R.S. McCain with his employer Ali Akbar

We think so. With @kimberlinunmask unmasked, the latest iteration of Kimberlin-obsessive Twitter accounts is @bombersues. But Ali Akbar has done a terrible job of covering his tracks, because we already know that his Vice & Victory agency is behind the associated website. Paging Popehat!


This is not Akbar’s first unforced error that has led to debacle. If we could impress a single point on the Republican Party in this hour of intraparty squabbling over whether to destroy America’s full faith and credit, it would be that Akbar and his crew are enormous liabilities. Not only do they already face litigation, they constantly invite further lawsuits with their bizarre, stupid, and ugly behavior. Plus, Akbar is very very bad at what he does. One might even call him utterly incompetent, especially with operational security in the online organizing environment. Here are three other mistakes Akbar has made that we know about:

  1. He left his Grindr profile open. This not only led us to his Karl Rove connection, it indicated that Akbar builds his power-base on secrets and rumors. Conservative filmmaker Ladd Ehlinger later confirmed many of these impressions. The only value in Akbar’s universe is loyalty, and those who fail to march to his beat can expect endless private pressure to conform. This weekend saw another example of that habit at work as Paul H. Lemmen, a critic of the National Bloggers Club, suddenly recanted his story with a spurious explanation.
  2. Akbar left his CPAC planning group email list open, so it was compromised from almost the very beginning. If you wondered why we had such good advance intelligence on the event, or how Akbar’s invited speakers received contact from friends of this blog in advance, the answer to the first question is that he does not know how to run a private email group. The rest is free speech.
  3. Akbar also left his Groundswell email group open. David Corn could write that lengthy article on Ginni Thomas’s right wing lobbying effort for Mother Jones because the email list was completely compromised. Then he could write that lengthy article about Thomas’s conservative infighting with Karl Rove because the email list was completely compromised. Let us repeat, and emphasize: Akbar embarrassed a Supreme Court Justice’s wife through lax security.

While he loves to use dirty tricks, Akbar is not very wise to the possibility they will be used against him. In ancient Hellas, we called this “hubris.” It is a quality marked by contempt, which Akbar can serve in spades.

We hope that this dispels some of the wrongheaded impression that this blog serves strictly liberal ends. In fact, our personal politics are rather conservative on many issues, and we do not relish the fact that one of America’s political parties has seemingly lost its collective sanity. We actually hope to see the Grand Old Party regain its wits before it further damages the United States, and so we also hope this advisory will alert them to an important problem with Ali Akbar. In organizing terms, there is no quality to him that outweighs his liabilities. In media terms, he is a constant failure who deserves none of his high-level connections. Association with Akbar may still get you favorable coverage from the right wing blog properties that he owns, but how long do you think he will actually own them at this rate?

Perhaps it is time Akbar stopped failing upward. We submit that these deficits of character are features of Akbar, not bugs, and that he has already outsmarted himself once too often. He is leading his followers into disaster, a Legion of the Doomed.


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