Twitter banned the @kimberlinunmask Twitter account last week. We believe this ban will be permanent, but when the account was temporarily suspended for aggressive following in the heady days of “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin,” look who was concerned for its welfare? Why, none other than Lynn Thomas, the creator of the kimberlinunmasked Blogspot domain.

So when Thomas took part in that Google Hangout with Dustyn Hughes and Lee Stranahan in February 2013, she had been playing shepherdess to the KU account for at least a year. As KU often makes comic book references, Mr. Hughes, whose Facebook profile pic shows him sitting at a drum kit in front of a row of superhero figurines, is just one strong candidate for running the account. Thomas is also friends with Jeff Dunetz on Facebook. These connections will come up in the eventual deposition of Thomas, who appears to be the linchpin to understanding who has operated the KU account as well as the website.

Dustyn Hughes in front of his superhero figurines
Dustyn Hughes in front of his superhero figurines
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