Texas right wing nut job arrested for plotting to blow up govt buildings, kill law enforcement officers (via FreakOutNation)

A Texas man has been arrested for allegedly plotting to blow up government buildings, rob banks and kill law enforcement officers. 38-year-old Robert Talbot was arrested on Thursday on multiple offenses, including possession of explosive materials,…

2 thoughts on “TX Right Wing Nut Job Arrested For Plotting To Blow Up Govt Buildings, Kill Law Enforcement Officers”
  1. These guys sound a lot like Robert Stacy McCain with their guns out and religious icons behind them. These guys are very stupid too. They announce they are going to kill people, rob banks to support their website and basically take over the country lol. What sort of stupid does this represent? The Hillbilly kind….

    1. There is some entertainment value in seeing violent right wingers arrested for stupidly talking too much in public. But think of how many people like this guy are out there chatting with the like-minded in some corner of the deepnet!

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