"If Criswell predicts it, it's gotta come true!"
“If Criswell predicts it, it’s gotta come true!”

In our predictions for the New Year, we said:

In court, Kimberlin Unmasked will turn out to be Dustin Farahnak inside a Dustyn Hughes costume inside a Lynn Thomas costume

We now have evidence that Dustin Farahnak may indeed have participated in operating the account. Last week, Twitter provided several weeks’ worth of IP login addresses for the account to the plaintiff in Kimberlin v Walker, et al. Bill Schmalfeldt has slogged through them and found circumstantial evidence which supports the hypothesis that Farahnak had access to the @kimberlinunmask account. Farahnak has always been a prime suspect, and while this information must still be confirmed, our half-humorous prediction has received a measure of validation.

Dustin Farahnak
Dustin Farahnak

Our eye has been on Mr. Farahnak for a long time. He is the webmaster for the University of Texas School of Law and a close friend to both John Patrick Frey @Patterico and Aaron Walker, co-defendants in Kimberlin vs. NBC, et al. In fact, Farahnak co-founded the Everybody Draw Muhammad blog and edited Walker’s terrible “alternate history” novel about a superhero who saves the day on 9/11.

As Schmalfelt observes, the IP evidence also supports our theory that Lynn Thomas, a right wing hate groupie with a disturbing career of cyberstalking and smear-blogging, created the KU account as well as the Blogspot domain. Also implicated are Bettina “Beth” Haper, who comments at Hogewash.com as “Black Betty,” and possibly William Hoge. If in fact Mr. Hoge participated in the KU account, then he has repeatedly lied about not knowing who the operators were. Which brings us to another prediction we made for the New Year:

William Hoge will be forced to leave Westminster in disgrace and move into a tarpaper shack in Robert Stacy McCain’s West Virginia neighborhood

The weekend also brought news that attorney Mark Bailen will represent eight defendants in the federal RICO suit, including RedState, Glenn Beck, Simon and Schuster, and James O’Keefe. As those defendants have suffered a series of losses lately, we believe that Mr. Bailen has been brought on to conclude a quick settlement for these clients, a move that will probably then be matched by the Franklin Center and DB Capitol Strategies, leaving Mr. Hoge and his fellow Kimberlin-obsessives to twist in the wind.

The next steps in the investigation of the electronic backtrail include a disambiguation of WordPress.com IP addresses to discern exactly who logged in to the KU account by that means. As someone in this group of people has also used a sketchy Russian server, it is possible that one more person remains to be identified as the “black hat SEO” expert of the bunch. This process will probably determine whether Mr. Hoge has been lying about his knowledge of the account, but also whether he has participated in or even directed the “defamation by Google” campaign against Mr. Kimberlin. If he has lied about any of this, then Mr. Hoge stands to be proven a liar on all of it, so he may indeed lose everything he owns.

If Criswell predicts it, it’s gotta come true!