Kevin Curtis, Mississippi weirdo arrested for sending ricin-tainted mail

It’s Thursday Threatcon, your intelligence briefing on right wing activity. Below are the best reports, investigations, exposées, and debunkery of the wingnutosphere this week. Due to the abundance of things going boom, the threat level is BURNT ORANGE.

  • Paul Kevin Curtis was arrested yesterday for sending ricin-tainted letters to the President and a Mississippi senator. Like Seth Allen, his motives appear more insane than political. According to his Facebook page, he is an Elvis and country music impersonator, Ted Nugent fan, martial artist, and chemtrails conspiracy theorist. Mr. Curtis has also written a Ripoff Report on Tupelo’s North Mississippi Medical Center, where he was fired (he claims) for blowing the whistle on human body-parts trafficking. No, really, he’s got a manifesto
  • We remember when Neal Rauhauser was a pretty good climate blogger, and his Iowa farm boy credentials are impeccable. Analyzing the scene of the Waco fertilizer explosion, he remarks that “ammonia will burn, but only if you coax it.” Something else, such a as a propane tank, had to burn first
  • At Salon, Gary May deconstructs the sudden wave of Republican concern with imaginary voter fraud and correctly calls it a work-around against landmark civil rights laws
  • Disgraced Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt is telling his homophobia-project’s volunteers that the homosexual agenda is to tax heterosexuals and subsidize homosexuals. We predict this meme will catch on with homophobes in the sovereign citizen “movement”
  • LA Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey will be in court today to answer Nadia Naffe’s lawsuit. We expect Frey will have more success winning the case in his blog than in court
  • As we reported this week, Frey also blamed our own Bill Schmalfeldt for the failed SWATing attempt on Erik Rush. Our reactions to Frey’s famewhoring are here and here
  • We finally have a copy of Kimberlin-obsessive W.J.J. Hoge’s lawsuit against three John Does; Nemesis mocks it here
  • According to a study published this month in the Journal of Religion & Health, belief in an angry god is correlated with higher rates of mental illness
  • Marco Rubio is trying to extinguish a flameup of Team Breitbart blogstupid regarding so-called “MarcoPhones.” Michelle Malkin claims that immigration reform legislation includes a giveaway of free cell phones to undocumented border-crossers
  • At Media Matters, Matt Gertz relates how right wing blogger Jim Hoft doxed the Saudi national who was injured in Tuesday’s Boston Marathon blast, helping to drive the Islamophobes nuts
  • Paul Abrams notes that state-level Republican efforts to restrict voting are mirrored by DC Republicans preventing new gun regulations and asks: “is pulling the trigger more fundamental to democracy than pulling the lever?” We think this is exactly the right question
  • Finally, we include this clip of CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen suggesting the possibility that the Boston Marathon bombing was an act of right wing terrorism. We suggest the injured reactions of right wing bloggers to this statement are all too telling


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