Last Thursday, Bill Schmalfeldt took Ali Akbar up on his challenge to call his podcast. Akbar has been directing the defamation and harassment of Schmalfeldt ever since the journalist first began reporting on his 2007 conviction for debit card fraud. The campaign of smears and attacks intensified after Schmalfeldt revealed Akbar’s fundraising through a fake nonprofit and other dubious activities.

While Akbar used the podcast call as an opportunity to once again portray Schmalfeldt in a negative light, he also made this amazing admission that his National Bloggers Club is not a 501(c)(3) organization despite the fact he has been soliciting donations under that pretext. Our friend Matt Osborne created this short video of the admission:


We have been informed that law enforcement agencies are already in possession of this clip and fully aware of its implications, so we suggest that friends and allies of Akbar reflect on what it means to stand beside an admitted fraud while he is being sued under RICO law. Intelligent people on the other side of the Kimberlin story ought to reconsider their own positions and back away from this criminal, as he will drag everyone down with him if he can.

Akbar can get away with false equivalencies in blog court all day long, whining that questions about the legal status of his organizations are tantamount to accusing him of anal rape, but under examination in a real courtroom Akbar will not be allowed to call “timeout” and silence questioners with a mute button.