Lynn Thomas, a right wing tea party activist and partisan blogger with an extensive history of cyberstalking and sock puppetry, has been positively identified as the creator of the “Kimberlin Unmasked” Blogspot domain. Thomas is responsible for creating hundreds of websites over the years, including attack blogs that she used to relentlessly smear enemies and claim victimization by them. She is also linked to defendants in Brett Kimberlin’s RICO suit.

On Tuesday, Google provided the most recent IP address and the originating email address of the Blogspot domain. Interested parties then began to dig into her rich electronic backtrail, and Bill Schmalfeldt announced KU’s identity as Lynn Thomas that afternoon. Since then, the @Kimberlinunmask Twitter account has tried to cast doubt on this identification, but we already know the Twitter account has multiple users. So did the Blogspot domain (now superseded by the website, which has moved to an offshore host). Whoever these other parties are, they should understand that as the creator of the domain and the agent responsible for giving them access to blog and tweet their defamation, Mrs. Thomas can now be compelled to give their identities to the court.

They may run, but they cannot hide. Not even in Italy.

Kender McGowan (@Kender1), who first denied being @Kimberlinunmask and then later tried to claim full individual responsibility for the Blogspot domain, demanded to be sued in Thomas’s place on Tuesday night. (His protestations have not distracted us from the evidence trail, but we note that if he tried this kind of game on law enforcement, he could be charged with obstruction.) Thomas’s own Twitter account, @caoilfhionn1, stopped tweeting on October 5, one week after Kender first tried to claim responsibility. It should be no surprise that they would operate in tandem like that, because Thomas has associated online with Kender for years. His comments appear on many of her old blogs, and they collaborated on the “fan club” for convicted con artist Jack Idema. Kender and Lynn Thomas have been a pair for a long time.

The email address that Google provided, [email protected], led researchers to a Causal Nexus WordPress blog where Kender left comments on Thomas’s Jack Idema hagiography posts. The Hollywood7 author account at that blog led us to Lynn Thomas’s YouTube channel, where she uses her own name in several videos. Those same videos show up at this blog about another convicted con artist with posts written by a Causal Nexus who is clearly the same person. Her Pinterest account has exactly one item in the “terrorism” category: Brett Kimberlin. Her Twitter account follows KU. Finally, the geolocation for the IP address that Google provided is just three miles from the address in Illinois where Mrs. Thomas resided until August of 2013.

Moving on, we began discovering her links to familiar figures and organizations in the scene. For example, on Thomas’s Facebook page, we found out that she is friends with Dan Collins (@Vermontaigne), whose brother Matt has hosted Dan is most likely responsible for, or at least connected to, the appearances that John Patrick Frey and Aaron Walker made on Glenn Beck’s show to air their defamation of Brett Kimberlin. We have asked Dan about that on Twitter, but he has never replied.

Another of Thomas’s Facebook friends is Eric Odom, a key figure in the social media launch of the Tea Party movement. Odom’s American Liberty Alliance hired Ali Akbar as a Technology Consultant in 2009, then promoted him to Chairman of the Board, but the ALA dissolved in 2010 after admitting that it had never actually applied for nonprofit status with the IRS. Akbar has used the same formula with his National Bloggers Club, which has collected donations as a nonprofit but has never actually applied for a 501(c)(3) designation. Lynn Thomas organized a fundraiser for the NBC in April 2012; it is the only entry on her G+ page. She is a full participant in Akbar’s ongoing fraud.

Like Akbar, Thomas appears to have been involved in Tea Party organizing from the beginning. She did PR for the Illinois state house candidacy of a Tea Party Republican named Paul Mitchell who lost in the February, 2010 party primary. At, we discovered her name on a Mitchell campaign press release along with an email address associated with his website. Her work for Mitchell’s campaign shows links to Sandy Rios, the Fox News contributor who once led Groundswell’s war on Karl Rove. We were certainly not shocked to learn that the creator of KU might be linked to Groundswell.

