Dustyn Hughes in front of his superhero figurines

We recently noted that Dustyn Hughes, who tweets as @MonitorAccess, had taken part in a Google Hangout with Lynn Thomas, the creator of the kimberlinunmasked Blogspot domain. We were alerted to these very interesting tweets from Mr. Hughes last night as our friend Matt Osborne asked him about that event. We wonder why William Hoge jumped in to offer Hughes an assist, especially when his excuse is so very lame.

Mr. Hughes maintains that his iPad took part in that Google Hangout, not him. What does Mr. Hughes mean about a Res Judicata case? Why did Hughes freak out, and why did Hoge try to help him? Does this have implications for discovery on the @kimberlinunmask Twitter account? We are already quite sure that the account has had more than one user, but Mr. Hoge insists it has only one user, and that he does not know who it is, but also that he knows who it is not.

I call the person who runs Kimberlin Unmasked “Elvis” for convenience. Believe it or not, I still don’t know who Elvis really is. But I do know that certain people are not Elvis.

We look forward to Lynn Thomas and others answering questions about all this in the future. We would also like to have one of these sentient iPads that magically joins Google Hangouts and interacts with other people on our behalf.

Dustyn Hughes
Dustyn Hughes