‘Christian’ Militia Leader NOW Networking Militias To Assassinate President Obama (Screenshots) (via Americans Against The Tea Party)

Well Everest Wilhelmsen, notorious leader of the Christian American Patriots Militia, is still free to do what he does best: openly and sincerely threaten the life of Barack Hussein Obama and all who support him. Everest first showed up on the AATTP…

  • James

    We should be grateful that these are low-functioning sociopaths who announce their intent to the world. I worry about the more discreet crazies who may have better-laid plans

    • Yes, a frightening number of very sick people have far too many guns and explosives. It is very worrying to think of these folks becoming desperate and activated under their tinfoil hats.

  • Hofenbrau

    Used to be the Secret Service would shut down these lunatics, now they let them be. Must be DHS data mining names of those that stupidly sign up for his nonsense. Notice he was MIA for a bit, maybe he got a visit and a trip to the “office” and now has a job lol.

    • That seems plausible. Rather than shut them down immediately, perhaps the Secret Service wanted to identify as many potential problems as possible. We would not be surprised to learn that the people who signed that list are getting, or have already gotten, visits.

  • Hofenbrau

    Well I found it interesting that he went missing for awhile, claiming that the dark forces were blocking his messages lol. Then he suddenly comes back and it’s instant tell me your names stuff or sign up for the death squad we are building. And stupidly these guys crawl out of the sewer and sign up like nothing is amiss or wrong with such activity lol.