Recycled conspiracy theories will blow out of the Las Vegas area, raining stupid all over Maryland, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Highs will be new lows.

Travelers should avoid the Silk Road anyway, but especially while it is swamped by showers of stupid.

Despite the artificial storm, Kimberlin vs Walker et al will remain unaffected.

9 thoughts on “Criswell’s Weekend Weather Forecast”
  1. Before the Gosselin nonsense started, a sock account by the name of @Captien_Obvious (now @Captien_O) jumped on my timeline and Bill’s timeline. He was attacking us for what we were tweeting to Breitbart kooks. This was around the time Steubenville was happening. All signs are he is Bullyville’s sock account.

    I have screenshots of Bullyville calling Popehat his friend. Screenshots of Frey tweeting to Bullyville’s attorney. Captien tweeting to many Breitbart associates. Captien tweeting as if he’s the spokesperson for Bullyville and his attorney. Bullyville is also friends with Kincannon and they share the same attorney. Captien and Bullyville are the same person.

    I’ve believed for quite some time that Bullyville was sent after us by Breitbart kooks. They’re all friends and have been for quite some time.

    I was getting the blame for Bullyville because I dared jump to defend a group of women he was threatening and offering reward money for information on them. All because they spoke out against D-list reality television has-been Kate Gosselin. I was getting the blame all this time but it turns out he was watching us before we knew who the hell he was.

    1. Sheridan, the sentencing for Bill Talley was May 29. On June 1, @Captien_O showed up in my DMs to tell me that he couldn’t follow anyone who followed you anymore. The ostensible reason for this junior high school drama was the way you treated Mandy Nagy; Kate Gosselin’s name didn’t even come up. That was not long after he had told me about unfollowing @kimberlinunmask and how he wasn’t interested in that subject anymore. Captien tells a lot of lies and deletes a lot of his tweets, including all his mentions of Kimberlin prior to 9/11/2013. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I can throw him.

      I have talked to James McGibney three times since his vendetta with you first came to my attention. While he straight-up agrees that R.S. McCain has defamed Kimberlin, he has told me that he is a fan of McCain’s writing. In our first conversation, he said that he has the FBI after you, and that it is only a matter of time before they find you. Since then, “Operation Faildox” has tried to haul Lane Lipton, Scott Fayner, Melissa Brewer, Pam Whitten, Darrah Ford, and some poor woman named Capri Jones into Twitter court charged with the crime of being you. This has sometimes been a hilarious process, but it is mostly creepy and ugly and really, really dumb. You even deleted your account, but it wasn’t good enough. They still had to get at you somehow, so they threw the kitchen sink, and the sink has now appeared in McCain’s blog. It all winds up there sooner or later, doesn’t it?

      Their efforts have involved hacking, social engineering, back channel rumor-mongering, defamation, and even false reports to law enforcement regarding anyone they deem remotely connected to you or Rauhauser or Kimberlin. McGibney has been unafraid to beat up on any woman who he thinks might be you. The only excuse he seems to need is the word of Mike Stack, who he admitted working with on a phone call with me, or “Michelle” @ZAPEM, who is now @ZEPHYR5_ and @g0thhat in his Twitter entourage. Same kooks, same kookery. When I ask him about these faildoxes in DMs, he gives excuses and offers promises.

      McGibney has attempted to negotiate with you and others through me without accepting any responsibility for what Captien and others do at his instigation. He even pretends to be following them rather than leading them. He denies being Captien, but I think McGibney has always had access to Captien’s account, and I am quite sure that whoever Captien is, he has been working closely with McGibney the whole time. They are peas in a pod: anything you tell the one will be known to the other. Their activity charts are almost perfectly identical.

