How dissonant is Aaron Walker? This is part of a long, defamatory blog post — just one of many, and it shows the internal inconsistency of Walker’s bizarre narrative. He claims that Brett Kimberlin has his wife in such mortal terror that she will lie for him, then turns around to remember that she was out of the country at least once by herself. It was when Walker confronted Brett Kimberlin in the memorable altercation that he still tries to win every day at blog court:


Indeed, Tetyana’s lifestyle is not without freedoms. She has consistently traveled whenever she pleased, even taking the Kimberlin children with her. It was exactly such a solo vacation that recently led to turmoil in the Kimberlin family. Walker, who inserted himself at that time along with his friend William Hoge, would have you believe Tetyana’s marriage is a cover for pedophilia and abuse, and for a moment he seemed to have suborned her into that perjury. We are still waiting for Walker to explain why Tetyana’s charges have been closed. Walker’s friends resolve that cognitive dissonance by speculating that Brett beat, or browbeat, his wife into terrified submission. But how does he control her when she is alone on vacation? Hypnosis?

3 thoughts on “Defamation And Dissonance”
  1. I always laugh at the ridiculous footage. Walker tries to conflate “Kimberlin wasn’t injured as badly as he claimed” with “I didn’t assault Kimberlin”. But those are two entirely different arguments, and only an idiot could be fooled by Walker’s obvious attempt at conflation. The footage shows that Walker assaulted Kimberlin — that’s crystal clear. It SUGGESTS that MAYBE Kimberlin lied about the extent of his injuries, but that’s inconclusive at best (some people bruise easily and furthermore, the frames-per-second of the footage is pretty low and leaves room for interpretation). But one thing is clear from the footage: Walker, in swinging at Kimberlin and taking the iPad, assaulted Kimberlin. Period. And why Walker loves to show that self-incriminating video just shows the dissonance he possesses. It’s not the ace in the hole that he thinks it is.

    1. I always thought it was stupid of Walker to claim that he wasn’t the aggressor, which is clearly shown in the video. You can see Walker advancing on Kimberlin and taking away his property which Judge Johnson specifically stated, barring defenses, Walker did in fact assault Kimberlin. He stated it 3 times in one minute. Walker then claims the judge never said it even though its in the transcripts and in the audio. Walker is an idiot, and numerous attorneys have already seen what an lunatic he is and have eventually ran away from him. Zoe Barnes has been said to have told Walker to get out of her office. Anyway, Walker is a lunatic and many have found that out the hard way.

      1. It’s like that old joke —

        Q: What happens when a backwater redneck sues his way into Yale Law School?

        A: He stays a backwater redneck.

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