Our friend Robert Stacy McCain is obsessed with the notion that Bill Schmalfeldt is linked to Brett Kimberlin in some way. In fact, Schmalfeldt was never introduced to Mr. Kimberlin until Aaron Walker and William Hoge tried to get a peace order on both of them at the same time, and he has never been on Brett Kimberlin’s payroll. Quite simply, Bill was fascinated with the leftover remnants of the Breitbart empire, and blogged about them on his own long before he ever wrote a single post at this website. In fact, it was his yeomanlike work on that score that got him this volunteer gig. But McCain does not accept that explanation. As he reports the news that Maryland will not be prosecuting Schmalfeldt as a criminal cyberstalker, McCain demonstrates his mastery of meta-propaganda once again:


Bill Schmalfeldt started investigating Aaron Walker, Lee Stranahan, Ali Akbar, Patrick Frey, and Ken White on his own. He did it because he wondered why the Breitbots were so focused on Brett Kimberlin. He wrote many blog posts debunking their nonsense about Brett Kimberlin because he was interested in providing a corrective to their propaganda. We appreciate his work, because someone needed to keep a record of it all. Meta-propagandist R.S. McCain is now using that body of work as “evidence” that Schmalfeldt has done it all on Kimberlin’s behalf, which justifies everything his friends have done to Schmalfeldt. That is so inside-out that it approaches genius.

Admittedly, Schmalfeldt has been confrontational at times with the subjects of his blogging. They needed examination. Why does weirdo pornographer Lee Stranahan troll Twitter accusing liberals of being Kimberlin supporters? Why does Ali Akbar have McCain on the Kimberlin story? Why is Patrick Frey blaming Kimberlin for his SWATing? These are questions Bill fearlessly tackled. But William Hoge picked his own fight with Schmalfeldt, and offers no evidence that he was ever harassed by him. McCain’s claim of victimization is false on multiple counts. Remember what we reported, that Alex Pareene repeated at Salon?

According to sources close to the investigation, Brett Kimberlin, exercising his rights as a citizen of the United States of America, called the leaders of the church that Stacy attends, and in which Stacy lives at, to inquire why he was being targeted by McCain. He also asked them to inquire further what they could do to get Mr. McCain to end his attacks on Mr. Kimberlin. McCain of course tells a different story. According to my sources the church leaders claimed to Mr. Kimberlin after reading several Google entries about McCain’s racism and hatred, that this is NOT what the church was about in its teachings. The church leaders seemed shocked that they had someone of McCain’s background living at their compound and attacking an honest non-profit organization as well as other victims that McCain has attacked on his blog over a long period of time while living on church property: which I might add exposed the church to legal liability.

Pareene asked McCain for comment and apparently never got a reply. We say that McCain’s tin cup rings as hollow as Aaron Walker’s because his long history of hate speech, not his Kimberlin blogging, is what got him in trouble with his church landlords. Like Aaron Walker, whose employer fired him for having an office full of Brett Kimberlin-related material, McCain immediately began to claim victimhood. But this victimhood takes a strange turn with Mr. Schmalfeldt, because why are so many Breitbots so concerned by his blogs and tweets? Why cannot Hoge simply block and ignore Schmalfeldt, like any normal person does with a “cyberstalker”?

If everything Bill says is a horrible lie, why not simply ignore him?

Ultimately, is this story about right wingers silencing the free speech of a disabled man just because he asked them uncomfortable questions and blogged contrary opinions? We say it is more than that. We say that Aaron Walker and William Hoge have been forum shopping, and that their legal harassment campaign against Schmalfeldt has nothing to do with his tweets or his blog posts. It has everything to do with him living in Maryland. Just look at whom they choose to ignore. While McCain does mention other liberal bloggers who report on the Kimberlin story with the same amount of loathing, there is no long-term project to file criminal charges against them. And at least one of those bloggers has been very aggressive in his tweets with these same right wing characters. So why no lawfare against them, too?

We say it is because unlike Kimberlin and Schmalfeldt, they do not live in Maryland, a state that lets any person file a criminal charge. Hoge lives in Maryland, so he has been useful to the project of bankrupting a Parkinson’s patient with false criminal charges and nonsense peace orders in pursuit of the very conspiracy theory about Kimberlin that McCain expounds so succinctly in this post. The issues in the lawsuit that Kimberlin has filed against McCain and his blogging buddies include malicious prosecution and abuse of process because that is exactly what Hoge and Walker have been doing to both Kimberlin and Schmalfeldt.

