In our favorite comedy of all time, Aristophanes lampooned the legal culture of Athens, which had become a nest of angry wasps constantly litigating their grudges and petty grievances. Twenty four centuries before anyone ever heard of Aaron Walker, Aristophanes succinctly described his personality in the character of Philocleon.

If his own rooster woke him up too late before dinner, our master would accuse him of taking bribes from the magistrates. The moment the evening meal is finished, he shouts for his shoes to be brought to him, then he runs off to the courthouse very early. And being too early, he stands stuck by a post like a barnacle until the time comes for him to do his judging.

When it is time for him to show the extent of the guilt of all the accused, the nasty bugger draws this huge line across the wax tablet so that his fingernails are thick with wax, and he looks like a bumblebee. He is so frightened to run out of voting shells that he’s had the whole beach delivered to his house here. That’s how crazy our master is, and the more people try to reason with him the worse he gets and the more cases he wants to judge.

Reading Aaron Walker’s blog, we can almost see him salivating as he fantasizes about his legal vengeance on Brett Kimberlin. Aaron Walker is a buzzing wasp. His stinger is engorged with juicy poison and he just wants to sting someone so badly!

As I say in my motion, Brett has committed a fraud upon the court, claiming to have served people he had not, and then taking advantage of their lack of response.  He not only robbed me of the opportunity to be heard on this question, he also robbed the judge of the benefit of my analysis.  After all, the adversarial process is not there just for the fun of arguing but to aid the judge in reaching the right conclusion.  If I was a judge I would be very angry at Kimberlin right about now.  But we will see if Judge Grimm is as angry as I would have been in his shoes.

Mr. Walker is upset that the judge has been denied “the benefit” of his insane analysis, so he projects his anger on the judge who has rejected it. Walker wants to help his Honor “reach the right conclusion,” by which he means his own conclusion, because that is the only outcome acceptable to Walker. He rationalizes the judge’s denial of his motion as a “dishonest victory” by Kimberlin rather than a rejection of his own dishonest efforts to prejudice the court. But this new legal quibble, the one about process service, is a product of Walker’s own absurd and deluded behavior.

You see, it is normal legal practice for process service to take place by email first, followed by document delivery in hard copy. But Mr. Walker has told Mr. Kimberlin not to do this. It seems that Mr. Walker is scared to death of Neal Rauhauser, who he incorrectly believes is a “close associate” of Mr. Kimberlin and will somehow infect his computer from Kimberlin’s email address. (If that sounds paranoid, just remember that Mr. Walker has his wife check under their car every day for bombs.) So whereas Kimberlin’s motions are received immediately by all the other defendants in Kimberlin v Walker, et al, there is a lag for Walker, and he uses that differential to claim the documents are late or missing — that “people” (meaning himself) “have not been served” (meaning that he pretends not to have received motions in a timely fashion). And of course, this is somehow all Kimberlin’s fault, and somehow also Rauhauser’s fault, which in turn justifies Walker’s craving to sting them. Why else would Walker try to suborn perjury from Kimberlin’s estranged wife? Why else would he tweet his blog post about Kimberlin at Rauhauser’s ex-wife?

But the nastiest wasps are the ones who read Walker’s blog and buzz about stinging Kimberlin to death. This is one scary hive, and they are of one mind.

They are Aaron Walker’s chorus. As Aristophanes would have them say,

If anyone wants to check our shape, size, manners and looks he’ll find that we’re in all respects very similar to wasps. To begin with, when we’re angered, there’s no creature with a temper more cutting or more crabby than ours. And then we behave like wasps in many other ways: we gather in swarms as if in hives and some of us do the judging at the Archon’s Court, others at the Court of the Eleven and others still in Pericles’ old haunt, the Court of Odeum. There we gather as a tightly knit swarm up against the walls, bending over the ground like larvae in their cells, barely moving. As to how we make our living, we can come up with many schemes: we sting everyone with a bitter sting and out pops our loaf of bread.

Behold, the perennial wisdom of the ancients.


  • Hofenbrau

    Another great post by Xeno and BU. I love how this was written. Mr. Walker, who once claimed he was writing on the spectator sport of politics, gets trumped by his perceived enemy even though he had service on the motion. His refusal to accept that service by way of the standard email first, then regular mail, shows his dubious argument to be a fraud upon the court. His assertion that because Kimberlin knows a guy that he doesn’t like, that somehow Kimberlin must be operating in bad faith because of knowing that guy falls flat. I am sure the Judge in this case is well aware of just how deranged Walker is, who also filed an emergency motion for a reconsideration of this ruling like some death penalty case needing to be heard immediately.

