Last Thursday, Bill Schmalfeldt took Ali Akbar up on his challenge to call his podcast. Akbar has been directing the defamation and harassment of Schmalfeldt ever since the journalist first began reporting on his 2007 conviction for debit card fraud. The campaign of smears and attacks intensified after Schmalfeldt revealed Akbar’s fundraising through a fake nonprofit and other dubious activities.

While Akbar used the podcast call as an opportunity to once again portray Schmalfeldt in a negative light, he also made this amazing admission that his National Bloggers Club is not a 501(c)(3) organization despite the fact he has been soliciting donations under that pretext. Our friend Matt Osborne created this short video of the admission:


We have been informed that law enforcement agencies are already in possession of this clip and fully aware of its implications, so we suggest that friends and allies of Akbar reflect on what it means to stand beside an admitted fraud while he is being sued under RICO law. Intelligent people on the other side of the Kimberlin story ought to reconsider their own positions and back away from this criminal, as he will drag everyone down with him if he can.

Akbar can get away with false equivalencies in blog court all day long, whining that questions about the legal status of his organizations are tantamount to accusing him of anal rape, but under examination in a real courtroom Akbar will not be allowed to call “timeout” and silence questioners with a mute button.

7 thoughts on “Will Ali Akbar Try To Call Timeout In Court?”
  1. I’ve been out of the loop for a week or so, and am just now catching up listening to Bill’s podcast mentioned above. So now Craig Gillette is Breitbart Unmasked? How many identities does that make for BU now?

    I hope Gillette’s been listening too, because Ali has probably opened himself up to another lawsuit.

    Ali- do you understand what an idiot you are? Seriously- I didn’t think my respect for you could go any lower, but you keep managing to prove me wrong (the ONLY time you ever prove me wrong, I might add) What a fucking clown.

  2. If I were in court today, I would object and say, “Your Honor, the witness has identified the wrong person so you must order a judgment of acquittal.”

    I just read Aaron Walker’s new post accusing me of being Roger Shuler from a blog called Legal Schnauzer that I had never read about before this week.

    I am sorry Mr. Walker, but just because my first name is Roger and my last name starts with S. does not mean that I am Roger Shuler. In fact, I do not work or practice in Alabama, have never met nor talked to Mr. Shuler, and do not know anything about him being a lawyer or not. My last name is not Shuler. I work in a law firm with a number of lawyers and our firm is a litigation firm. We are very busy representing plaintiffs and defendants, both civil and criminal. I have represented clients in state and federal court, at all levels except the US Supreme Court. I have represented clients targeted by the IRS and SEC.

    I am sure that if you get to talk with Mr. Shuler when he gets out of jail, he will tell you that I am not him.

    So the lesson here for Mr. Walker and others, and one that every GOOD lawyer knows, is that you can’t jump to conclusions, and you can’t make statements of fact without first knowing all the relevant facts. Apparently Mr. Walker has made this same mistake in the past and that is why he is facing so many legal problems of his own.

    1. I have verified that your comment IP address is the same as your previous comments. It is also not located anywhere near Alabama, so this is yet another #faildox on the part of Team Akbar. At some point, people may start to take notice that they are actually not very good at this cloak-and-dagger business of identifying people who leave comments at our site.

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