      You may recall that OpTrollBill came back briefly in late July and disowned the “anti-pedo” BullyVille gang before turning his account over to a cleaner. This was my doing: I summoned OTB from the deepnet because I’d had enough of this social engineering, and knew OTB would be angry they were erecting some political bullshit on his activism. He saw that Captien was far too friendly with the Cauldron crazies of Unite Blue (Janeal Eller, Steven Hatlestad, etc), all of whom became Brett Kimberlin “experts” in record time. The agenda was transparent. Every bit of this activity, including the abortive attempt to exploit Gosselin’s suit and compel your identity, were about getting at Neal Rauhauser. As you can see by the latest attempt to frame up yet another set of criminal charges, they’re still trying to create the appearance of proof for the SWAT narrative. I think it has everything to do with Kimberlin’s RICO suit: they think they can derail that train by piling bullshit on the tracks. It won’t work.

      The Cauldron are very useful and eager patsies for these disinformation campaigns. My recent visit with the FBI appears to be the result of someone’s “brilliant plan” to use them in a false reporting scheme. When I told McGibney about that visit right after it happened, he barely reacted. It was only after prompting him again that he seemed to worry I might drop his name to the feds. Which is weird, since he says he has this close working relationship with the feds, right? But there is no way in hell the FBI considers him a confidential source. When McGibney puts someone’s hacked private correspondence on his website, any actual FBI investigation into that person is endangered by giving the potential defendant an excuse that their account was hacked and the evidence was planted. No law enforcement professional would ever condone or cooperate with informants who make a habit of spoiling prosecutions.

      During our first call, McGibney told me that after Steubenville, Lee Stranahan called Ken White and *tearfully apologized* for his various misdeeds. Popehat describes himself as somehow a neutral or disinterested party in les affaires Kimberlin, but he is Father Confessor to the Breitbots, too, which seems like a conflict of interests to me. I wonder if White is aware of those unethical and potentially-illegal activities going on? Does he understand just how much fraud and obstruction seem to be happening here? Does he care?

    2. Opinions are divided on the topic of @Captien_O’s identity, but you are correct that he works in uncanny tandem with Mr. James McGibney much of the time. We have no opinions on Kate Gosselin and find celebrity gossip tiresome, but the Steubenville connection is interesting.

      What we have noticed is that this crowd accuses you of hate speech while defending right wing hate speech. Whoever you are, for some reason they decided you are the key to unraveling some conspiracy involving Misters Rauhauser and Kimberlin. These crazed people dismiss you as the crazy person, but they treat you as the most important person in the world. The dissonance, the humming of the wasps…

  2. For some reason, I thought Stranahan’s misdeeds in the past were linked to Steubenville and the possibility of biased reporting (i.e. staying with people in town, involved in the case). If he apologized, wouldn’t he have ceased the victim-blaming and Anonymous-hating behavior? To this day he says the town is being unfairly judged, prosecuted and blamed. He rarely mentions how hard life must be for Jane Doe.

    Not much of this makes sense, except there are a ton of people who are out there, playing “Wild West” on the internet, policing eachother’s actions and political beliefs and working hard, day and night, to silence liberals. The doxing, the slut-shaming, the absolute vitriol and hate are endemic to the Tea Party.

    One thing I have noticed is there are a LOT of anti-feminist types in the Bullyville crew. One of the kids I’m thinking of (unicorn guy) actually has a link to the profile of a feminist writer who was chased off of Twitter with rape threats. Not something to be proud of or encourage. Not exactly anti-bullying behavior.

    In the world of the hyper-vigilant surveilance, I have a feeling the FBI has piles and piles of notes scribbled with “WTF” and “keep an eye on this”.

    The chaos, the propaganda, the doxing, the hate speech, the threats…

    All of it is somehow a symptom of the festering fear of the Tea Party. At this point, it’s all so convoluted, it’s hard to perceive if there is a goal or everyone in the Tea Party just plans to fight to death (or to prison, whichever comes first)

  3. I do not believe that James McGibney and Todd Kincannon share a lawyer. That information was in some random pastebin or something like that, it didn’t come from either of them, and it isn’t in any court case filings that I have ever seen. I immediately thought that was some of the people who hassle Kathleen Sweets trying to push her buttons.

    I did the @BullyVille / @Captien_Obvious activity time comparison. The two accounts are the closest match I have ever seen, except in the evening hours, when the official account trails off and the trollish one takes over. It’s either McGibney 100%, or it’s mostly him and someone else has access as it gets later.

