Forty days after his last post about “The Kimberlin Saga” and 25 days since we challenged him to update his blog, Aaron Walker Stalker has finally broken his silence to beg for contributions to his legal defense.

Okay, mostly it’s me asking for help, as well as my friends and co-defendants Robert Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, William Hoge and whoever the heck Kimberlin Unmasked is.

Aaron Walker Stalker neglects to mention that he has outed himself operating the @kimberlinunmask Twitter account before. Yeah, whoever that guy is! Walker Stalker does not see that he has done anything wrong:

There isn’t much to this post but to raise awareness.  As most of you know, we have been sued by Brett Kimberlin, for calling him a pedophile and the like (or in most of their cases, accurately reporting that he was called one by his wife).

Aaron Walker Stalker is being sued for (A) offering Tetyana Kimberlin material support in exchange for perjured testimony (B) submitting false documents to the court in her name, but without her signature, then (C) reporting those defamatory and perjured charges in his blog. But since he accurately reported the lies that he tried to foist on a Maryland judge, it’s all kosher, see? We cannot wait to see him try this defense in court.

Aaron Walker Stalker refers the reader to his hero Ken White, the blogging lawyer known as @Popehat, who recently appealed for attorneys in Maryland to provide Walker Stalker and friends with pro bono representation. Walker Stalker has just one little quibble with White:

He speaks a lot of freedom of speech, and, yes, that is at stake here, but this suit also represents an attack on the right to obtain counsel.  Much of what he is suing me for is offering free legal help to his wife.  His belief is that when he targets someone for the “Aaron Walker treatment”—i.e. false arrest, false charges, trying to get a person fired, smearing them on the internet and similar harassing behavior—that no one is allowed to help that person, and if you dare to do so, you have committed a serious offense against all that is good and decent.  He is basically saying that if you are his enemy—including his own wife—you have no right to get a lawyer.  That is a very frightening precedent he is attempting to set.

What a clever twist! When Aaron Walker Stalker offers money for perjury, it is “free legal help,” and anyone who cries foul is committing a crime against humanity. But what is this about Walker Stalker providing Tetyana Kimberlin with legal counsel for hearings in Maryland when he is not even licensed to practice law in that state? Is Walker Stalker admitting to one crime here while trying to deny another?

But the real genius in the paragraph quoted above is the phrase “Aaron Walker treatment.” It is pure psychological projection. How did Walker Stalker come into Kimberlin’s life again? How many times has Walker Stalker filed criminal charges against Brett Kimberlin now? How long has he been smearing Kimberlin in his blog? Remember, Walker Stalker’s former employer did not fire him for blogging about Kimberlin, either, but for filling his office with Kimberlin “evidence” instead of the work he was being paid to perform.

Just who is obsessed with whom in this situation? Who is trying to ruin whom again?

Aaron Walker Stalker likes to call Kimberlin a “sociopath.” Also “evil,” which is Ken White’s favorite word for Kimberlin. This is a convenient way to rationalize everything Aaron Walker Stalker has done. “Evil” does not have a right to speak its mind or gain the protection of the courts against vexatious litigants. After all, if you are fighting Satan, it does not matter how many laws you break or how many lies you tell; it only matters that your intentions were pure.

When Aaron Walker Stalker grabbed that iPad out of Kimberlin’s hand at the beginning of all this nearly two years ago, he said he was afraid it might be a bomb. Of course, because Kimberlin was actually holding the iPad, it would have been a suicide bomb. Yes, Aaron Walker Stalker seems to believe that Brett Kimberlin is a suicide-bombing jihadi, just like the ones he used to rile up with his Everybody Draw Muhammad blog. All that Justice Through Music stuff? Merely cover for a secret plan to suicide-bomb Aaron Walker Stalker!

Did you wonder why Walker Stalker has his wife check under the car for bombs every day? Now you know.

Walker Stalker’s post fails to quote Tetyana or comment on why her perjured charges against Brett were withdrawn, so it fails our challenge. Instead, Walker Stalker offers his penultimate proof of Kimberlin’s suicide-bombing evil and perfidy: an old video where the activist seems to endorse some 9/11 conspiracy theories. We disagree with “truthers,” yet we also recognize their right to free speech. Despite the fact that his own conspiracy theories about Kimberlin are at least as deranged and incoherent as the “controlled demolition” hypothesis, Aaron Walker Stalker does not grant Kimberlin the same free speech rights he demands for himself, or that we all grant to morons who think 9/11 was an inside job.

Aaron Walker Stalker will be the one to decide which opinions are free and which are not. If he does not like your opinion, he just might have to commit a crime to show you how wrong you are. And if you dare defend yourself, well then you are just asking for it, aren’t you?

7 thoughts on “Aaron Stalker Breaks His Silence”
  1. Good post. But for the life of me, the 911 truther accusation is another lie of Stalker Walker as far as I can tell. I can find no reference to Kimberlin ever saying that he even went there other than through the right wing nuts. Are they saying that the music video Walker Stalker posted is a truther video? If so, that is quite a stretch. Any normal viewer would see that as a commentary on the Bush Administration using fear as a tactic to control people.

    BTW, good rename of Aaron Walker as Aaron Stalker.

    1. Rather than get into another he said/she said debunking, we felt the hypocrisy of Aaron Stalker deciding which speech is legitimate speech deserved an airing.

      You like Aaron Stalker? Please feel free to use it as much as you like.

  2. I’d always wondered what was the basis of the RWNJ’s claims that Kimberlin is a 9/11 truther. You learn something new every day, I guess.

  3. Mike Stack is also a member of the KimberlinUnmask blog. There has been stories which are similiar to what appeared on his blog.

  4. The title of this post caught my eye. Aaron is on twitter approximately 21 hours a day, virtually every day, for almost two entire years. That’s over 600 days! He’s into a lot of things, like Xbox, and reminding people that he open carries his beloved gun, but silence is not his thing. This is the $68 million dollar man, an adult who appears to search key words on twitter so he can jump into other people’s conversations, troll them and then tell them how “derp” they are in order to feel superior for a second. Derp! He really loves that word.

    Shhhhhhh! Be vewy, vewy quiet. He’s hunting keywords so he can argue with strangers on twitter. Derp!

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