Thomas has written about Kimberlin many times at, the blog linked in her Twitter account bio. Her very first post about him is fairly long, but has rather little to say about Mr. Kimberlin. Instead, Mrs. Thomas quotes Aaron Walker a lot and compares his allegations against Kimberlin to her own experiences with a “stalker.” She does not name Penny Alesi, the widow of Jack Idema, who left her husband after discovering that he had infected her with HIV. Alesi seems to have fallen out with her husband’s cultists over a building that he had owned, but which he managed through his wife’s name. His acolytes allegedly wanted to sell the building out from under the church that was renting it. Alesi objected to the misuse of her name, and Thomas reacted by relentlessly attacking Alesi in her blogs. To our eyes, her explanations and justifications seem strained, even fabricated. Perhaps she saw another opportunity to indulge this vicious, mendacious side of herself with Kimberlin?

We will have more to say about Mrs. Thomas in the coming days as we continue delving into the wealth of background information that has become available to us.

Lynn Thomas, aka Kimberlin Unmasked aka @caoilfhionn1
Lynn Thomas, aka Kimberlin Unmasked aka @caoilfhionn1
10 thoughts on “Unmasking Of Lynn Thomas Leads To Familiar Names”
  1. Congratulations on the terrific work that you and reporter William Schmalfeldt have done on this case. This is what true investigative journalism is all about. Now what lies ahead for Lynn Thomas is going to be very rough. I read much of the background you provided and it appears that she has been smearing and stalking other people who have asked her to leave them alone. Her stalking has been repeated, intentional and malicious.

    As for Kimberlin, he can now serve her with his lawsuit and two things will happen; first, he can seek a large cache of discovery from her about who paid her, who else she gave access to the smear site, and what others she has smeared. And that brings me to number two. In most states, and I assume it’s true in Maryland, and I know it’s true in federal court, a plaintiff can bring up other similar acts to prove a pattern or course of conduct. So Kimberlin can present evidence that Thomas defamed and stalked other people, and this can be used against her both before the jury and the judge.

    It also appears that she was brought into this smear campaign because of her past success at smearing people and her expertise in social media campaigns. This can also be used against her at trial to show that she is not some random blogger but rather a political operative with a history of defamation.

    One thing in your article really stuck out — that she was a major fundraiser for Ali Akbar, who you already exposed as money laundering donations through a fake non profit. This will be a major blow against her at trial because it will show that she was part of the fraud, that she most likely benefitted from the fraud, and that she defrauded her own membership list.

    I would advise Kimberlin to make this a point that is hammered home to the judge and the jury. In fact, I believe that this fact alone may be enough for federal and state investigators to launch a criminal investigation into her involvement with the fraud.

    All this looks very stormy for Thomas.

    Again, great work.

  2. What is this website? It reeks of left-wing angst and desperation. Sort of a combination of locker room funk and pot-smoke.

  3. For me personally, I cannot even begin to describe the relief I am feeling. Maybe this nightmare I have been living due to Thomas is finally over. She & Kender haunted me non-stop and even after Jack passed they continued. The lowest point they hit was when I received a postcard dated 7-8-12, from Italy from “Jack”. Asking me if I ever got my wigs back. The wigs I begged him to give to a friend of mine who was going to get them to me because my hair was falling out due to the diseases Idema gave to me. Mind you, Jack died in Jan. 2012, so he didn’t send that postcard. It was Thomas’ & Kender’s way to remind me that they were never going to leave me alone.

    1. The reaction of “Kimberlin Unmasked” on Twitter to being outed as Lynn Thomas has been frantic and fearful. I only hope I can cause these miscreants even a quarter of the discomfort they have caused you, Penny. God bless you and “hang in there.”

  4. The thing that impresses me the most is the non-denials on the Kimberlin Unmasked blog in its current iteration. The attacks on me remain relentless (Thomas fancies herself something of a graphic artist, and she has a record of having stolen others copyrighted imaged in the past — ask Matt Fiore), but nowhere does KU come right out and say “Lynn Thomas is not nor has she ever been connected with this particular smear campaign.”

    Ratcheting up the personal attacks on me through sock puppets like Owain Penllyn (who has a bizarre fascination with me wanting to have sex with my dead mother) and the various other sock puppets that take the stage to further the personal smear campaigns against me, that’s not going to save them from having to answer to a judge when Kimberlin’s case comes to trial. And anyone who is still holding on to the notion that the judge is going to dismiss EITHER the state or federal case because “we say so” had better sit up, look at the evidence uncovered so far, lawyer up and get ready for heavy seas.

    Stormy weather ahead.

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