    McGibney does not negotiate. I experienced him as a duplicitous twerp – lying literally at the level of a tween caught with a face covered in crumbs and denying he’s been into the cookie jar. He’d say one thing to me in private, something almost diametrically opposite in public. He either has an extraordinarily high estimation of his (nonexistent) social engineering skills, or he is completely unaware of how others perceive him.

    I didn’t read the event with the woman in the U.K. chased off the net with rape threats as being particularly anti-feminist. There were a lot of women leading that charge, like @MyWhiteNInja, it was an over the top critique of the way she handled the original friction regarding the issue she was advocating. Internet trolls are a barky mid-sized dog outside his yard. You turn and run, you get nipped. You face him down and look like you’re ready to kick him somewhere tender, you’ll get much better behavior. I’m not saying it’s right, but that is the way the culture works.

    The stream of faildoxes from McGibney have been both hilarious and nerve wracking. I don’t know anything about Jennifer George or Capri Jones. George never responded to the email I sent, and I’ve completely avoided any contact with Jones. I knew Melissa was safe, but the attention on House of Ruth, in particular trying to get her crazy ex to do something, was the very height of irresponsibility. That guy literally is a homicidal maniac, as evidenced by the fact he’s sitting in prison right now for attempting to torch his parents’ house with them inside.

    Lane Lipton had some sort of incident but she would not share the details. It involved an address that is not where she lives, but some place that she frequents. We had a short email exchange the night it happened and I’ve not heard from her since. Long delays, up to a month, are the norm on responses from her, but to go totally incommunicado like she has is a first.

    For those who haven’t caught the news yet, I got a name, address, phone number, picture, etc for ZAPEM on October 27th. I’d had a document with her name on it for a year, just didn’t know what I was looking at, and I’d forgotten I had it until someone prompted me to review it. Part of the rising tide of desperation you see is because of this. I won’t be doing some crappy paste bin with a photoshopped nude, I lined up a lawyer here and we’re going through what I have on her to see if we can turn it into a felony charge that will stick.

    Something else notable happened over the last few days, won’t say exactly where, when, or who, but it spells P. A. N. I. C. People presumed that since I hadn’t found that woman’s name yet, I never would, they’ve entrusted her with both information and tasks, and now the reality that she has been found is starting to sink in. Even if the lawyer comes back and says I don’t have enough or what I have is too old, she will be called to account in Kimberlin’s RICO suit when the time is right, and try as she might she hasn’t been able to erase that company email to Andrew Breitbart detailing her harassment plan.

    It’s the weirdest thing, but after dealing with three years of her injecting her mental illness into my life, finally having a name for the source of my pain was something of a non-event. I got it, I slept on it, I reviewed what I had, I dug further, and I can’t find anything that leads me to doubt the conclusion. You’d think this would be a tears of relief or dancing around the room moment, but it was kind of “meh, what else do I have to do today.”

    There are a number of weak links in the chain of individuals named in that RICO suit. I think one or more of Backer, Beck, and Malkin are going to hustle through settling that thing, and that’ll leave Kimberlin with a war chest that’s a large six or maybe even seven digit number. He’ll pin the rest of them down and keep them pinned until after the 2014 midterm, and there won’t be enough debris left for an accident reconstruction when he’s done with them.

  4. Note that Neal talks about Silk Road, and suddenly Ali Akbar is all about a Silk Road conspiracy? They are wasps, they are born to sting. Misogyny is symptomatic of misanthropy and they hate us with venom.

    1. First one to bring up Silk Road was Ken White on 10/2/2013. Ross Ulbright’s indictment mentioned both Maryland and New York, two states I am known to frequent. I am also known to write about Tor, VPNs, offshore hosting, etc. White apparently thought he was on to something, he was pointing out some ‘dots’ for the conspiracy nuts to connect.

      Fast forward to November 8th. @thgrugq, global 0day exploit sale kingpin, mentions a Silk Road timeline created by @lamoustache. They had Ulbricht’s arrest as 10/2/2013, but I think it was closer to 9/27/2013, and they sat on him a bit before word went out. I said as much, struck up a conversation /w Mr. Moustache, offered him some unspecified Maltego graphs and a timeline of my own.

