Arrested for possession of drugs
Arrested for possession of drugs
Arrested for possession of drugs in 1977

Steve Stockman is expected to lose badly to incumbent Senator John Cornyn in a Texas primary race today, and we are almost sorry to see him go. Almost. We present you his mugshot, which has appeared in campaign ads against him despite Mr. Stockman’s denials and dire threats to sue anyone who publishes it. As we have so much experience in shrugging off the dire legalistic threats of denialists and reprobates, we have decided to publish this image ourselves today on general principle and invite Mr. Stockman to knock himself out. After today, he should have plenty of free time on his hands to do so.

Or maybe not: the Federal Elections Commission must sort out his tea party opponent’s charges of illegal campaign coordination. Desperate, and trailing badly after nearly-absent campaigning, Mr. Stockman’s penchant for fake endorsements got the better of him again this weekend. He claimed the approval of Tea Party Patriots only to be denied by its president and exposed as a fraud by Breitbart Texas.

Mr. Stockman’s world of make-believe appears to be disintegrating, so we might be posting a newer mugshot one day.

2 thoughts on “Steve Stockman’s Mugshot”
  1. damn that dude was greasy back in the day

    He looks like any other strung out hippie

    this gives hope to strung out hippies everywhere

    they can all move to Texas and get elected over and over again.

    Or Oklahoma! (I think I read that Stockman worked there, too!!!)

    1. Mr. Stockman claims that he was a “studerino” when that picture was taken. He also claims that it was his girlfriend who put the narcotics in his underwear that resulted in his arrest. We suggest that his version of events resonates with his politics: Stockman blames “free love” and women for his problems. He extends this to the culture wars more generally, blaming America’s problems on the 1970s and the “loose women” who tempted him into all that debauchery. It may seem incredible to us, but this actually makes for enthusiastic fans among the culture warrior set, who of course blame godless hedonism for everything that goes wrong in their lives or in our collective national life.

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