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When Kender McGowan owned up to the @kimberlinunmask Twitter account recently, something about his admission struck us as a little off. We had suspected him of creating the account, but we already knew it had been used by others, including Aaron Walker Stalker, and did not believe McGowan was still operating the account anymore or updating the associated blog. Today, a source passed us an affidavit from kimberlinunmask in the case of Kimberlin v Walker et al in which the pseudonymous blogger claims he has lived in New York all his life and is at least 53 years old. We know of one person in the Kimberlin “scene” that fits the profile given in this document: Jeff Dunetz, aka @YidWithLid, who resides in New York and has a long track record of abusive sexual predation on the internet.

Dunetz denies that accusation, of course, but his victims have established his identity beyond doubt, and his attempts to scrub traces of this activity from the internet have failed to remove the evidence. The married Dunetz has also procured and “reviewed” prostitutes online, but receives none of the shame and harassment from his allies who have recently piled on Melissa Brewer over her years-old prostitution arrest. As always, the moral judgment of Breitbots is reserved solely for the liberals they despise. (Click here to watch his NSFW jerk-off video, though God only knows why you would want to.)

But Dunetz is much, much more than a craven sociopathic abuser of women and flaming hypocrite. He is also a well-known racist, Israel-extremist, and Islamophobe. Dunetz is closely allied with, and lives close to, the insane Pamela Geller. Although Geller was rejected as a speaker by the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this year, she still showed up at’s anti-Islamic “Uninvited” panel. Dunetz, who writes for, was also at CPAC. In fact, he took it upon himself to roam the confab and confront any dark-skinned person trying to talk about race. Remember this little incident? Dunetz briefly appears on camera at about the two minute mark, and it is his shrill voice you hear throughout:


Jeff Dunetz would like to be your free speech hero, bravely defying the “oppression” of Mr. Kimberlin, but just try to talk about race relations in his presence — or simply disagree with him on anything! — and he will demand you be arrested for treason. The double standard is always in place, no matter the issue, because Dunetz insists on being allowed to have his own set of facts. His blogging about Kimberlin belongs to the same genre as his beliefs about President Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood, and an ongoing “stealth jihad against American values:” it is a paranoid persecution narrative and a steaming pile of bullshit.

Which brings us back to Kender McGowan’s odd admission, and the specific thing that made us wonder if he was not trying to protect someone else.


“Who is Jack Idema?” We hear you cry. Idema, who died in January of 2012, was a fraudster and convicted con artist who used his limited time in the US Army Special Forces during the 1970s, when he was “the most unmotivated, unprofessional, immature enlisted man I have ever known” according to one supervising officer’s report, to pass himself off as a mercenary in Afghanistan during the War on Terror. Idema had a gift for self-promotion, fabrication, and threats. He also had a kink for grabbing random bearded men off the streets of Kabul and beating them in his own makeshift Abu Ghraib. “Operation Desert Fraud” was eventually busted by Afghan police:

An Afghan court sentenced Idema to a ten-year prison term on charges of entering the country illegally, running a private prison, and torture. Idema had been accused of operating a detention–cum–interrogation center in concert with another former U.S. soldier and a TV cameraman, who were sentenced alongside him the same day. When Afghan police arrested the trio on July 5, they said they saw a smaller-scale version of the gruesome prisoner-abuse photos from the Baghdad interrogation cells in Abu Ghraib. Early press reports indicated that three prisoners found in Idema’s custody during the raid were blindfolded and beaten and strapped to the ceiling by their feet; five others were tied to chairs with rope in a small, dark room down a hall that was littered with bloodied clothing. All of the prisoners in Idema’s custody were subsequently released; none was shown to be connected to Al Qaeda.

Despite his evident fraud and criminal convictions, and despite the fact that he passed the HIV virus which killed him to his wife without ever telling her he was infected, Idema still has a fan club. The Blogspot site still exists, though it is now private. As you might expect, Idema is a hero to right wing asshats who love torture and hate Muslims. Dunetz fits that bill much better than McGowan, who is mainly known for being a fixture at Renaissance faires. Was McGowan protecting Jeff Dunetz, and by extension, the reputation of the Breitbart legacy? We think so. Consider the defense offered in the affidavit:

The only “defamatory” statements attributed specifically to me are the statements quoted in paragraphs 18-23 of the motion, referring to the Plaintiff as a ‘misogynist,” “pedophile” or part of “Team Pedo,” or showing Plaintiff’s head superimposed on a Nazi graphic. Those were statements of my opinion based on widely-available information about the Plaintiff that has been in the public domain for years. The availability of the information about Plaintiff’s pedophilic tendencies can be confirmed simply by perusing the hundreds of results that are returned when searching the terms “Kimberlin” and “pedophile” together in any Internet search engine and that pre-date July 29, 2013 (the first date Plaintiff alleges I made any pedophilia-related statement about him).