      The interesting thing in all this is Will Welna & Dillon from UGnazi grousing about Cosmo & Josh, both of UGnazi, on November 9th. This was roughly concurrent with a second round of eight arrests for those associated with Silk Road. This is the one thing I see where there might be a link between Silk Road happenings and things that interest the regulars here at BU.

      McGibney engaged in a false reporting/famefagging scheme back in June based on information Sean Tompkins had regarding my use of the RiseUp VPN. Both men share Marc Randazza as their attorney, Tompkins first became visible during Weinergate in 2011. Lucky for me, Tompkins ran his mouth about that info 12/4/2012 and I can clearly demonstrate I’ve not use their service since 12/13/2012. I whispered to the FBI about this, let it run on in public three more weeks, then showed the cancellation and a redacted copy of the note to the FBI. So that’s McGibney fuckup #1.

      Next, McGibney publishes some crap from crazy Michelle, who we got an actual name for on 10/27/2013, then he vows he’s going to send me to prison, which is the equivalent of him channeling Ron Brynaert. Then he mysteriously gets some alleged death threat. Won’t stand up in court, but absolutely puts him one step closer to the whole false reporting & character assassination stuff that is the core of Kimberlin’s RICO suit.

      The focus has shifted from Kimberlin, who bites when provoked, to me, because they think they can derail one or both of his lawsuits by doing this. They can’t fund raise unless they are locked in battle with some malevolent master of conspiracies, but all they have to point at is @Kookpocalypse and the associated blog, which is not a winning message for them from the name itself to the content on display. Just go take a look at the front page of the Kookpocalypse blog on WordPress 🙂

      The capabilities of McCain & Co. are making up conspiracy theories based on collections of unrelated factoids and incorrect assumptions, then using these to prime the right wing echo chamber for character assassination. Those two complimentary ‘skills’ are what got them the state libel suit, the federal RICO suit, and me creating & branding the Kookpocalypse was very specifically meant to lay in a unique name that would make them look like fools if they referenced it.

      So, feel free to talk to @Kookpocalypse, to talk about all of these happenings as part of “the Kookpocalypse process”, and all they have to fall back on are Twittergate and Swatgate, which are also not winning plays.

  5. Just to clarify what I previously wrote, the Bill I mention in the first paragraph is Bill Schmalfeldt. Not pedo Bill Talley who is currently in prison. @Captien_O is already linking to this post and I wanted to clarify it to any of the new readers who don’t know the entire story.

    “Before the Gosselin nonsense started, a sock account by the name of @Captien_Obvious (now @Captien_O) jumped on my timeline and Bill’s timeline. He was attacking us for what we were tweeting to Breitbart kooks. This was around the time Steubenville was happening. All signs are he is Bullyville’s sock account.”


    Re: Matt Osborne

    “Sheridan, the sentencing for Bill Talley was May 29. On June 1, @Captien_O showed up in my DMs to tell me that he couldn’t follow anyone who followed you anymore. The ostensible reason for this junior high school drama was the way you treated Mandy Nagy”

    I’ve treated Mandy Nagy (@Liberty_Chick) like a queen in comparison to how Captien/Bullyville treats so many men, women and children. The constant hate, harassment and threats towards anyone who doesn’t share the same obsessive opinion as McGibney does on reality television show whores. James McGibney is that old crazy cat lady every neighborhood has who sticks his nose into everyone’s lives because he doesn’t have one of his own.

    Why exactly does James McGibney think I need his permission to attack Mandy for supporting rapists, lying about being raped, and lying about having Lupus? What if someone found his wife and demanded she ask their permission first for having an opinion online?

    Why exactly is someone claiming to be “anti-pedo” but he supports Mandy who said there was no proof and a rush to judgement against the Steubenville rapists? McGibney created that sham of an op in Steubenville for publicity. He claims to support Jane Doe but supports Mandy & all Breitbart trash who made it very clear from the beginning how they support the rapists.

    Why exactly does James McGibney claim to be “anti-pedo” when he works with and is close friends with convicted pedo Bill Talley supporters?