    Walker files a reconsideration motion because a weeks delay is a hardship on him? What a deranged psychotic blowhard Walker is. That type of stuff probably won’t make him any friends on the court.

    Walker should wise up and accept things as they are. If Walker believed so much in his motion to dismiss, then what’s a few days or a week waiting going to mean to him? Instead he files another 200 page rambling type of document claiming that this weeks delay is somehow going to harm him and the case. Total stupidity. I would think anyone who even thinks of hiring Walker as an attorney should realize that Walker is as crazy as a shithouse rat. Judges routinely have laughed him out of court. I guess that is par for the course for the insane tea party and libertarian types. They all sound totally off the hook in court and usually get everything they file dismissed.

    • Mr. Kimberlin met the Brodie Test weeks ago, but Team Akbar still imagines their “blog court” strategy will succeed. We expect that Mr. Hoge will be disappointed and amazed when his petty motions fail.

      • Apparently Hoge and Walker’s legal strategy is the nickel-dime approach:

        Find the most insignificant thing about the lawsuit, complain about it in your pleadings and hope the judge says, “Yeah, sure” then dismiss the whole thing.

  • Kman

    “He not only robbed me of the opportunity to be heard on this question, he also robbed the judge of the benefit of my analysis”

    Reading that sentence from Walker’s brief, another Greek mythological word comes to mind: hubris (a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one’s own competence, accomplishments or capabilities).

    • It takes enormous hubris for Mr. Hoge to pretend he has a better understanding of Aristophanes than the rest of us. Cleon did in fact sue Aristophanes for defamation, which is why the playwright skewered him with a send-up of Hoge-style “lawfare.” It is quite telling that in responding to this post, Mr. Hoge seizes on the details of the lawsuit rather than the play itself. In declaring our understanding of the play to be imperfect this way, he overstates his own competence, accomplishments, and capabilities. One would think from his prevarications that Mr. Hoge has performed in a repertory theatre and studied classical drama under the tutelage of Ivy League professors, but in fact he has not. Hoge is only an expert on the imagination of William Hoge.

  • Golly, Xeno! The Stalking Hog of Ridge Road says you are all WRONG about this. And he knows, because he’s the Grand Stalking Hog who has been RIGHT about EVERYTHING, including his predictions of Kimberlin’s humiliating defeats by Walker in Prince William County and Maryland. *cough* This is the same Grand Stalking Hog who has filed 353 charges against me, but unlike the others, THIS time they’ll be PROSECUTED because HE SAYS SO! *cough!*

    • We find this so entertaining. Not only is Mr. Hoge an expert on defamation law, he has secretly been working as a professional dramaturge specializing in classical Hellenic theatre. Who knew?

  • Hofenbrau

    Very good point KMAN, very good point. He was robbed of the importance of his analysis before the federal bench. After all, he is a legal scholar who should be heard and have his scholarly articles given all the weight a scholar should be afforded lol.

    He was robbed of that opportunity, so because he was robbed he will file an emergency motion with the court that says he needs immediate emergency action on his request, after all the country would go down in flames if Kimberlin is allowed to present his case. According to Walker’s analysis, Kimberlin must be stopped from presenting his evidence at all costs and post haste. Free speech be damned, its away all anchors and into harms way…

  • Hofenbrau

    And when he loses Bill he won’t mention a thing about it. He will just act like it never happened.

    • Of course not. Hoge has never acknowledged his losing track record in these legal matters, why should he start now?

      • I find it amazing that someone with an 85% record of failure against Bill could claim to be victorious.

        If you got on a plane with 100 other people and knew that somewhere along the line that it was going to crash and 85 of you were going to die (but not knowing which 85) would you still get on the plane?

  • Hofenbrau

    I find it amusing how they all seem to copy this site. It seems that the Kimberlin Unmasked site has now changed its theme too, as if to say since the theme was changed here they must also change theirs. Same with Hoge, he constantly trolls this site daily while claiming its a worthless site, yet for all intents and purposes he can’t live without it. The funny part is that they all both hate and love this site just the same. Neither of these parties involved can live without BU.

  • @OccupyRebellion

    Does anyone know if crooked Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey (@Patterico) is linked to this?

    LA Sheriff’s Department misconduct includes rape, drug smuggling, kidnapping – report

    • I doubt that we will find a link to Mr. Frey, whose nefarious side is reserved for Twitter and Nadia Naffe.

  • “Sure we’re losing the war, but don’t we look spiffy in our uniforms?”

  • merl

    I’d hate to think what my wife would do if I asked her to check for car bombs even once.