaming them when they ask him to stop.

But he is best known as the founder of Twitter Gulag Defense Network (hashtag #TGDN), which is a gang of right wingers who celebrate free speech by spamblocking liberal Twitter users’ accounts in an attempt to trigger the social network’s algorithm into suspending them. Judging by this tweet to Prysner, they are getting off lightly: presumably, he would rather the liberals all just die.