We lack the skills needed to create YouTube videos, so we are grateful to Matt Osborne for this late Christmas present. Here are Judge Johnson’s own words about Aaron Walker’s assault on Brett Kimberlin. Walker keeps insisting that no assault occurred, but according to Judge Johnson, it did. Walker keeps trying to re-litigate this issue in his filings and we look forward to him being cross-examined on this point.

  • RogerS

    I have been away for a few weeks and just catching up. It appears that Aaron Walker and John Hoge are not only going to blow the federal RICO case for themselves but also for their co-defendants. One thing about federal courts, judges don’t like to be gamed and they don’t like people thinking they are smarter than the judge. I have seen many cases in federal court that had merit but the litigants pissed off the judge and that was it.

    Mr. Walker and Mr. Hoge are proving Mr. Kimberlin’s case simply by virtue of their pleadings that are filled with obsessive behavior and inadmissible evidence intended to improperly influence the judge. This will hurt them and the other defendants in the case, especially when other defendants make arguments that are also being made by Mr. Hoge and Mr. Walker.

    Look at it this way — these two bozos come in and make an argument on an issue or issues and the judge rules against it because they presented it wrong, or made the judge angry or whatever. Well, that judicial decision is then binding on the other defendants in the case even if the other defendants later presented it more cogently.

    If I were a lawyer representing one of the other defendants, I would do two things: first, file a motion disassociating my client with Mr. Hoge and Mr. Walker, and second, contact Hoge and Walker and tell them to shut down their filings and let one of the represented Defendants get a ruling first.

    Federal judges do not play around in their courts. They can throw a person in prison for the kind of behavior that Mr. Walker and Mr. Hoge are already exhibiting in this case. To file a motion and title it an emergency when it is not just shows desperation and weakness, and takes up judicial time and resources needed for real emergencies. The judge will either ignore it, dismiss it out of hand, or even issue an order warning the bozos to never do that again or face the ire of the court.

    My advice to Mr. Kimberlin –take note of every thing these bozos are saying on Twitter and their blogs. They are providing the ammo needed to shut them down forever.

    One final note, I find it amusing that these bozos keep attacking Mr. Kimberlin for decades old convictions as if that will influence the judge. The judge does not care one iota about that crap. If he did, every person who came before a judge with a past record would be screwed. Judges are trained to ignore all that stuff, and bringing it up in every motion (or any motion for that matter) demonstrates to the judge that they are hitting below the belt. This is exactly what Mr. Kimberlin is asserting in his RICO suit.

    • We missed you, RogerS, and thank you for checking in.

  • Hofenbrau

    So Walker has been lying all along about this assault case. It’s clear he is advancing on Kimberlin, and then by taking away his property he is guilty of assault. The judge in that audio says so. But Walker tells a federal judge that the state judge ruled in his favor over the assault by claiming that because the peace order was declined by Judge Johnson that this also means he ruled in Walker’s favor over the assault. Yet the judge clearly ruled he did in fact assault Kimberlin, so in fact Walker did assault Kimberlin and lies and or covers that up. Walker, Hoge and the rest need to be jailed for these continuous series of lies in court and out.

    They are frauds by always raising money for dubious legal funds that they create the grounds for. I think the federal judge should be made aware of these frauds , including the defendant Ali Akbar who is clearly operating a fraudulent series of enterprises that is so evident that it’s a miracle no one has seen it yet.

    I think when these frauds are exposed there should be calls to every AG out there as well as a few AUSA’s in those jurisdictions to ask for them to be prosecuted. I also think that those who fund these frauds like Jackie Wellfonder should be under investigation for giving these characters credibility. She obviously knows that Akbar is operating a fraudulent series of shell companies but prefers to stay blind to it and continue to support these frauds financially.

    I wonder if she will still support them when they are facing criminal charges for defrauding people nationwide out of their hard earned money?

    Questions will or at least should be asked. Keep digging BU for more evidence against these charlatans, they need much more exposure than you give them now.

  • Hello Hofenbrau, who is Jackie Wellfonder? We were unfamiliar with the name, but since you left this comment we have found a Facebook profile for someone by that name living in Salisbury, Maryland.


    We were interested to find her posting on Dan Bongino’s Facebook page. Now we are curious: just how much non-tax deductible financial support has she given this cast of characters?

  • Hofenbrau

    Good question. She was on their rally dot org page giving Akbar money back when he launched his phony crusade against Kimberlin. I found it strange that she would be donating to a fraudulent non existent charity that she must know by now is fraudulent. Knowing Akbar’s history of fraud, theft and convictions for same, she still seems to donate to his fraudulent entities even though she knows they don’t exist.

    Maybe she just believes in Akbar that much to close her eyes to his continuing criminal enterprises figuring he wouldn’t put one over on her. Of course all she has to do is pick up the phone to find out. Why she won’t or why she closes her eyes to it only complicates matters for her. Like others before her who have seen Albar’s frauds, she could put a stop to it, but seems to just not care. So because of that others continue to get defrauded because if she believes in him he must be Ok.

  • Hofenbrau

    Come on Walker, tell the truth about this assault audio. Did the Judge say you assaulted Kimberlin? If so what say you Walker about this lie you just told a federal judge? I sure hope that Kimberlin files this audio as proof that walker just lied to the judge in the case. Its clear that walker is going to be eventually held in contempt over his lies. I hope the Judge throws the book at him and locks him up where he belongs.

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    • Thank you sir. We mainly wanted to see it on our devices without needing to pinch and zoom.