W.J.J. Hoge has referred to Bill Schmalfeldt as “Cabin Boy” dozens of times in blog posts and tweets. This is not merely an insult meant to belittle the object of his obsession. Rather, it is indicative of just how stupid the conspiracy theories about Brett Kimberlin really are, how ridiculous the dullards relentlessly pursuing Neal Rauhauser really are, and how unbearably vile the continuing harassment of Schmalfeldt by litigation really is.

The story behind Hoge’s taunt offers an important window on the bizarre world that Aaron Walker, W.J.J. Hoge, and R.S. McCain inhabit: they believe Kimberlin secretly runs the CabinCr3w, a hacking group associated with Anonymous, through Rauhauser. Never mind that CabinCr3w’s actual leadership was arrested by the FBI in 2012. These dolts are sticking to their story, especially the stupid parts, because those are their favorite parts.

Our tale begins in 2011, when Rauhauser had someone take the above photograph at OccupyDC. As he later posted at his blog,

The window display you see is the Qatar Airways USA office, which is right across from McPherson Square, home of OccupyDC. My obsessive fan club missed a really good dot with this one – I used to work for an international voice carrier that was destroyed in the 9/11 attack. That company shared office space with the Qatar Embassy back when they were still at 4200 Wisconsin Avenue.

So, in one single picture you have me wearing an Guy Fawkes mask, some random Occupier kid who the crackpots believe to be the elusive Ms. @DarrahFord, and the window display is clear evidence that Anonymous node CabinCr3w is funded by wealthy al Queda supporters in Qatar. Someone better tell Michele Bachmann about this right away.

Rauhauser’s detractors swallowed this bait hook, line, and sinker. When they learned that Kimberlin owns a property in Cabin John, Maryland, they decided that their case had been proven: “convicted domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin” is taking money from Islamic terrorists to pay hackers to harass Hoge, Aaron Walker, and the rest of the nuts and dolts. This is what they actually believe.

Rauhauser revealed the troll in October of 2012, but his “obsessive fan club” refuse to laugh at the joke. They take it quite seriously and insist that yet another legal action will provide a break in the case. In fact, they prove themselves bigger idiots with every iteration of this nonsense, but their determination is unshakable.

Mr. Hoge continues to insist that any negative or mocking comment posted to his blog is “harassment” from Schmalfeldt, the “cabin boy,” or else is the work of Kimberlin’s paid stooges as supervised by Schmalfeldt. Hoge has even presented a Maryland court with a hilariously absurd lawsuit that hinges on someone supposedly using a Brazilian IP address to “harass” him at Schmalfeldt’s direction on behalf of Kimberlin. None of this makes any sense until you know the origins of W.J.J. Hoge’s half-baked conspiracy theory.

“Cabin boy” is not just an insult against Bill; Hoge is actually insulting your intelligence.