This being a fine day for revolutions, we are officially taking over the site. The Watchful Avenger has been outstanding at this job, but he is moving onward and upward now. With his departure, the last living link to the original mission of this website…vanishes.

Of course, that mission changed not long after we started: Andrew Breitbart suddenly died, so we transitioned to “sorting through the mess he left behind.” And oh, what a mess! A group of Saint Andrew’s friends and followers carried on their Brett Kimberlin #war in Breitbart’s memory, creating the chaos that is still playing out today with random people targeted by creepy right wing nutjobs with an agenda of defamation and personal destruction. As our friend Bill Schmalfeldt can testify, just writing a few posts on this site is enough to get you the full “lawfare” treatment. Simply being suspected of association with this website by tweeting a link to us or leaving a comment here is enough to garner unwanted attention and pressure from truly crazy people who have become more desperate than ever now that they face the consequences of their hateful deeds.

But the Watchful Avenger is departing in the same obscurity with which he arrived, an enigmatic idea rather than a name. This blog is his metaphorical subway train filled with explosives, a Viking funeral exploding the Breitbart gang’s virtual “blog parliament.” Our work will not be done until the revolution is secure and the ancién regime has been abolished, but his labors are now finished.