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For two days now we have been laughing at Ali Akbar’s Tumblr post about Bill Schmalfeldt. “Free speech” loses all meaning in Akbar’s usage. Only his speech is free, and if you dare to speak of him in an unapproved manner he will set his entire Flying Monkey Brigade on you. We especially love this disingenuous bit where the fraudster explains why Bill has written all those blog posts and a self-published book about Akbar’s lies, debacles, and criminal past.

I have supported bloggers and journalists who have written about convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin. I’ve done so by issuing press releases when bloggers have been trapped in court where Kimberlin attempts suppressing their free speech rights and by raising relief funds to help bloggers who have had to move, acquired legal fees, lost their jobs and suffered other financial difficulties. Kimberlin hates me though we’ve never spoken or really met.

Akbar has done much more than issue press releases, but he fails to inform readers that he actually employs three of the bloggers being sued by Kimberlin for defamation. When Schmalfeldt started writing about him, Akbar unleashed these same employees of his to smear, malign, and pester the 58 year-old Parkinson’s patient with peace orders and criminal charges. One of them is Aaron Walker, who did not lose his job because of Brett Kimberlin but because he was terrible at his job. Another is Robert Stacy McCain, whose tale of woe and persecution at Kimberlin’s hands also has a big, gaping hole in it. The third is William Hoge, who actually prosecutes Bill for the crime of tweeting at him. None of these people have ever spoken to Bill Schmalfeldt or “really met” him, but all of them are quite sure he is a very dangerous disabled man who must be silenced at all costs. How does Akbar excuse his retaliations?

For 17 months, I have lived in my own Hell as his small band cyber-thug supporters have done everything short of putting their hands on me. Remember, every terrorist has a fan club.

Last night, Schmalfeldt got what he wanted. He got my attention. Over 30 tweets in 30 minutes that were brought to my attention by people concerned with my physical safety.

Schmalfeldt has bragged about beating people in drunken rages, about his weapons and he has written about calling his family members to physically harm people.

Why does Ali Akbar engage in this bizarre, humor-blind hyperbole? Because he knows no other way to behave. When Bill found and reported his criminal convictions, Akbar lied about them. When Bill exposed those lies, Akbar whined that he was being smeared. After Bill reported that Akbar’s friend Lee Stranahan had never moved from his Dallas home, Stranahan called the police in Maryland to report that Bill was threatening to rape and eat his family. All of that happened before Bill ever wrote the first word on this website, and as soon as he was writing here Team Akbar’s defamation and criminalization redoubled every sixty days. So has the shrill tone. We thought that Bill moving on would help them calm down, but the opposite has happened. Indeed, they seem to love nothing on Earth more than stirring Bill to tweet at Akbar so they can renew their persecution claims.

Akbar says that he is in Hell because Bill is “stealing his joy.” Supernaturalism pervades his Tumblr post. Bill is sucking the happiness away from him with psychic voodoo powers; Brett Kimberlin is Satan in the flesh, pulling his soul away to perdition. But all of this religiosity is a compensation for his true motive, which is money. Besides prayer, the only curative for Akbar is your money. Your cash will make Akbar feel better about his fake nonprofits, his racketeering, and the fact he is actually quite bad at what he does. Your money soothes his soul like nothing else. Your money lets him make his enemies’ lives a nightmare, and Akbar is perfectly justified in dishing it out because he is a conservative, whereas his enemies are on the wrong side of the ideological chasm.

If Ali Akbar is in Hell, it is because he and his friends have been committing fraud together since at least May of 2012, and they cannot run away from the truth any more. Perhaps they thought they could get by with this scam forever, raising funds to fight imaginary harassment while they pretended to flee their homes in terror of the Brett Kimberlin Devil. But the sight of them screaming and running around with their hair on fire over the tweets of an old man dying of a degenerative illness that affects his motor skills demonstrates just how contrived it all is. As Matt Osborne reports,

(R.S.) McCain’s Manicheanism is fit for the Dark Ages: the world has been overrun by barbarians, and the saints not holed up in safe towers are all being massacred. This may explain why he lives on a church campus in the woods, but his pretense of living somewhere else is not about protecting his family. It’s just fraud. McCain is not upset that @catsrimportant has tweeted an address, he’s mad that the account says he still lives there. McCain is so full of concern for his family that leaves them behind to run to safety; so eager to claim martyrdom on behalf of his family that he shows the address in his own blog…But he won’t go home, see, because of the demons who torment him on Twitter.

Osborne calls McCain’s conspiracy-mongering “demonology,” and our @x3n0ph0n Twitter account seems to have a unique place in those fables of martyrdom these days. Just as Bill became the target of so many coordinated attacks, McCain is so fascinated by us now that he constantly accuses people of being behind our voice. “Misery loves company,” they say, and these “free speech” frauds intend to pull their enemies down to Hell with them. Perdition is not where they have gone, it is where they began.

Post script: we have added an example of what the defamation crew calls “harassment.” As you can see, it is whatever Bill Schmalfeldt says about anything or anyone in any context, ever.


4 thoughts on “Why Ali Akbar And His Friends Are In Hell”
  1. I’ve followed Bill’s blogs and enjoy his radio show. I’ve also been an avid reader of this blog. I’ve read the many court documents available– but none of these resources can answer my question: Why did Andrew Breitbart glom onto Brett Kimberlin to begin with? It seems to me he’s an ordinary guy, with a regrettable act in his past but certainly not a big player on the liberal scene. Also, why did everyone else: Hoge, Stranahan, Akbar, McCain and I’m sure I’m missing someone, jump in on this? Nothing better to do?

    1. Thank you for asking, Nadine, because the origins of this “blogwar” have been obscured by events. Kimberlin first came to Breitbart’s attention after his Velvet Revolution nonprofit lobbied the Maryland state’s attorney to pursue wiretapping charges against James O’Keefe in 2010. Kimberlin was easily caricatured as another William Ayers, and some of his obsessives have in fact tried to link him to OFA and President Obama for this reason. In 2011, Breitbart’s researcher Mandy Nagy discovered some conspiracy theory-laden posts by a mentally ill man named Seth Allen and cribbed off of them. That same year Kimberlin sued Allen and won, so Google has removed Allen’s posts, but Aaron Walker had inserted himself in the trial before it was over.

      Then Breitbart died while he was being lobbied by multiple parties to adopt a conspiracy theory about Kimberlin and Rauhauser. After his death, these same parties moved forward with their blogwar in his memory. Ali Akbar is one of them; he is also R.S. McCain’s employer as well as Walker’s and Hoge’s. Stranahan was another one of those parties; he is a pretender to Breitbart’s legacy, and his podcasting partner was Brandon Darby, whose voice is a dead ringer for the 911 caller. Breitbart’s final conference call included “Michelle” aka @ZAPEM and a man named Jeffrey Joy who are obsessed with Mr. Rauhauser.

      Many of them have been begging funds and shouting for attention on the strength of their narrative of an “evil convicted bomber” harassing them. To prove that he has harassed them, they have spent the last seventeen months harassing and defaming Mr. Kimberlin. Fame and fortune are their objectives, while fraud is their modus operandi. Mental illness also plays a role, as some of the characters in this saga are clearly insane.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to clear this up, Xenophon, I truly appreciate it. Such a bizarre set of events set in motion by some very self-important individuals– all for money. How lovely. I can’t wait for the RICO trial on this one.

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