Remember earlier this year when Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) attended Ali Akbar’s Blog Bash and told a room full of right wing bloggers that Washington was scared of them? We think we may know what that was about. Let us meander down Memory Lane for a moment…


Cruz is one of the most extreme Tea Party Republicans in Congress. As a first-termer, Cruz has quickly become one of the least-liked by his colleagues, but the same qualities that annoy his fellow senators are what make Cruz very popular with far right voters. The extreme right is enthusiastic about a presidential run even though pollsters have Cruz losing badly in a hypothetical matchup against Hillary Clinton. No wonder Akbar invited him to attend his party at CPAC.

So what did Cruz mean by saying that Washington was “afraid” of a room containing Lee Stranahan, R.S. McCain, William Hoge, Mandy Nagy, Dana Loesch, and other right wing bloggers? Perhaps he was thinking of Groundswell, the “grassroots” organization whose email list is run by Ali Akbar and that has lobbied congressional Republicans to pursue Benghazi-gate, IRS-gate, and other fake controversies. Groundswell was able to get prominent House Republicans on a late-night conference call with the CEO of Breitbart News LLC to discuss talking points and strategies for those contrived scandals. Their deference to Groundswellers is like that of Cruz to Blog Bash.

3 thoughts on “Friends Of Akbar: Ted Cruz”
  1. Ted Cruz is Canadian with a Cuban-born father. Leave it to teabaggers to want him as a presidential favorite. Unlike Obama who is American-born but those crazy birthers still don’t believe he’s an American.

  2. Not even Texas Conservatives consider Ted Cruz one of “their” own anymore….The media loves him because he is one of “them” Ted is not Hispanic he is Jewish. Everyone knows that but for some reason the “media” pretends he is a Tea Party(Ted Party implies respect for the US constitution and our nations laws). Ted Cruz recently on his 3rd trip to Israel said it is the US that should fight Israel’s battles in the middle east(aka American money and blood) no true Patriot would risk his fellow countryman so casually to a “friend” who is only at our side when they need something…………

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