McCain has not stopped to think on what the Maryland state’s attorney’s decision means in the context of Kimberlin’s suit, either. Maybe he should. Hoge reacted to the news with a post titled “Maybe Another Day,” which holds the problem in three words: he does not intend to quit his campaign. Neither does McCain. Maybe they should find a new squirrel to chase before they hurt themselves? As McCain said himself a few days ago:

Look: If you are ever in a situation where your stupidity makes you a target, the correct thing to do is . . . nothing.

Don’t react. Don’t try to defend yourself. Don’t lash out at your tormenters. Just ignore it until it is over. Learn your lesson, avoid repetition of the error, and be glad it wasn’t worse.

People who merely describe your stupidity — however mocking and sarcastic their descriptions — have done you no wrong.

Attempting to scapegoat others for your embarrassment, imagining that you have done nothing to deserve mockery or criticism, is never going to repair the damage you have done to yourself. God gives us the enemies we deserve, and we can learn lessons from such experiences, if we are willing to humbly accept chastisement.

Will McCain ever humbly accept chastisement? We doubt it.

6 thoughts on “R.S. McCain Cannot Explain The Charges Against Schmalfeldt”
  1. So, my question: Is McCain still living on the church compound, or has he moved? Was he thrown out? Does the church know that he is still writing his hate screed? Does the Southern Poverty Law Center know that he is still writing this idiotic nonsense about Kimberlin and has been named in a lawsuit?

    I hope that this gets media coverage far and wide and that these idiots are named and shamed. Akbar and Groundswell also need to be named and shamed. The people in the Groundswell also need to be named and shamed.

    1. I think these questions will probably finally get answered. The issues one could look at now are:

      1. If he and his family were so afraid, why on earth did he just leave them behind and head out to an undisclosed location by himself?

      2. I see he writes about the tears of his daughter during this episode: my question is what tears, and why was she crying? Did McCain tell his kids that some guy who eats Evil Flakes wanted to come do them harm? If so that is probably child abuse to put them through that false narrative.

      3. I see he notes that his 12 year old slept with a loaded shotgun at his bedside. Why on earth would a responsible parent leave a loaded shotgun next to a child’s bed?

      4, Why did he feel the need to flee while leaving wife and children behind? He made it seem as if only he had something to fear. Yet if his fear was real, don’t you think that he would pack up the wife and kids too? Why leave them behind? That shows rank cowardice in my opinion.

      5. How much money did he collect on this so called fear run to get away from little old Brett Kimberlin?

      6. Was it more profitable for him to run away leaving the wife and kids behind with loaded weapons to defend themselves while McCain was out galavanting around at an undisclosed location?

      7. It seems to me that McCain used this occasion to raise funds only, and then get away from the responsibilities of wife and family raising and then to sow his oats on the trail, instead of packing up wife and kids and heading out to an undisclosed location with them. Notice how McCain is always getting away for one reason or another from the wife and kids? Sounds like a pretty bad home life in the old McCain camp.

      8. Now, short a new false narrative to use to raise money from, he sits back and acts all tough while making claims that he is a Billy Bad Ass and will kick people’s asses and stuff, when we all know that the mere mention of Brett Kimberlin makes him run for the hills in fear while leaving the women and children behind to hold the fort down. I would say he is now forever branded as a coward, a man who protects himself while the women and children are left to fend for themselves over the hate he spreads. Brett Kimberlin never abandoned his kids, even when the stalkers were rolling up in his driveway to take pictures of him or his kids, hell he would chase them down in the street. McCain of course would rather hide out in some undisclosed location while begging for tip jar money to support his drinking and whoring habits. I hear he even when so far as to put the make on Brett’s wife which she flatly rejected. These guys are all cowards whose sole purpose in life is to run away from fights they start or run away from people they claim they fear, while claiming they need money for running away and hiding. His good friends are all scamming people for money constantly with hospital bills, medical expenses needs, and various other scams they get away with on their own readers. I wonder why the readers don’t wake up to them? Mandy Nagy not but one month prior to Blog Bash was telling people she needed help to pay for medicines and hospital bills and was too broke to even pay her rent. But one month later she had enough money to fly in to D.C. for CPAC and Blog Bash looking fit and healthy the whole time. Zilla does the same stuff, every few months its another trip to the hospital with the calls for money to help defray the costs as a matter of routine. Does anyone ever check to see that these people actually go to the hospital or spend the money on what they claim they need it for?