    Why exactly does James McGibney claim to be “anit-pedo” when his sock @Captien_O was threatening to call police on Lori Handrahan for starting an op trying to rescue her daughter Mila from her alleged pedophile father? Instead of reading the “court records” that her alleged pedophile father produced, how about reading the real court records from the state of Maine that state Mila has been raped by her father? We all know Kate Gosselin has been paying McGibney to threaten anyone who criticizes her. Is he also being paid by Lori Handrahan’s ex-husband to silence her about what the state of Maine has stated he has done to her daughter Mila?

    I don’t think I was talking about Mandy in June. I was after McGibney/Bullyville over his constant threats towards women and their families who didn’t support Kate Gosselin. So why would Captien be mentioning me to you in June? I left in mid-June after @YourAnonNews made a vague threat to me about any enemy of McGibney is an enemy of theirs. I don’t give a shit about YAN and would take them on myself but others were advising me it was time for me to leave or take an extended break. YAN today is a shell of its former self which is laughable. Where was YAN for two years when we were taking on Breitbart? But they wanted to come after me over Kate Gosselin??

    When pimp & pornographer Lee Stranahan was tracked down to being in the home of one of the Steubenville rapists, the Twitter user Funny Bear said he was tracked by GPS tracking. The only person who brags about hunting down people through GPS tracking is James McGibney. Many have said Funny Bear was either McGibney or KYAnonymous, who worked for him at the time.

    Funny Bear had asked me for the information I had on Mandy supporting the Steubenville rapists because they would help expose her. I spent all day putting the information together, scrolling back months on Mandy’s timeline, and screencapping every single tweet where she was defending the rapists. I put it all in a paste and sent it to Funny Bear in DM. He never replied back. I asked him if he got the link I sent him. He didn’t reply again. He got suspended a few times. I followed each new account and he followed back. I would ask him again in DM if he got the information I had sent him on Mandy and if he would be doing anything with it. He never replied. My theory is McGibney wanted to know what I had on Mandy in order to send it to her. I sent him that paste in mid or late March 2013. I still have it saved along with all the screenshots.

    I have the June 3rd DMs saved where McGibney told me he would help me with getting the pedo Bill Talley twitter accounts suspended. He threw that out there but we were initially talking about some sort of a cease fire between all of us. I was only doing so because I was afraid one of the Gosselin truthers would end up getting killed at the pace it was headed.

    One of the main women McGibney is after is in her 60’s. They’ve been after her and her son, while another account threatened to rape her. Another account has also threatened to go to her home and shoot her dead. They mock her rape and trolled her with articles about her rape. They now say she was never raped. They forgot how they trolled her with articles about her own rape??

    I told McGibney I can’t make them stop mentioning Kate Gosselin. It would be like if someone told me to never again mention Breitbots. He agreed on the cease fire & threw out he would be contacting Twitter to get the Talley accounts banned.

    The entire time we were communicating in DM, he never told me he was working to shut down Gosselin truther Lisa’s blog. She had the blog for six years. He got her blog shut down, he released every comment, IPs, and personal email addresses on his site. He released their personal information and location. He also got access into Lisa’s email account which he now leaks the contents including her emails & the Twitter DMs that were sent to her.

    One of the women McGibney has been after had the NERVE to make two Facebook comments in 2011 about Kate Gosselin. His supporters are still constantly after her threatening her and her family because she has the same first name as another Gosselin truther (a grandmother with a sick grandson) they’ve been after. This is the mentality behind James McGibney. No one is allowed to have an opinion or be friends with anyone he doesn’t approve of. If you say anything to him, he accuses you of “bullying, death threats, and being obsessed with reality television.” Though it’s his supporters who have the reality TV show blogs.

    After that recent smear piece James McGibney wrote against Neal, SOMEONE left a “death threat” on McGibney’s site. By gosh, does McGibeny think we’re that naive to not realize how he’s the one who wrote that “threat” himself? He’s trying to frame Neal for “death threats” just like how Breitbots failed in framing Neal with Dallas FBI. That failed miserably. This will too.

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