Now that Aaron Walker’s suborned perjury has been dismissed by the state of Maryland, he has nothing to say about it. Surely Walker has a conspiracy theory to peddle about Kimberlin running the entire Maryland justice system from his supervillain lair? Surely. So why doesn’t he blog about it? Why has William Hoge also failed to update his readers on the legal situation since he announced Tetyana Kimberlin was canceling his fundraiser for her divorce? After we posted yesterday on Team Walker’s despicable attempt to smear and harass Kelsie Kimberlin, we took to Twitter and challenged them all to update their blogs on this topic.

But we doubt any of them will contact Tetyana Kimberlin for comment because she seems to have returned to her home and family. Not only have we heard this from people close to the Kimberlin family, we also found this posted underneath the Gazette article about her daughter Kelsie:

Kelsie, Congrats on the nice article. Your dad and I are so very proud of you for all that you have accomplished. All that hard work paid off, and we are in awe of your love, compassion and ability to put it all down in words and song.

We know how hard it was on you when Rose and Liz were taken so tragically from this world. But you did not wallow in sadness but instead rose to the occasion and wrote a beautiful tribute to two wonderful young women.

We thank our lucky stars everyday for you being in our lives and are so blown away by what you have become. Keep it up, you have our support all the way.

Love Mom and Dad

The way we see it, there are two possible explanations for this state of affairs. One is that Walker and Hoge approached Tetyana Kimberlin with a proposal to cover her expenses if she would simply lie about her husband, which she eventually proved unwilling to do anymore, and that she has recovered from her fugue. Given the Walkerites’ documented habit of approaching the exes of their targets, we think this is the most likely story. The other possible explanation is that she was always a double-agent, and the entire CRIPPLERRRR affair was nothing but a sophisticated operation to tempt Walker and Hoge into suborning perjury from her so that they could be criminally charged. Given her Russian background, we cannot entirely rule out the second possibility, which is classic KGB stuff. Because the Walkerites are paranoid, we expect them to seize on this second option at any moment. The next iteration of Kimberlin conspiracy theories will say that he is so evil, he hypnotized his wife into having an affair and running away in order to entice and entrap them.

And we expect that they will eventually have to explain themselves because they have in fact broken the law, so we challenge them to go ahead and do so now. Get your stories straight, guys!

Here is a final challenge:

An extraordinary amount of nonsense about Kimberlin is “informed” by Singer’s book, but whenever they are challenged to explain how Singer lost a libel case to Brett Kimberlin they pretend it had nothing to do with anything in his book. And so Aaron Walker libels Kimberlin repeatedly in his blog, calling him a pedophile, by touting the same conspiracy theory that landed Singer in a libel suit. None of these people can possibly know any of the terms in Singer’s confidentiality agreement with Kimberlin. Do they not understand the danger they are in, or do they just not care?

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