We suppose we must repeat this forever: just because you repeat someone else’s libel does not absolve you of committing libel. But this is the standard excuse of the Walker Stalker Clan. They create the narrative, then bounce it inside their echo chamber until it becomes “fact,” then when they are called out they claim they are just reporting what they read. Never mind that they are repeating the same false narrative they created in the first place: it’s not my fault! But it is their fault. They have invented their way into this disaster, and still seek to invent their way out of it.

The affidavit spends entirely too much ink on denying that its author is connected to Maryland, or does business in Maryland. Do they imagine that they can duck the consequences of defaming a person who lives in Maryland this way? Apparently so, and it smacks of desperation.

Jeff Dunetz
Jeff Dunetz aka @YidWithLid
18 thoughts on “Is Jeff Dunetz Operating @Kimberlinunmask?”
  1. BTW: Journalism 101. Repeating a defamation as a statement of fact does not absolve a reporter or his news operation from the taint of libel. This is why George Orwell invented the word “allegedly” and “was reported by so and so to be” — attribution to some other source can be a defense to defamation if the writer is careful.

    Double plus unsmart.

  2. I would think that KU’s lawyer would want to think hard about trying to defend the anonymity of someone who has already been identified. If Jeff Dunetz is KU, then it’s best just to get it out and deal with the lawsuits. Let him be served and fight the cases on the merits. It’s one thing to defend a truly anonymous blogger, and quite another to defend someone who has been identified but not “legally” confirmed.

    Kimberlin should just ask the lawyer point blank if Jeff Dunetz is KU. If the lawyer says “no” then everyone can take that to the bank because no lawyer is going to lie, especially in this case where KU has been sued in at least three separate cases. But if the lawyer says he will neither confirm or deny, then it’s pretty certain that Dunetz is KU.

    As a lawyer, I think that this case is putting KU’s lawyer in an untenable position. He knows that one of the pending cases is going to result in the outing of KU, and yet he is simply putting his finger in the dike. And KU is making his case much more difficult by continuing to defame and violate copyright law. This will be an interesting one to watch. If I were KU’s lawyer and if KU is Dunetz, I would file a motion to withdraw as soon as possible.

  3. Grasping at straws, eh Team Kimberlin? I guarantee this guy won’t see the inside of a courtroom as much as none of the defendants will. Your team of Acme law experts is pathetic.

    Like everything else BK touches, this case is going to blow up.

  4. We were having trouble deciding whether your comment was supposed to be subtle satire (“Team Perjury” being a fine term for the Stalker Clan) until we checked into your account with 2,099 followers. It has right wing tea party literally written all over it. But then we found a mysterious account with zero followers trolling some poor random liberal on behalf of Greg Howard, and then we knew what you are.

    Team Perjury x
    [email protected]


    1. The selfsame douchenozzle left a comment on my site yesterday on the post where I mock R. Stacy McCain’s guitar playing.

      “He should beat your pathetic, sick ass over the head with that guitar.”

      I said, “at least it would sound better.”

      Owain is the same one who alludes to my sexual desire for my dead mother. Quite a charmer, that one.

    2. Thanks for the reply, Melissa! I love it that I respond and suddenly a sockpuppet account pops up pretending to be me. You people can’t have a civil conversation without resorting to defamation and crime. That is to funny. Can’t wait for charges from your boss to get dropped by any judge worth his weight.

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  5. KU’s lawyer needs to state for the record if Dunetz is KU. If he files motions protecting KU when Dunetz has been identified through other sources, then he could be seen as misleading the court judge.

    One thing I might suggest to Kimberlin — if the defendants in the state case keep making an issue of the perjury charge, just have the state case removed to the federal court where the dumb rule against perjury witnesses will not apply. That case can probably get sent to federal court based on diversity of citizenship of the defendants.

  6. As you may have guessed, I have been overseas again. Just got back last week and spent some catch up time with the family.

    Been also catching up on some of the things here. This guy Dunetz was very peripheral to me but now I am focusing on him. There is quite a big file on this guy, he’s a real nut. Some things involve overseas connections but can’t be more specific. I can say that there a lot of eyes on him, and they do not like what they see. If I were a betting man, I would say he is going to have some problems shortly.

    Don’t let up on Dunetz…., he is someone who deserves and will be getting some well deserved attention.

    1. You are right about Dunetz. The more you read the more unhinged he appears. It that video he screams about being divisive but no one’s more divisive but him. Blames the whole world for his stupidity. Its obvious he’s an attention whore with zero credibility.

  7. I have checked with a lawyer friend of mine who specializes in ethics violations by attorneys. He believes that a strong case can be made that Popehat has overstepped his bounds by asking people to send money via credit card to a felon who was convicted of credit card fraud. He said that if anyone gets ripped off by Akbar, they could sue Popehat for telling people to send money to Akbar.

    He is also going to do some research on whether Popehat’s plea for money amounts to an illegal advertising scheme. He has no idea how Akbar is going to spend the money, Akbar has no transparent accounting practices, and Popehat is a potential defendant and witness in the RICO suit. My friend said that it stinks, but he wants to dig into that question before he offers his opinion. He said it reminds him of that case against Goldline International that was recently charged with 19 counts of fraud. Glenn Beck was implicated in that scam and may face legal problems himself.

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