William Hoge needs to counsel his friend before the idiot shows up at a school to share his views on Trayvon Martin and the Second Amendment with the Kimberlin girls’ classmates. Nothing about this tweet is not creepy, and we have already proven that Walker has no idea how discovery works:


Aaron Walker seems sure that if he puts the kids to the question, they will ‘fess up proof that does not exist. Or maybe what he is really saying here is that he wants to defame Kelsie’s father in front of her friends, which might be considered stalking in Maryland. Everyone who calls themselves a friend of Mr. Walker had better restrain him, because he is a fool treading on dangerous ground, and anyone too close to Walker when he goes entirely too far will be left radioactive by the results.

One thought on “Aaron Walker Wants To Depose Brett Kimberlin’s Children And Their Friends”
  1. Look at their track record. They still defend pedophile George Zimmerman murdering an unarmed Trayvon Martin. They were dancing on Trayvon’s grave. Stranahan didn’t even care that his baby died. He went back to attacking someone else’s murdered child one day after his own baby died.

    They defend the Steubenville rapists gang raping a 15-year-old girl. They also defended pimp & pornographer Lee Stranahan stalking Jane Doe to her hometown trying to dig up anything negative to use against her. Stranahan was also working for the Steubenville defense.

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