There are two things wrong with this picture. The first is that, on the left, Greg W. Howard calls himself a “Christian financial advisor.” Given his history of repeated personal bankruptcy and his record of horrible advice, such as warning everyone the stock market would fall 5,000 points in the first Obama term, we recommend Christians find an alternative financial plan to Howard’s goldbuggery.

The second problem with this picture is that Howard makes no sense. Is he really saying that patriot militias might have no choice but to take over a large DHS armory and demand the slaves be freed high capacity magazines for all just because the government bought some ammunition?

Some perspective is in order here. A typical DHS or Border Patrol agent will expend a thousand rounds of ammunition a year at the practice range, so a million bullets only sounds like a lot until you realize that’s only enough for one thousand federal agents. As a former Marine, Howard would probably complain if DHS agents didn’t go to the shooting range once in a while just in case they ever actually have to, you know, shoot terrorists.