      I don’t think any of these people are actually really ill or physically sick, rather I think they started their respective blogs and twitter accounts just to scam people for rent money and drinking money and whoring money. It doesn’t seem as if any of them have real jobs or go out and work, all it seems to me is that they tweet and blog 24/7 while begging for tip jar money and acting like real journalists would do the same. When is the last time you saw any real journalist writing stories and then saying hit the freaking tip jar, or telling their readership that they are suffering from this or that malady and they need money to pay for it? It doesn’t happen. But with these fools it happens with regularity.

      Scam city for sure…

  2. I have in fact been very aggressive in my tweets. Last June these knuckleheaded Kimberlin-hunters came into my timeline with some concocted crap and I let them know right away that I do not respect their authority — because they have none.

    This March, I spent most of a week arguing with Aaron Walker until he blocked me. At one point, I even tweeted a Drowning Pool song at him to see if it would garner anything like the reaction Bill gets when he tweets. I’ve done the same with Hoge, but he just blocked me. So why can’t they just block Bill the way they block me? As you say, it’s probably because I live in Alabama instead of Maryland. I mean, I can send the guy a YouTube video of “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” and he ignores it, but heaven forbid Bill should say something about the Ides of March. OMG THREATZ!!!

  3. I only wish I lived in Maryland. I would gladly tweet up a shitstorm to them, begging that they take me to court. They would not know what hit them if they took me to court. As a retired federal employee, I have mucho experience testifying in the court system that they only wish that they had. I would relish taking them to the cleaners in the court system. Alas, I can only sit in the bleachers and watch.

    Rock on!!

  4. It has been interesting to watch the Twitter bombs that have hit Aaron Walker, William Hoge, and Robert McCain this week. At first, when Walker got hit, I figured it was just someone he had offended, and that list is very long. But then, when Hoge and McCain were hit on September 11th, I figured that the person was trying to send a message, and that meant more than some low level hit.

    So I started digging around and following a few trails that I have access to and I was surprised to learn that this appears to have come from overseas, and from Syria. Now why in the heck would the government of Syria be behind an attack on these two bit players in the US when Assad is trying to avoid being bombed?

    The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) hacked other right wing Twitter accounts at the same time frame as the hits on Team Walker, including FOX TV. Walkerhttp://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/505285/20130911/syrian-electronic-army-hack-fox-tv-twitter.htm

    So the question again is why would they target some low level players. Well, from an intel view, it could be a number of things so I will just throw these out for contemplation. Since they targeted Walker first, they could be angry at him for his attacks on the Muslim faith, and then they went after those who support him, and a little work on their part would show that Hoge and McCain are huge boosters of Walker and repeat his talking points verbatim. Or they could be miffed at a Walker supporter named Lee Stranahan who has been publicly railing against Muslims and vowing to go to Syria to protect Christians. Are they trying to send Mr. Stranahan a message–“look we can take out accounts in the US so don’t think you can come to Syria and play your games.” Or were they trying to undermine Twitter’s IPO by going after press outlets who would make a lot of noise about the insecurity of Twitter. I don’t think it’s any of these–instead, since they took out FOX and others, I think that SEA is targeting Team Walker because they are part of the right wing message machine that is spreading lies.

    If Mr. McCain’s reaction to the attacks is an indication of success, I would say that SEA has amply demonstrated that they will not tolerate using Twitter to spread lies and hate. And speaking of that reaction, I am really floored by the public meltdown by Mr. McCain–hours of tweeting about the attack, and begging for help from everyone. This after he attacks people non stop with vile lies, and urges people to complain to Twitter in order to gulag them.

    From all indications, SEA is not done with the likes of Team Walker. Since they have done this, my guess is that they have hacked into other elements of Team Walker, and I would not be surprised if they deface their sites or dump thousands of emails from these extremists.

    I guess the Justin Timberlake song is right on the money in this case, “What Goes Around, Comes Around.”

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